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  1. Just a clarification - The weight is to be in the front of the bucket Direction of flight), the front face of the head should also be pointing forward (direction of flight). As long as the ballast weight and head are oriented the same direction (Forward) the bucket will fly properly on the end of a longline.
  2. Also when hooking your Bambi up check to see that the Ballast weight on the inside wall of the bucket is facing in the direction of flight (the front of the head) otherwise it won't fly properly and will make filling awkward.
  3. According to CIFFC there are 47 machines on casual hire in Alberta today.
  4. Being a crusty old fart gives nobody the right to be an ahole. OGE didnt deserve that.
  5. I'm assuming you're looking for some education to complement your flying career maybe help you stand above the others. I guess those Emery and Trinity university courses and degrees are ok if you are interested in safety management systems or playing safety officer. Watch out for Trinity University, they will hound you for months if you apply for information. Back in the 90's I took the ICS Aircraft maintenance course by correspondence (Google it). It took me 4 years to complete because I was busy flying at the time. Long story short I have been a licensed engineer for 10 years. if you don't go all the way and get your licence, you can still say you're apprentice engineer. That helps a lot.
  6. I had the same restriction (Multi Crew) a few years ago for a blood disorder, after a couple years and documented evidence the medication had no side effect I got my class 1 back unrestricted. Contact Dr Danforth in Vancouver, he's the top TC medical doctor, if there is any chance for you he will make it happen.
  7. Well I come take a peek here multiple times a day when I'm able to and I have a feeling I'm only one of many. The controversial topics are entertaining and I find many of the participants engaging and intelligent, even some of the non-pilots To remove posts and threads because they offend your advertising customers or whatever is pure BS, it goes against everything free and democratic. I look forward to seeing what's coming down the pipe on this forum, it's a great way to stay industry informed even if it borders on gossipy who cares, if someone gets out of line they are usually alerted to that fact.
  8. I agree, if whats being said is hidden then there is no sense in having a forum at all. Meow.
  9. Has anybody tried this product? SPOT CONNECT apparently it allows you to use a smart phone to link up to their GPS module via bluetooth and send messages by satellite. I've seen similar stand alone products but not one which utilizes your cell phone.
  10. Awesome job man, thanks for posting the facts.
  11. I was also wondering about an IFR rating, has anyone here had the chance to write that off?
  12. I actually agree with you on this one, I've seen those 2 pictures before as well and they were relating to war wounds. Unless you're in Polar Bear habitat or staying in a tent camp in the middle of Grizzly country I don't think a firearm is necessary. I'd be more inclined to pack a defensive weapon in the big city to ward off the most dangerous predator of all.
  13. Someone get rid of this idiot and his drunk posts please.
  14. Barry sounds like a total arseh0le, almost as bad as the hero that clocked a moose in the head with a carrousel and killed him, once upon a time.
  15. "Yes, I agree with Auto Relight on that one. If it wasn't the main blades it would have been the tail rotor next. Bush rule number 1 in a confined, never turn around the mast, always turn around the mast" He meant to say "Never turn around the mast, always turn around the tail" H56, SuddenStop is a non pilot so we are all safe
  16. The PIC ultimately has the last word and his decision is always final no matter what the outcome. He'll take his lumps like we all do and life will go on.
  17. New ads are still being posted and I know a few other guys getting hired by companies that aren't advertising, finally a drivers market! :up:
  18. [Ha love it, thats funny. I have an Android, but the only reason is when the HTC Dream came out before the iphone I just had to get one. I used an iphone4 a couple months last year and it made me realize what a clunky operating system Android is. iphone wins hands down.
  19. I try to stay neutral on most issues but I have heard too much cynicism, this problem affects all off us. Sounds to me like you would rather give up and throw in the towel than make any kind of personal sacrifice for the well being of others. Perfect avatar choice.
  20. BORIC ACID "Tokyo Electric Power was also considering spraying boric acid by helicopter to prevent spent nuclear fuel rods at No. 4 from restarting a chain reaction." Desperate times, desperate measures, this is serious shite
  21. So back on topic, there have been a lot of great employment ads and so early in the season, feels nice to be needed : ) I picked up a job from one of them and I'm looking forward to flying for a company that respects it's employees.
  22. In my experience though only 14 years I see this industry top heavy in the managment department. An experienced pilot is a professional called upon to manage themselves for the most part. The 2 or 3 layers of management above the pilot only serve as a detriment to gainful, respectful and dignified employment. In the past I've been let go for refusing to fly in conditions I deemed to be unsafe, by the time management was finished with it, I "did not have the required skillset for the job" BAH!
  23. EuroiSafety has caution panel light training apps for Eurocopter and Robinson helicopter models. Real nice handy app, best ive downloaded so far. Just search Euroisafety.
  24. "Small wonder why I rarely (along with many others) visit this site any more....... this kind of garbage continues to be the "norm" these days." I find it quite entertaining but I havent turned a blade in 2 weeks and I'm very bored
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