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  1. Hi there, If anyone here has extensive knowledge on the Garmin 295 or has just used one alot, could you please Pm me as I need some info. I am only after 295 Users no other Garmin product Cheers TT
  2. Here's what they are fighting in New Zealand at the moment, And if you care to help them out and get it stopped then go to this link http://www.doc.govt.nz/getting-involved/co...t/heli-hunting/ Scroll down to online feedback form. TT
  3. he's me thinking it was all sand, camels, and suicide bombers....or was that Iraq ??
  4. s**T news, Hope they got the "Antiques Road Show" up there for ya
  5. If your sitting there wondering why your falling so fast you probably have VRS If your sitting there using all the power you have and are thinking that this is going to hurt then you have settling with power If your sitting there using all the power you have and are thinking this is going to hurt plus all the bells and whistles are going off too...then you are over pitching
  6. Have you advertised overseas for a Full time executive director ?? Afap is a good website
  7. http://www.avweb.com/eletter/archives/biza...ull.html#200103 scroll down the page there is a bit about it
  8. When it stops doing what it was doing half a second before i.e change direction/strength
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