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  1. https://www.cmfmag.ca/chinook-helicopter-had-hard-landing-during-maple-resolve/
  2. DGP. Would you mind posting a link for the article you read? Thank you in advance.
  3. A reliable source you say......................Must be true then.
  4. Has anyone ever used these helmets? If you have, would you recommend them? Thank you for your help. http://helmetfx.com/assets/templates/v40001-html5/images/ComparechartRON1.jpg
  5. Anything other than equal tour lengths will wear on the family and make you a visitor in your own town. Even at an equal 3/3, 2/2 or what ever, you can bet the company expects you to travel and do training on your "time off". So even at an equal tour length you will be away more than at home. I found the 4/2 to be something I could only do as a last resort, like while looking for other work. What ever extra money you make on a 4/2 is only going to go towards the divorce lawyer.
  6. Pretty lame thread start. If you've got something to say, say it!
  7. I totally agree with Rotorhead's last comment. There is real value to purchasing back pensioned time from another organization, I did. The biggest stumbling block was listening to co-workers advice from around the coffee table. Although most of it was well intended, there are many incorrect "ways of doing it" floating around the rumour mill in government service. Ask around, or speak to someone involved in the pay department and get the number for the pension people in Ottawa. The government has a dedicated office that deals with issues like this. You can get real answers, by phone and b
  8. I often wish the new and improved layout would include a very basic option for those of us who work international. Internet service is way slower most everyplace when compaired to a western country. All the nice pictures and stuff slows things down, even stops one from visiting some sites.
  9. Not currently involved? Do tell, it has been a long time since CHI/current name has been involved in non-oil operations. Sarajevo was the last UN base if memory serves me correctly. I must say though, it was way more fun with CHI in that neck of the woods than with the military.
  10. DB is correct. Except for the fact that Canadian Helicopters International is now called CHC Global. As he said, not that long ago there was an Eastern-Western-International Division to Canadian Helicopters. Now they are two different companies. I'd work for both companies again. Most companies treat you as well as you let them treat you.
  11. I read a book called "Dear Mom, I'm Alive" by Randolph P. Mains ISBN 0380-765-683. It was about 205's in Vietnam, quite a good read. The same author also wrote a book about helicopter medivac in the United States, I haven't read it but I think it is called "The Golden Hour".
  12. Has anyone worked in any of these places? I've worked them all, most likely with many of the people who read this forum. I used to have an impressive amount of digital pictures of all the different bases but............my big fat fingers hit the wrong keys on the keyboard a while back and I somehow dumped all my photos. Does anyone out there have any pics of life in these places you may want to post and share. Preferably ones that won't get me in a total mess with the boss. Many thanks. Wally
  13. Another problem with wanting to be a pilot and an AME at the same time is you will likely be forever on light helicopters. When working on a medium or heavy the company will need to keep the revenue time ticking along. That means lots of work for the pilot and AME. The advice of the previous members is bang on. We all like to think that we can handle everything, but the truth is if you want to be really good at what you are doing you will have to invest some extra time. Time spent on one is time lost on the other. So I'd say pick what ever you are most excited about.
  14. I was just curious as to what people thought of getting an instructor rating these days. I've been working in the bush/arctic/IFR Off-Shore for a while now, and was entertaining the idea of upgrading my skills. According to the Transport Canada website, the number of helicopter instuctors are far below that of the fixed wing community. Do we have enough already, or does the industry need a few more?
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