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  1. We created an FDT spreadsheet in excel then imported into Google Sheets then saved on Google Drive  Each pilot has their own FDT folder and fills their FDT register out daily. Another benefit is, Drive has a smart phone app. so when wifi is absent it will work with celuar. We pay our pilots a daily rate for the use of thier phones while on duty. I'm continually looking for ways to reduce data entry and hope to beta a CPR / FDT excel workbook.(Built in excel exported into G. Sheets). The FDT register worksheet would capture FDT inputs that have been entered into the CPR worksheet. Pilots will then only need to access one form for their daily data entry.  Oh yeh yet another plus, Google Sheets and Drive are free. 



  2. I might be a little bit off topic here, but I think you bring up an excellent point DSL. How many times have we seen pilots show up on fires and not know how to water bucket off the belly, programme their FM or GPS or not even know forestry procedures. It is pretty elementary, I could never figure out why this is not covered in the preliminary training. Most of it can be covered without flying the helicopter, in a classroom. Seismic theory and Kodiak systems, mineral exploration, longlining gear and techniques could be touched on so that when a lowtime pilot gets a kick at the can they are not just trying to wing it. My experience is we just get thrown into it, you either sink or swim. I believe that a whole lot of area could be covered before you ever leave training, then the transition to operational flying would be a whole lot smoother. Perhaps then there would be a lot less screw ups and the minimum hours would be reduced by some of the clients. Thus, less need for hiring foreign pilots.

    If by preliminary training you mean "the training a working pilot gets before getting thrown into something unknown" I'd say, "absolutely, train away". Hey in fact many of our industries "Best Practices" are jointly developed with, and adopted by, our varied customers as guidelines for such training. Hmmm they are a trusting lot aren't they. "Fable or Fact" might be a good opening question for any auditor of training records.

  3. Vector in Langley, Maxcraft in Pitt meadows, or try Kitchener Aero, in Ont. Approx. $1800.00 for a brand new, not refurbished Gentex 84P shipped to my front door, with excellent customer service.


    If you are looking for a more durable alternative to CEP's (worn out SMB plug's and seperated cables being my biggest complaint over the 10yrs. I've used CEP's) try the Access system from Westone Lab's Military division.

  4. What's that you say? I couldn't agree more re: saving one's hearing. I have been using CEP's for awhile now, a new pair every year, as the wires into the earpiece tend to break about once a year. As it is, I have to answer the phone on the left side as the right ain't so good no more...


    Interesting article written for or by the U.S. Navy regarding ANR. The "article" available on the web (somewhere out there) postulated that the sound pressure wave generated in the earcup of an ANR equipped headset was as detrimental to your hearing as sustained exposure to elevated db's.


    The article did explain the science, I do not however remember the details.





  5. It's all about the conversion of Jet Fuel to Noise!


    Absolutely but I've always preferred - Jet Fuel to Invoices!-


    Had a couple of offers for drill jobs,& one seismic all in the north. Other opportunities that included a 3 & 2 rotation and didn't involve a tent kept me away.

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  6. I have to drop off a person at Waterton, the town, not the park. I can see the town is in the park. Does anyone have knowledge of any approved landing spots?

    A friend of my son has a big place, lots of acres and is allowing us to land, but I can not find anything definitive on landing in the Park.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.


    There is a Parks pad in the N.E. end of the park across from Waterton Lk. Grass pad adjacent to the road into town. Calling the park @ 403 859 2224 for prior permission might be something you'd want to consider. I can't remember names as it has been awhile. Waterton was a great place to work, take a camera.



  7. Gawd how I hate wading into such shark infested waters. I too worked with Bruce and Laura way back before they were called Campbell Helicopters. There were plenty of opportunities and I learned something from them both.


    Perhaps the dark continent got just a wee bit darker??



  8. You only find out by doing. If you haven't invested in at least a ride, go for it and see what you think. All flight schools should take you up and let you give it a go before you decide, if they don't go someplace that will.


    I've been at it awhile, and near the end of every season I keep swearing thats enough... I get an offer every spring and I keep going back. Tough business to get into and tough business to get out of, So I've decided to give up trying to quit and keep right on flyin'


    I too have other business interests that will continue to - provide - once I actually can no longer fly, something you might want to consider.


    I've found the pay was always adequate for my needs, as my needs got larger so did my paycheque's...or maybe it was the other way around, in any event there was always enough in the pay packet to support the family.


    If the foods not bad and the bugs aren't worse then who cares about the rest if your doing something you've got a passion for.


    Try it! if you like it -GO FOR IT-



  9. It says that if you fly agricultural spraying off the coast of Australia at night in a single pilot helicopter and you have over 3000 hours of cattle-mustering experience in a Bell47, and over 9 years with the same employer with less than 9 sick days claimed on Melbourne Cup Day, you may attempt to claim a discount on your night-vision goggles.


    However this discount appears to be too insufficient for you to hire a nanny to put your daughter to bed, or for you to hire a handyman to tackle that honey-do list.

    Basically it is the same bucket of crap that you are in now, but the Aussies at least wrote it down.


    I wonder if someone could do that for us?? Where is HEPAC when we need them ??


    Absolutely Friggin Priceless :lol:

  10. It is my belief that professionalism is the responsibility of the individual. A very sad comment about moral decay. It is a challenging task to teach professionalism to the individual when our moral compasses increasingly only point towards "ME". Professionalism in all facets of our culture, aviation or otherwise, is truly tasked by the moral decay described in Tony Kerns article.

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