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  1. 9 Speed Cassette on the back 3 chainrings up front 27 speeds in total (they overlap) with a fairing on 50-55mph on the steeper downhills.
  2. Link for maker of bike Rans bikes They make things that fly too!!
  3. If you can don't lease, own, or at least lease to own...Know your market, know your customers, and good engineering support can go a long way towards being profitable.
  4. My Stratus. Last road trip, Palm Springs to Furnace Crk. Death Valley, Las Vegas , back through the Mojave & Joshua Tree, to Palm Springs. Approx 1200 miles with side trips. No sore back, no sore wrists, no sore neck, no sore a$$. This summer 0 time on any of my bike's Mnt. Road or Recumbent and one serious heli-belly to ride off this winter...but the revenue hrs. were definitely above average. Ride on 407
  5. Finally a practical use for a Robbie.
  6. With some of the bugs a brillo pad followed by sandpaper would be my prefered approach. You know just keep working your way down to polishing paste until things are good and shiny clean...if this technique dosen't leave enough time for flying all the better because the windows won't get dirty as often. When it's time to pay the bills just plain old water my hand and a chamois seems to keep things clean.
  7. 412 / Ryan Thanks for the info. Nigeria is pretty much a war zone, with talk of the majors pulling out and the Chinese offering to buy in maybe the Hind will be introduced as an offshore machine. http://www.guardian.co.uk/oil/story/0,,1697161,00.html
  8. Malaria I got. Bullet holes and machette's I don't need. I think I'll wait until after the elections in 07 and reassess.
  9. A recent opportunity to spend some time in Africa has come up. I am aware of the health & security issues but would appreciate some first hand up front been there input. Cheers.
  10. Government Sales in Hartford Conneticut sells the SPH4B for a very good price, order the Oregon Areo upgrades,Hush Kit, Liner, Earseals & Softskins and it makes for a pretty comfortable helmet all for around $1,200.00 CAD. or at least it used to be about 7 yrs. ago. Just refitted the shell with another Oregon Aero uprgrade kit approx. $150.00 if memory serves me correct. Not the lightest but not so heavy that it's a problem when bent left or right all day. Cheers.
  11. Fenestron Saw those pic's one tour in the Ft. one of the most nicely appointed 206's I've ever seen. Bell should equip them all like that. Definitely put an end to the Bell Vs. whatever threads.
  12. Anyone got any experience operating or piloting the AS 355 F1/F2 as a utility machine? looking for any experienced insights, suggestions, or otherwise. Also any maintenance info. or issues ie: engine(s) / component life times vs. actual useful times before O/H or replacement. Thanks in advance for any and all response... I hope, Cheers, Ken.
  13. Judging by Ms. Mallicks comments on "Whirrly Birds" she is obviously an expert on helicopters and ancillary equiment... who knew you could screen for the FLU with a FLIR. I suggest she seek employment with Contrail as they need all the industry specific help they can get. Cheers.
  14. We stuck our hand in the air when asked if we wanted to keep one in an aircraft for the summer. No problems with the unit until we left the province... and it's kinda nice to know someone has a real time idea of just where you are. One can go online and check the location of the aircraft as the tracking page was available online...don't ask me what the address is but I could look it up next time in the hanger. As for changed BCFS requirements who knows I do know they would prefer to police the current requirements for experience through an audit process as opposed to registration...who knows??
  15. Dude, aside from exchange rates, what is your intent, "Yet, we as Canadian's are lagging well behind"? Please elaborate on a "passive culture by nature" As for industry specific concerns... the dynamic we have to work with in Canada has produced some very creative operators and some very unique pilots, hence the concern... some can and some can't operate safely and or effectively within the parameters of the current marketplace which leads to your first question. "Are companies in Canada getting out of control?" Banks, absolutely! Helicopter companies? There is a much greater possibilty for market innovation since deregulation... some good some bad.
  16. ditto on the Hush Kit from Oregon Aero... night and day. Also I suspect there are reason's for helicopter specific helmets. I'm still wearing an SPH 4. Without the O.A. upgrade I'm sure I'd be deafer than I am.
  17. That's new, I'll ask the guy's in Cranbrook what's up. Worked with ETQ in Ont. this summer nice A/C, great driver... hope that it is just a rumor.
  18. Tasman is / was hiring, ski, seismic, & fire experience required. Peace Reach is probably serviced by Pacific Western...at least it was when I flew for Dean.
  19. Tasman is / was hiring, ski, seismic, & fire experience reqired. Peace Reach is probably serviced by Pacific Western...at least it was when I flew for Dean.
  20. HV the short answer to your queston...YES!
  21. RW, From one who has been in the hiring seat - as a prospective new entrant into the industry your character & attitude is by far more important then the flight skills you'll bring with you to any interview. If your recent posts give any indication of who you are, I'd say you're passing a personal power check by a safe margin... If you want it you'll never get it by quitting.
  22. I suppose if our immigration rules were less tolerant, Contrails & other "Consultants" suggested limitatons would be ammended in the favour of the less hrly. endowed:)
  23. If that's average Cap maybe you should change fishing holes. On the plus side if it is a dipstick just think of all the oil your saving.
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