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  1. There's an app to study with for the iPad/iphone. I've found very helpful and reasonable. After reading most of the above mentioned books I have found it's helped me fill the gaps. Reasonable price too. Search INRAT on istore it's by ground school it somethin to that effect.
  2. On the topic of EI training. I was lucky enough to get a mountain course paid for by government while on EI. I had to convince them that it was the one obstacle that was keeping me from getting work. I had around 1500 hours at the time and it was right after the lull of 2008. The government at the time was throwing money at training and calling it stimulus spending. My "career strategist" was reluctant to even send in my application but I pressed on and eventually got it approved. A month later I had a mountain course and a job. Nowadays the employment programs in BC are vastly different, you are lucky if you can get them to cover a first aid course. I know this because my significant other worked in the industry until very recently. She left the industry because in its current state she felt she was no longer able to help anyone. Is it fair...no. Should the cost of a course required by the same government been shouldered by myself or an employer.. I don't know. Just wanted to save anyone the headache of beating their heads against the wall trying to get funding for programs the government just won't support anymore. I guess we'll have to see how the newly promised federal training program works out.
  3. For $250 Garmin will fix or replace your 296. Look on their website under Support/Repair/Out of Warranty.
  4. Any addition to pilot's flight bag that could potentially make things safer should be embraced. Judging by reading this forum HeliLog has obviously embraced a digital version of whining bitching without any problem so what is the issue. Thanks Saifan Pilot, I'll buy your app.
  5. I live in Squamish and saw the Cormorant flying overhead over the weekend, probably the same one.
  6. Used this helicopter specific W&B app a lot this summer for quick reference. iBal .... great program
  7. My wife is a Career Strategist and passed this little gem to me. I think her intent was to ease my mind about a looming winter layoff. For the record it was the labour market insight for the month of September. I think something like this is what convinced me to become a pilot 10 years ago. S11111 Labour Market Insight: Commercial Pilots Editorial by Christian Saint Cyr As occupations go, there are few that have the security and strong outlook which ’commercial pilot’ possesses. People need to travel and they’re travelling in ever-increasing numbers. Meanwhile there are few technological improvements that can occur that will replace the need for a pilot and co-pilot to shepherd excited passengers to their destination. There will, of course, be unforeseen challenges along the way. The recent order of aircraft for the Canadian Forces is far fewer than the number of CF-18s the country has traditionally had and digital communication is replacing the business community’s need to show up in-person in many cases, but neither of these factors come close to offsetting our increasing need to expand our horizons or transport goods faster. According to aviation officials, in North America we will need 60,000 more pilots by year 2020. Here in BC, the growth rate of transportation and the need for pilots is expected to exceed the growth rate of all jobs by nearly 30%. Our current crop of pilots is also getting quite a bit older. While there will be a large number of new positions created for pilots due to growing demand for air travel in the next ten years, double that number will be created as a result of pilots retiring. One of the most important considerations for young people pursuing a career as a pilot will be their choices for further education. While it has not been historically expected that commercial pilots have a university degree, this is an expectation for military pilots and is increasingly required by major airlines for the operation of large aircraft. Job seekers who site job postings that do not require university education should recognize that this is a qualification that will continually be used in determining an airline’s final choice in selecting a candidate. Like so many careers, a pilot’s success will be dictated by their readiness to take on new challenges and seek out opportunities. Pilots are continually ranked by the number of flying hours they’ve acquired and their exposure and qualification on various types of aircraft and equipment. While a lawyer or a doctor will not be categorized as specifically as a pilot might, this is like any other career, the more experience you get, the more employable you will be as the years go by. There is little doubt that being a pilot is an extremely glamourous career that many young people dream of pursuing. It brings prestige and financial reward but successful pilots also pay a significant personal price. It would take many years for a commercial pilot to work their way into the operation of a large passenger aircraft. Pilots must work long hours, spend time away from their families and the position involves a tremendous amount of personal stress. Based on simple labour market information, if this is an occupation for which an individual has the aptitude and commitment, they could be very successful. For those lacking these qualities, this occupation could be a tremendous mistake. □ Did you know? By the year 2016, the shortage of pilots will be so significant that positions will need to go unfilled. -- BC Stats
  8. I was asking about the longline seat mostly out of curiosity. I have tried out of both the right and the left hand drives with relative success considering the operator. I liked the left hand drive but I was just about horizontal to get my head over the edge.
  9. I can't remember where I saw it, but there was reference to a "longline seat / support" for the A-star. I've seen a couple of home jobbies for left hand drives but haven't seen anything of the sort for the standard config. I can't remember the name used either but Robert's comes to mind. Anyone have any experience with such a device ?
  10. I swear by my Petzl Zipka plus 2 ( horrible name ), super bright, head strap winds into lamp. Handy when climbing up to DI head and it also has a red lamp for night flights. Got mine at MEC
  11. In the heat of the summer I'm asked to work 12 to 14 hours a day, with as little as 3 days off a month. I'm not paid overtime and I'm responsible for 1 - 5 peoples lives every day. Now that the seasons have changed it seems sometimes that the long summer days have been forgotten. The guy who D.I.ed my machine or washed my windows so I could get some sleep in the summer is the guy who I give a hand doing whatever needs doing. Maybe you should ask yourself when the last time you washed a window for a pilot was...I know ....I know.....it's not your job.
  12. Closest I know off the bat is someone from Denmark.
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