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  1. It's OK to drift 5' laterally as long as you "drift" back before you've moved the hook off it's intended course.
  2. Does anyone know if there is a Canadian distributor for Comm. Ear Plugs? Searched the forum threads, but no luck. Already know about Flight Suits & ANR Headsets Ltd. hoping to buy Can. if possible. Thanks.
  3. Worked with a CP from central BC who carried a second license with just about every endoresment imaginable on it. Sure got some second looks when he'd show up at your hanger and show it around... totally fake of course but it all other ways it looked just like the real thing ,they were green then I think???
  4. Where do I expect to see the industry in 10 yrs.? in my rear view mirror. To the antagonist suggesting that once us ol' fellar's are gone the industry will finally progress, maybe, but don't forget there's a lot of ol' fellar's out there who took on a ton of risk and liability to be in a position to offer a young fella a start (I've yet to meet a 100hr. pilot thats had any concerns over flying a 35 yr. old machine)...and unless you plan on getting younger with time, well, damnation I forgot what I wanted to say next!
  5. Never trained with Mel but we when we worked together it was always a good time. At least you knew who would be taking the Astar when the only machines on the ramp were a 350 & 206...
  6. Looks to me like the only limits being exceeded are the deers. What's up with the flight step is that a 2x4? ...or should I go get my glasses and watch it again?
  7. It was around week 4 of the traditional 6 week rotation sharing La Chateua Easy Bake by Atco with my engineer, when a couple of Oilmans trailers appear in camp with the proclamation they're not for you guy's they are reserved for the incoming O team. I figured as they had been delivered along with a command trailer that meant they were to be used for accomodations only...my bag was laying on the floor of one while my engineer watched the blades spin down, muttering something about being "glad to be rid of me." When the overhead guy's got in (I knew most of them) there was a knock on the door of my newest abode followed by an inquiry as to just "what was I doing" and "didn't you know these are for us?" To which I politely replied "not anymore your place is right over there by that ATCO sign." Somehow it worked I stayed but poor Dan my engineer was none too impressed to be sharing a room with the now displaced Air-Ops. I kinda figured that with them only coming to stay for 10 days versus my 42 it only made sense. I did get alot of visitors but that probably had more to do with the air conditioner (and refridgerator) then anyones desire to see me. PS The satelitte TV, washer dryer and shower were all hooked up and working too... sweet!!! Moral of the story; take it when you can get it, because as someone pointed out in an earlier post you never know what kind of S*%t hole you'll be lodging in next.
  8. K-razy It allows an extra seat in the middle.
  9. Ray of PWH was looking for some help on the beetle wood work. 2 & 2 on their 205 for the next couple of winters. Longer tours during the summer. Hayes Heli Log try's for 2 & 2.
  10. I'm always impressed by any driver that is willing to take the initiative, in other words to be the P.I.C. as that little slip of paper from Transport entitles you to be. That said you need to be prepared to fill that position, don't be afraid to ask to borrow a flight manual before your check ride and if possible, arrive early to have a look around the a/c you'll be flying. Know the required aerodrome frequencies and fly the a/c like the guy/gal beside you is a paying passenger, while not forgetting that it's okay to ask them questions or for clarification. Remember a check ride is not just an assessment of whether your current abilities meet the minimum standard but also a look at how much training the company will have to put into you to meet the requirements for the work they'll have you doing. If things don't work out ask why and what it is that you need to know or do differently then use that knowledge for the next time. Also don't be afraid to ask for a reference it might be that the company taking a look at you is fine with your flying but is just looking for someone with a different set of skills or background for their operation. If you love to fly it will show.
  11. Thanks for your help. I'll check out Crosby's.
  12. I might not of asked for the right info. what I am looking for are locking steel oval carabiners. Thanks
  13. Does anyone know of a supplier for self locking steel D-Rings? Something suitable as a replacement for a round bolt clevis. Cheers.
  14. Whaaaat? Pine boards? Digging? Graves? Have a look Fenestron... it does come with a seat belt!!
  15. Okay no B209's then how about.... Wonder where they put the hook?
  16. Mac-ex-Wafu, we have that mod on an L3 works great. Haven't seen one for an Astar, but then I haven't been on an Astar in quite a few years.
  17. Missing Pit Pins. Grind off the bottom portion that extends out the bottom of the pin. This way the pin can only be released by pushing down on it, avoiding the loss of pin when it is inadvertanly snagged whether left on the A/C or door. I always carry a spare and at least a bolt & lock nut.
  18. The Cel Set works great. I know other people who now use them...just by counting the ones that have gone missing!! Oh well at least mine is always new.
  19. Stuck with a GPI that won't take a prime and start pumping? Turn the filter cannister (s) up to drain fuel from cannisters to prime pump. Good idea with dual element filters to keep the sediment bowl reasonably clean if your going to be stuck with a crappy pump fo awhile.
  20. There is a broad range of experience aggregated here on the Vertical Forums. It would be great if we could share some of that experience. Things we have all learned from others, or developed all on our own as Tips & Tricks the little things that make our work easier and safer. Industry experience of the people who use this forum on a scale of 1-10, well, ranges from 1-10. So don't be shy with those Tips & Tricks. Any SAFE suggestions, even ones you may think are obvious, will certainly be of benefit to somone....even the Old Dogs. So let's hear from you! To get things started: When putting a Bambi Bucket back in the back or bag, tape the lines so they don't become crossed. Pretty obvious tip for most, but the ball is now in play...or not we'll see.
  21. Ooops! sorry Tweaker no offence intended.
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