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  1. Hi Jimmy, It would be great to have your family members there as all are welcome, let your friend Dan know about this also as the more are merrier. one of last years Bemidji attendees will post a copy of the fly-in at the airport there. As our event continues year to year we keep growing and the area businesses keep providing better and broader services to the attendees. I look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. Hope to see some friends north of the 49th there this year. 67november Steve
  2. I reserved my hotel room for the fly-in. who is planning on coming and are you going to make a weekend of it?
  3. Greetings fellow aviators, It’s that time of year again, it’s time for; The 4th annual Minnesota VR Fly-in/Drive-in This year’s event will be held in Thief River Falls, MN (KTVF) this is 141 miles/227 kilometer south of Winnipeg Canada, for any of our Canadian friends that would like to join in this years Fly-in. It will be held on Saturday February 19th with the 26th as a back up for bad weather. Interest has been expressed about making this a weekend event, see below for details. The arrival and meet and greet time frame will be from 9 AM to 11:30 AM. We will depart for
  4. I'm posting this for our Canadian Bretheren that may have an oppertunity to join us this year. Good day fellow rotorheads. It’s that time of year again, Time to gather and meet old friends and make new ones. The 3rd annual event will be held at the Bemidji Airport (KBJI) Our meet will be on Saturday Feb. 27th The schedule for the meeting will be as follows Arrival and meet & greet will be from 9AM to 11AM Lunch will be from 11AM to 1PM And an open forum from 1PM to final departure. This year’s effort to recruit more people to join us is being expanded to s
  5. I'll be heading down to Houston TX on Saturday Morning for the 2010 Heli-Expo with a couple of VR friends, just wanted to see who from VM was heading down there, I thought I'd try and hook up for a meet and greet.
  6. CHL, I offer my condolences to you and your family.
  7. Way ta go cuz, he's gaphahing on that one. A thanks to all of those for your messages, they will all be passed along to the family, please keep them coming. We will miss you cap, a dram in your honour :up:
  8. This pic was taken on my visit to Dave's place in early May 2007, His stories were meserizing. My condolences to Val his wife and his children.
  9. and again? it appears this ENG forum is as busy as the one south of the 49th that I monitor doodily doo doodily do...................................................
  10. Ya hit the nail on the head with this one H56, being a Moderator can be like trying to herd cats when the brown stuff is flying off the fan wether it be members or spammers! And yes it does require ALOT of time on-line Damocles
  11. now to get back on track, I watched an episode of axmen of loggers in Montana and the rookie pilot in a 205/212 was shown trying to do his thing and needless to say he had a rather difficult time getting things to leave the target area and land in the target area. now how is it done north of the 49th with rookie pilots? do they have a cojo for a time or are they turned loose to learn for them selves and hopefully not destory the machine in the process I'm refering to rookies heli-loggers not rookie pilots
  12. very sad news indeed, my thoughts and preyers to all involved.
  13. the story so far is he picked up to check weight load and set it down cause it was to much, exited and was struck by a blade, as to which one (main or tail) was not released.
  14. hey buddy, where ya been hidin'? PM me
  15. yes, it's true http://verticalreference.com/helicopterfor...?showtopic=8914
  16. great post cole I could feel the excitement in that post, what a great time that must have been
  17. NOW that's funny, A ****'s Angel on rotor wings, go figure :shock: :punk:
  18. Thx H56 for the Mod support, I know they have a tough job, I am experiencing the same mod issues south of the 49th on VR. It can be a stressful time for everybody during this time of year especially. as the ole saying goes "mind your P's and Q's" and we'll all be better off. HAPPY NEW YEARS TO ALL
  19. so far my collection consists of the following Professional Helicopter Pilot Studies/Phil Croucher Rotorcraft Flying Handbook/FAA Aviation Weather/FAA Aircraft Weight and Balance Handbook/FAA FAR/AIM '07/FAA 269/300CB-Cbi series Information manual/Helicopters Only Chickenhawk/Robert Mason Chickenhawk; back in the world/Robert Mason Fatal Traps/Greg Whyte Air America/Christopher Robbins Also read Robert's Ridge it look as tho I need to add C & C to my collection
  20. good job Kyle and good holiday's to all, that is some thing for the new year.
  21. Prayers to those who are using their survival skills before rescue, god speed and keep your fingers crossed that they are found soon.
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