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  1. I prefer to use IPA as much as possible, but sometimes MEK is the only thing that does the trick. I always figured Gun Wash was just as harsh due to the smell and ability to eat paint, but maybe it's still not as harsh as MEK?
  2. What about away from base and bush pay? Are you guys getting a flat rate AFB whether you're away on a different base vs bush camp? Or getting a higher AFB for sitting in the bush? Our per diems are $50 and have been that for 10 plus years.
  3. A few years ago, Airbus moved the basic "S" Inspection from 100hrs to 150hrs. However, a handful 'out of phase' items remain at 100hr interval. Turbomeca/Safran had similarly shifted towards a 150hr inspection cycle but more items remain at 100hr interval. Still, the leftover 100hr items for both seem to amount to maybe a couple hours of work, if that. The bulk of the Inspection items are at 150hrs. Wondering if there's any operators out there that have taken advantage of the new 150hr inspection cycle and made it work for them?
  4. If that's the case, then the cover hasn't been removed in a while. I was thinking a good time to remove it and give it a good clean out would be at the T inspection.
  5. Greasing the swashplate on a BA/B2 you can quickly lift up the boot to clean out the grease. The B3 and 355 have a dust cover that is much more involved to remove. The AMM makes no mention of removing the cover to clean out the grease. What are other B3 or 355 operators doing to clean out the grease? Remove the cover at every 100hr greasing or only every so often?
  6. The only times I've experienced a strange transient vibe at the RPMs you're talking about (would be so bad we couldn't read the gauges momentarily), it was the T/R, specifically the teeter bolt. Flipped it around , re-balanced the T/R, and was good after that. Someone explained it as being a harmonizing of various vibrations in the airframe at that RPM. Don't know if it was a BS explanation of something real. If that isn't the problem, my next thought would be to re-set all M/R balance, rigging, and trim tabs to nominal and re-balance, or as mentioned, the Anti-Vibe Would be interesting to hear about the end results in this case...
  7. ...but AMEs can still be flogged 25 hrs a day... 🤪
  8. We're looking to source some battery mount brackets for the 206 with a Concorde battery. The older Gill battery brackets fit the Concordes and are still available through Gill, but the best and most robust mount bracket (nice beefy stainless steel) seems to have been one that came with the Saft battery kits many many years ago. I don't imagine these are still being manufactured anywhere, but even a part number for the Saft battery mounts would be helpful.
  9. This whole shifting of CARs to the justice website has been poorly done. The regs are on the justice website but the standards remain on the TC website. The justice website is far more user unfriendly than the TC site. And if the TC people don't even know what's going on, then that's indicative of some really poor communication within the government. Thanks kjw57 for reminding us about the Gazette process. Maybe that's how we should be keeping up to date anyways.
  10. Mastinox mil spec: MIL-PRF-8116 Best bet is to contact your tech rep directly if alternates are approved.
  11. In theory, they can do a lot of good. In theory, Communism should do a lot of good. The problem is that good intentions can be hijacked (just as Communism was), and unions are not any less immune to corruption than any other organisation. Power corrupts and powerful unions are just as corrupt as any corporation or government. Health & saftey, labour laws, enforcing contracts, etc, yes all fine and dandy. Squeezing every last penny possible out of tax payers for public worker contracts, pay and retention based soley on seniority, not allowing workers to go 'above and beyond', unsustainable pensions, etc, sorry I won't drink the cool-aid. I ain't no die-hard capitalist, but the world needs competition and meritocracy in order to progress just as much as it does health and labour laws. Unions squash competition and merit as often as corporations squash health and labour laws. Nature requires a balance, not extremes...
  12. I was once asked to sign what amounted to this, and I agreed as I thought it was a fair compromise. Both parties are essentially covered, or at least have a reasonable out. It still takes both sides to abide by something like this, but thankfully in my case it turned out ok. I did end up leaving early and so I paid my left-over pro-rated amount. I guess had they been an as*hole operator they still would have jerked me around anyways. Thankfully for me, they weren't as*holes. At the end of the day though, there's nothing that can protect a person entirely. There's always going to be unscrupulous companies, even with apparently fair and bulletproof contracts. You can't always protect yourself from getting invovled with some chick who turns out to be a bunny boiler, but there's usually signs early on that things could go bad quickly...
  13. bellhelicopter.net If you are an owner or work for an operator they will provide you access to all the manuals to your heart's content.
  14. I don't think even Eurocopter would have such a list. It's aircraft dependent (model, engine type, component serial number, etc). The SIM will cross-reference mods to any applicable Eurocopter SB. ADs are available on the Transport Canada CAWIS website.
  15. Years ago I bought a used helmet from a pilot buddy after I realized that most of my flying was after engine changes, new rotor blades, major maintenance, etc, statistically a period of time when a lot of sh*t can go wrong. Also, when sitting next to the pilot who's wearing a helmet, I'm thinking to myself: Why are they wearing one and why am I not? A few hundred bucks for a used helmet from a pilot buddy. A small investment for potentially substantial savings...
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