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  1. All those Pilots and engineers that came through FSJ in the NMH days or after will have benefited from Blake's knowledge, dedication, teaching ethic, thoroughness and ability to impart the required information to a herd of thickheaded, egotistical newby pilots and eager apprentices was legendary, even if he occasionally needed the Stormin' Norman patented firearm method of teaching for the hard of understanding. I am sure he continued the crusade in the 7 years since I last saw him because that was his way. Like all the other posters here, it made the correct impression on me and it stuck. You did your job so very well Blake. Sadness here in Squamish. Love and condolences to your family, as you can see here, he was a great man. Ben
  2. Ten years old info but, The lake Victoria hotel in Entebbe is the place where everyone hangs out. Stay away from the congo/ uganda/Rwanda border. If you see a small dark cloud in an otherwise cloudless sky it will be lake flies by the billion they will plug your inlet filter and completely cover your windshield. It will take you all day to get permission to fly a track and balance circuit at entebbe airport and then they will make you hold when the British airways 747 inbound is 90 miles back inbound. watch yourself in Kampala, spooky city. The russians hanging out in entebbe will drink you under the table, but will tell you when they are going to bomb Goma airstrip just in case you are going there. Uganda in general and Entebbe way way easier than Kenya and Nairobi, costs less and less corruption. But it was ten years ago Have fun
  3. Life guard patrol over Maxhamish Lake maybe?
  4. The job of the professional pilot is to sit down for supper at the end of the day. Training yourself and the people you work with, other pilots and guides included, will help you accomplish this. Remove competition from the HeliSki environment, the only competition should be to make the next landing and take off better than the last. Fighting over who can get to the highest spot through the crappiest weather hauling the most fuel with the heaviest group is not the aim of the game. Removing these stressors and educating your guide ( this is a CRM environment remember) suddenly turns this into an enjoyable experience for everyone including the guests, who can sometimes be annoying but do, after all, pay the bills, we need them to come back which is tough to do if they are smeared all over the hillside because you were overloaded in crappy weather and trying to please them and the guide by getting to the best spot. Make it fun
  5. I stopped using anything but gray when i turned to look at the guide, thinking I had done a good job and his eyes were as big as saucers and there was no colour in his face as he (without goggles) couldn't see anything.
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