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  1. "Don't worry, you'll get extra time off in the winter when it's slow" In regards to me (new/naive kid) asking about my vacation days/accumulated OT. "Ok, so when can I book my vacation/banked OT/extra time off?" "Uuuhh, well...that depends on how busy we'll be cause we may need you to cover......" They started paying/limiting OT and giving vacation days normally when they found out a bunch of us started talking to Labour Canada and lawyers about company employment policies the next year.
  2. You mean deaths/hospitalizations due to the vaccine? Are you suggesting hospitals are overwhelmed by cases of adverse effects to the vaccine but it is being hidden from the public? How would it be hidden?
  3. From the above page, it states 319 reported post covid vaccine deaths in Canada, of which 103 have been found unlikely to be vaccine related. That leaves 216 reported deaths, some still under investigation. I don't know how this compares to other vaccines, medication, or medical treatments. Given the number of doses given so far in Canada (82,000,000), it feels like a pretty low number. 36,000 have died of COVID in Canada. Is there modelling to show the potential number of deaths without the vaccines? I think a comparison is absolutely needed for context to determine if the adve
  4. Numbers? Research to back up these claims? Since some regions in Canada have among the highest rates of vaccination in the world, we should be seeing an epidemic of adverse reactions related to the vaccine and hospitals overwhelmed with such patients. People can have adverse reactions to all kinds of medications and vaccines. How do these adverse reactions compare to all other vaccines (and other medications) and historical statistics?
  5. Those 16+ hour shifts wrenching aren't worth the risk. Had some close calls and got lucky that nothing major happened. You will miss things and make mistakes. There's human factors requirements for a reason, and yes it's all relevant... But it's almost like you have to be there or see it/live it for it to sink in though. The theory can sometimes only get you so far.
  6. Wondering if anyone's taken some of their courses and what they thought of it? I've been taking their Human Factors for years, but see that they also have a bunch of safety, SMS, QA, management, etc type courses. Are they worthwhile? Going by their current Human Factors course, it seems pretty good.
  7. How many of us have talked directly to anyone who works in ICU and deals with this stuff on a daily basis? If there's anyone one in the world who knows what's actually going on wouldn't it be the ICU workers? Most of us are relying on governments, MSM, fringe media, facebook, twitter, and internet randos to educate ourselves on what's going on. How about the actual boots in the trenches? What do they have to say about it all?
  8. What are the statistics on people suffering major side-effects or death from the vaccine? I believe the numbers of deaths (there are some) due to the vaccine is less than 200 nation-wide. I have a buddy who's wife was hospitalized after getting jabbed, and he's reluctant. I don't blame him or others. It doesn't mean we can't still do everything reasonably possible to avoid the spread. Mask up, wash hands, keep your distance if you're reluctant for whatever reason. I don't know the number on adverse effects from the vaccine. Since Canada has a high vax rate, and some urban areas (li
  9. I'm talking ICU specifically. Some news stories out there (although not enough and usually buried) about ICU systems struggling. Like I say, many ICU systems were beyond the limit pre-pandemic. Pandemic ICU staffing and work-load has nothing to to with government 'ridiculous measures' or a growing and aging population. It has to do with the realities of a influx of covid patients and in particular the significant increase in work-load that comes with ventilator patients (as the worst of covid patients are). You can choose to ignore ICU staffing issues, but it doesn't change the reality. And a
  10. People don't realize how much our health-care system is screwed because of covid cases taking up spaces in ICUs. Nurses are quitting. They were under-staffed with a high burnout-rate before all this, and they're working under stupid conditions now. How many of us here would be willing to work (long-term) with no vacations/holidays and forced OT, all for something that is largely avoidable. Most provinces have had those emergency measures at some point. Alberta just went back to that because of rising hospitalizations and lack of staff. Some US states with low rates of vaccination are seeing IC
  11. I prefer to use IPA as much as possible, but sometimes MEK is the only thing that does the trick. I always figured Gun Wash was just as harsh due to the smell and ability to eat paint, but maybe it's still not as harsh as MEK?
  12. What about away from base and bush pay? Are you guys getting a flat rate AFB whether you're away on a different base vs bush camp? Or getting a higher AFB for sitting in the bush? Our per diems are $50 and have been that for 10 plus years.
  13. A few years ago, Airbus moved the basic "S" Inspection from 100hrs to 150hrs. However, a handful 'out of phase' items remain at 100hr interval. Turbomeca/Safran had similarly shifted towards a 150hr inspection cycle but more items remain at 100hr interval. Still, the leftover 100hr items for both seem to amount to maybe a couple hours of work, if that. The bulk of the Inspection items are at 150hrs. Wondering if there's any operators out there that have taken advantage of the new 150hr inspection cycle and made it work for them?
  14. If that's the case, then the cover hasn't been removed in a while. I was thinking a good time to remove it and give it a good clean out would be at the T inspection.
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