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  1. everybody in this industry does do deligence. Theres no **** ups allowed mistakes are made up theres checks in place to mininize those. You can never compare automotive to aviation maint. The deal you make never clouds your vision on an aircraft theres a huge difference between the two industries. And you will be in butt **** nowhere and crying to go home. If I was you I would seriously consider what you are getting into , we would all love to find a stay at home job that pays 100K let me know who to call cheers
  2. In rotary ? How many are not operators or Flt schools?
  3. Totally agree 212 Is there a learning curve for stocking shelves at the local Save on? Thats what makes rotorguys wake up everyday with eyes wide open what challenges lie ahead of us? yes this industry is not for everyone but those that put up with the XXXX for a few years are renumerated
  4. Huh? how would that work. How many operators are not AMO's also .
  5. I think you're having a hard time finding guys because BC wants fulltime employees, your market pay scale doesn't cut it in Whistler or Pemberton. If anybody is working for less than 100K up there that would be insane! cheers
  6. what are you paying for a guy with those endorsements and exp.
  7. A little early when did it stop. What is the going rate for winter hangar work these days and daily? cheers
  8. obody is going to fault you Mr. hellilog56 because of your stance on issues. But you are not quite right about the direction of said objectives, and that is what the debate has been about. When TQN has the all answers we wont need this forum?
  9. Xrkyle, theres no easy road in this industry, you're not fixing autos the regulations are very clear and the qualifications very precise. Theres a reason that schools like NCL and others exist most employers will not look at your resume without this training, there are softer roads to follow such as correspondence or more practical or cheaper Stevenson, the end does not justify the means. cheers
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