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  1. Just sittin' on my deck enjoying an awesome day of sunshine the beach and my grandkids!!! This is the first time in many years that I'm home instead of thumping my way east to smell smoke. I kinda like it, although... when Alberta started to burn there was as little bit of uneasiness around retiring from the heli bus. But as I say that I'm laid back watching the big blue pacific, my lovely wife and sipping my favourite tonic. I think I'll get over missing it. You all play safe and stay safe and most important enjoy every second of it. You are all of a very special breed. OK maybe it's not my first tonic... Be good, Ken.
  2. Here here, get out of the gate from May to June with a gaurantee, excellent accomodation, great people, lovely town, & time to use the golf course. Best part is the contract is over before BC burns, the worst part, getting shipped to Wood Buff. then again you fly yer *** off once your there, so no problemo swatting bugs for the 8's & frequently more!! Did it for 6 yrs. and I'm going to miss it, although retirement from the aviation bit is working out pretty good... Fly Safe. Ken.
  3. Ft.Ware top end of Wiliston lake could'nt leave the machine for fear it might not all be there upon our return. AFS Buffalo camp, a lovely line camp. Awoke to the sound of rain one evening to discover it was a fire fighter taking a leak against our wall tent... And all the other great places mentioned before with the exception of those in the high arctic, hey I got my limits.
  4. Anybody here ever gone fishing with an out of date license , or worse none at all :shock: Come on anybody? How about you in the back, or you up there on the high ground? Come on anyone?...
  5. Oh good Mr. Bailey is flush, he can buy a round next time I bump into him at the cottage Rock on buddy see you on the Is. this summer.
  6. Yeah everytime I was directed towards a 500 I wasn't sure I wanted to get in either...
  7. Looks like fun, we used to do all kinds of run on auto's when training. All kinds of other ones too, some even managed to hit the spot. Generally we'd practice the run on's for the ol' -just through translation and still over a runway when the engine quits scenario.- I must not of been very good at them because I still can't seem to make a runway appear under me when I need one.
  8. Man I got's to PEE!!! should be making the human factors top ten soon... unless of course it was a mechanical problem, which definitely would make me want to Pee!!
  9. I wonder who will be lining up in an attempt to buy the product line?
  10. Sweet...the guy flys better backwards than I do forwards!! Another reason retirement is starting to look good. Play safe.
  11. Totally agree about the cep's, I've been through two pair now, and that's the problem. Unfortunately for me the wire into the transducer has seperated and broken on both pair within an 18 month period they are warranteed but thats not of much immediate benefit when you are at the beginning of a tour. Could it be the user, I suppose. Even being as careful as I possibly could when using them I would occasionally forget to unplug them and give the wires a bit of tug when taking my helmet off. They were so comfortable that I'd forget I was wearing them. Lineworker If memory serves correct the US Navy did a study on the effects of ANR at one time. It raised concerns over the total sound wave pressure within the earcup blahdeeblah... I stumbled across it online it might still be available.
  12. Aside from the assets, part of the valuation would relate to how much cash the business generates. Methinks the training industry is firing on all cylinders these days...
  13. biker bandana's are available at bike shops, gas stations, corner stores & they are cheap too. One note of caution avoid the embroiderd ones I spent a couple of hours wandering around with "Born to be Wild" embossed on my forehead before someone finally asked if it was true!! Happy New Years, Ken.
  14. Looks like the poultry barn was missing one of its turkey's.
  15. Well the aeorbatic plank driver in me thinks WoW!! & the everday workaday heli dirver in me thinks the only really exciting thing one can do in a helo, is crash it... so try not to get too excited. But if you want to try and rip the wings of something there are a pile (no pun intended) of aerobatic seized wings to play with.
  16. Well one things for certain if your dropping a load where you cannot land, somehow someone will need to be there to receive the load (once they've walked in), so your time to get the job done will go up, not a bad deal if... your customer can't count. Cheers.
  17. Generally the oral portion of your PPC covers Aircraft limits, performance, emergency and cautionary procedures, usually there is a weight and balance calculation required as well. Your knowledge of your companies Ops Manual, Aircraft documentation, Airspace, and Air reg's could all be included. It's all stuff you can look up and if you don't know the answer off the top of your head most examiners just want to see that you know where to look to find the information. You quite often get asked just that "Where would you look to find..." The flight portion of your PPC will test your ability to manage the flight and fly the aircraft. Expect a confined area, a discussion about, if you get this light or that light what would you do?. Auto's,loss of hydraulics, tailrotor failures etc. will need to be demonstrated. If you've never been on one not to worry, if your recurrent training is current which it should be before your ride you will have covered most of this stuff and be considered ready for your PPC. Approach the flight as if the examiner is just another paying customer pre-flight briefing the works don't worry they will let you know if they want you to skip anything after all you are demonstrating your ability to work as a professional. Of course depending upon how long you've been around and how many times you've flown with certain Inspectors the whole process can become quite abbreviated. I've probably left something out... as I seem to every PPC. Cheers.
  18. I wear one, because the statistics are in my favour if I ever need one. Got one from a company in Hartford Conn. their name escapes me at the moment. SPH 4B way less than from flight suits at the time around $700.00 Can. although that was a while ago. Hush Kit & liner from Oregon Areo, and recently CEP from CEP USA, the whole thing still cost me less than $1200.00 Can. Comfy Quiet & Affordable. Yeh it's probably heavier than an Alpha or Gallet but I haven't had any problems with my head in the bubble or out the door all day. Oh yeah Government Sales was the name of the company...Good luck with your hunt.
  19. How come in all the pictures of these things you never see one more than 10' off the ground?
  20. Stuff mine full of socks and ginch then bury it in the middle of my duffel its travelled this way for over 25 yrs and always made it unscathed with one major exception when the airline misplaced my bag.
  21. I've heard that the B certification for the 205 is no longer available as Bell is promoting the 210, anyone know more?
  22. Hopefully there will be some drums of B kicking around by the time any drip torches are required. Athough I understand Firetrol is trying to make a petro gel that works with A. Otherwise A is OK I just carry some extra A/C soap. As for operating in colder temps, why? I'll be back when it warms up.
  23. I got white ones and my feet were never cold...mind you these days I avoid the arctic air mass as much as possible, so a good pair of day hikers is about all I need. One thing when wearing them in a Jet Box make sure you've got room for the extra bulk under the compass when using lots of L. pedal. Reverse thing on some Astars with the electrical box thingy when pushing lots of R. pedal. Boots can get caught on both.
  24. No kidding on the phoning around, I've had them check in with me every couple of hours and even ask if it was alright to leave an IA kit at the hanger "you know just in case" without putting me on min's. Wouldn't you know it when they finally got a fire late in the evening and called me up to let me know the crew was on the way over...still no contract, I had the pleasure of telling the caller that Ontario had just picked me up so sorry. Ferry paid both ways & through some oversite I left with a pile of unused min's too.
  25. While on the final turn of slinging batteries off a repeater site into the back of a 1 ton, everything all lined up with the remaining space on the truck and BANG 2" too low...story of my life. Fortunately nothing bent. Departing the hanger one morning and I hear a clunk unlike any clunk I've heard before. Looking around the aircraft everything looks OK. I slow it down open the door to see if something is banging around in or on the basket and watch my cel phone on its way to the last call its ever gonna make. Plus a few other misses, but so far nothing dropped off the hook unless driptorches count.
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