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  1. I have confirmed knowledge, a flying the wire course will be offered at H.A.C this year in Vancouver on November 4th. One and half days, $499 a seat.
  2. Sad news for the helicopters industry again. Condolences to all involved. Fly safe everyone. http://news.nationalpost.com/2013/05/31/ornge-helicopter-with-four-on-board-has-accident-leaving-survival-of-passengers-in-question/
  3. It saddens me to hear of this terrible news, condolences go out to the family, friends and co-workers left behind in this tragedy. R.I.P my friend, I will always remember the good times we spent in YK just starting out our careers. Fly safe everyone!!
  4. Tough go for the North Bay company two accidents in two days while spraying! Stay safe out there fellow aviators.
  5. Sad news to hear about early in the season. Condolences goes out to the family and friends of the three fellow pilots. Stay safe out there!! R.I.P
  6. Condolences to all the family involved in the accident that happened this morning. KAPUSKASING, Ont. - Three people are dead after a helicopter crashed in northern Ontario on Wednesday. The dead included the pilot from North Bay, Ont., as well as passengers from Kapuskasing and Val Rita, Ont. The crash happened about 25 km southeast of Kapuskasing. The Bell 206L helicopter was owned by Sunrise Helicopters Inc., based out of North Bay. The three fatalities resulting were reported by a search and rescue team member from nearby Timmins. The Transportation Safety Boar
  7. I believe its every %1 Tq = 30 Lb's of weight.
  8. Thoughts and condolences with family and friends during this sad time!!
  9. I was told when facing this situation to move the cyclic in the direction the wind is coming from. Although not something you would do when the wind is coming in from directly behind you, but downwind landings should rarely happen anyway with strong wind.
  10. Just curious if any operators in Canada have ordered a kit yet?? FORT WORTH, Texas (Sept. 17, 2009) - Bell Helicopter, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, today introduced the first Upgrade Program approved by Bell, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), to the model 206 LongRanger family of aircraft. The service introduction of the Upgrade Program is a result of a collaboration agreement between Bell Helicopter and Air Evac Lifeteam of West Plains, Mo. The upgrade program takes existing 206L1/206L3 airframes, and utilizing production parts from the current 206L4 program, c
  11. Have you ever tried a program called gps trackmaker?? It has quite a few possibilities when it comes to converting files. Its a free download too!!
  12. My thoughts are with Cowboy Bob's family, friends and co-workers!!! Stay safe out there guys and gals!!!
  13. My deepest condolances are with all who have been touched by this terrible tragedy!! God speed to the lone survivor!!
  14. I give my deepest sympathies to all families involved!! Rest In Peace to those four souls!! Fly safe this season everyone!!
  15. Hey Skidz does this niffty program come with all new Lowrance GPS units or do you have to buy it separate???
  16. Do any of you guys use the Lowrance 600c aviation GPS? I am looking at getting one but I have a feeling that I might have a conflict if the customer uses a garmin unit and wants to upload waypoints for something like a staking job. I don't think the waypoints are compatible and was wondering if there is a user friendly program that can convert waypoints to be used on different gps units.
  17. It looks like someone forgot to put on the air brakes on the truck before getting out to fill up the machine with goop. Costly mistake. :down: Slow down everybody....this accident could have definately been avoided.
  18. It wasn't a 47 because I know they don't operate those.....it has to have been a longranger or jetbox.
  19. I heard a North Bay operator had an accident while spraying and bent up a machine in early August sometime. Does anyone know what happened?
  20. Do you mean the manual with the title of "Flying your Bell Jetranger!"
  21. Has anybody had any good luck with the Lowrance Airmap 600C? I can get it for $600 plus tax in TO. It has all the topo programs included with it along with a ram suction cup mount so I can put somewhere on the window. They say the topo info is the same data they provide to garmin for their topo program. It looks to be a good deal but I would just like some first hand info.
  22. RIP fella's, I also send out my sincere condolances to the boys back in Cochrane.
  23. Did anybody hear about Panorama helicopters rolling a machine up in Quebec? I heard a few got hurt in that one.
  24. You forgot one school in CYYB. Helicopters Canada, they have R22, R44 and BH06.
  25. It's a mass exodus to Quebec.....I've seen probably 10 machines come through CYHD today already. Anything from 206 to mediums. I just seen your two A-Stars ame206350.
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