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  1. I believe you would need parachute jumping on your OC with the applicable SOP's
  2. "When I'm loading crews hot in the field or any other activity where the machine is required to be running, that's "flight time". I will make exceptions to this if I think it's unfair to the client (really). At the end of the day the difference between the two numbers is not that great. My current client is aware of this with no objections. We also charge a per hour fuel rate, so it would unfair to the operator not to charge flight time (imagine the invoice - 4.7 hours flying but fuel charge based on 5.1 hours ... ?" That is a no brainer and fairly standard for the industry. At the end of the day what I enter in the aircraft journey log book is what I record as PIC for my records. Which should be pretty close to what you actually flew. How you do it makes no difference to me, though.
  3. "Sure, use air-time for A/F time, but if the client is paying for it I will be logging it." Really... So what your saying is a good few hundred hours of your 20k is actually with the skids on the ground twiddling your thumbs.
  4. Really all that should go in your logbook is Airtime, the time spent in flight or if need be during toe in's etc. You are not flying the aircraft or getting any real experience sitting in ground idle. Anyone charging you from the time the engine is started till it's shutdown is a thief.
  5. I can think of better things to blow 300 bucks on.
  6. At the end of the contract you get your guaranteed mins, more if you go over.
  7. "Why you guys fly that French Shyte is beyond me. Stick with Bell. Start engine(s).... fly away. Soooo simple!" Whatever, hyd checks are done at 100% in the 206.
  8. "My only friend" Boo fricken Hoo Long Live the RCAF!
  9. I'm sorry for bringing myself to your level, I guess when you told me to ** ** ** the other day my opinion of you hit an all time low. Have you tantrum and get over yourself you big baby.
  10. Punk, your pretty tough there behind a keyboard, what I would give to meet you in person. Would you Vertical guys just eject this moron so we can have our forum back.
  11. I see you are signing off with "*****" now, how appropriate.
  12. "Defects? Like mast bump? (like old UH-1s)" All helicopters with semi ridged teetering rotor systems are susceptible to mast bumping if operated out of the published flight regimes, it is not a defect. Again you are spouting off about something you have no clue about. Stick to licking windows.
  13. Best $10 I ever spent, allows you to do your W&B as you load then email to op's. Comes with several sample helicopter types and add as many aircraft from your fleet as you want. I highly recommend it. http://www.appdiscover.com/iphone/productivity/337844294-ibal-app/
  14. You and SS act like Goofs, your worthless posts make sick.
  15. Ok you got me, the wool is making my eye brows itch. Ha!
  16. I've heard that Wildcat wants to turn their machines into 412 singles with T55's ?? Can anyone confirm ??" I highly doubt an STC for that even exists.
  17. Sounds a bit like a jab at the ASTAR Helilog, comparing them to a Robinson product is like comparing apples to oranges, both very different but very good for certain things. Personally though I would never fly a Robbie ...ever.
  18. s a pilot all you need is a job with good machines, good roster and good pay? If you company can afford to sell a B2 at rock bottom prices, wouldn't that be a good place to work? Assuming they pay an hourly you would think the client would fly the s#%t out of that thing, in turn making the pilot lots of $$ Does seem strange a B2 going out for 500 rates though? Especially this time of year? " Substandard
  19. "I haven't touched a GPI pump in over ten years but I still have a spare shear pin in my license holder wallet and I know how to use it." Thats a real good idea, nothing worse than a dead GPI pump. Other items will work in place of a shear pin, like R22Captain said a piece of tie wrap etc. It's also a good idea to put the fuel cap in a pocket when you take it off, they don't stay on the maintenance step very long once you get airborne. Be careful opening drums under a turning rotor, pressure build up in the drum tends to make the bung fly vertically once the last thread is reached.
  20. Putting different colored electrical tape (blue,green red, yellow) on the lap belt and shoulder harness corresponding to each seat in the back assists passengers when its time to buckle up.
  21. After years of annual PPC's and actually doing proper weight and balance computations I don't need this ROT but it might be useful to someone else. To find the ARM: Moment = ARM Weight to remember the formula use this: Man = Action! Women
  22. Thought it might be nice if we could pool our collective knowledge and share some rules of thumb regarding our aircraft. Here are a couple which are pretty well known but I'm sure there are a lot more out there. Jetranger Fuel QTY gauge - Each 5gal increment equals about 10 minutes flying time. Astar (B2) Fuel QTY gauge - Each 10% increment equals about 20 minutes flying time. There is also one about the Jetranger torgue and weight correlation which I have now forgotten. Anymore useful tidbits out there?
  23. - Never leave op"s gear in the bush even if you are certain you will be there the next day to get it. Once in northern Quebec with legal dark closing in and a full load of passengers I elected to leave my bucket at the fire thinking I'd pick it up the next day. Of course we were weathered out for the next 3 days and there was a real possibility of being released before I could retreive the bucket which was a 40 minute flight away. Luckily the weather cleared, things started smoking again and I was able to pick it up. - Always bring all your personal gear with you (duffle bag, sleeping bag etc) even if you think you will be back at base that night, things change quickly and you could get sent somewhere else without your stuff. Thats it for now without divulging all my stupid mistakes.
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