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  1. Sorry I have not flown banners with an R44....but have with an L3, B4 and a 412. Our SOP's were based on Cabair's from the UK. The banners I have flown are produced by HOBS which is the acronym for Helicopter Overcity Banner Systems. Ruben Spiring is your contact at HOBS. He is very knowlegable and will help you out in all respects. Hope this helps.
  2. The ADA 139 crash killed 5. Four were UAE Nationals and one ex-pat, Captain John Hanley, who by the way was in the back of the helicopter when it crashed. He signed for the a/c and was the PIC!! One of the Nationals in the front was a Sheikh of the ruling family in Abu Dhabi. The other National in the front worked for ADA and had been an employee for a couple of years. Prior to that he was in the UAE military. The helicopter crashed at night (1950) local time when it was heading offshore (not to an oilfield). The a/c was totally destroyed and all on board were killed immediately upon impa
  3. '72 / '73 along with DGP, Grant Malcolm, Dan Guest, Barry Leduc, Dan Rennie, Ted Wiggan, Sully, the list goes on.....some of us lived to tell the tale. Great times, any idea when the next reunion might be. I'll make that one for sure. ZAPPER
  4. ADA's housing site, "The Vans" are not fit for man nor beast. Wrong! The rats invade the kitchens at night. If you're quiet you can catch them cleaning up the leftovers. The Vans are a great place in the summer when the power goes off at 48*C. No problem just go out to your car fire up the a/c and have a nice night. Chinese hookers......Yup, trolling for Green Cards and the almighty Dirham. Speaking of which, have you checked the exchange rate lately? ADA's Chief Pilot is a complete dork. He is the reason they have had over 30 pilots bail out in the last 12 months!! Want to fly a 412 and
  5. Which one is going to inplode, Mulf or Babu? ZAP ZAP
  6. Which one is going to inplode, Mulf or Babu? ZAP ZAP
  7. "A great place to be in the 50' and 60's". I guess by that statement you were over in the Persian Gulf during that era? "Watch your 6 as you are an infidel". Are you an expert in Middle Eastern affairs or just another "somebody" thinking they know what they are talking about being fed information from the media such as CNN! Thank goodness we have Dubya Dubya to lean on when times are tough. Oh Yee of little faith. ZAP ZAP
  8. Starting up with the rotors stopped......now there is a novel idea. I've been doing that exact procedure for over 35 years and it works every time, at least on the Bell 47, Bell 206, Bell 212, Bell 412, MD500, R22, A109S, EC130B4 & AW139. I'm not too sure about other helicopters but I believe you can start them with the rotors stopped also. ZAP ZAP
  9. Cal Fryer posted an ad on JUST PILOTS a couple months ago looking for EC135 and EC130B4 pilots for a new company in the UAE called Falcon Aviation Services. I phoned him and he confirmed he jumped ship from Abu Dhabi Aviation last August and is now Falcon's new Ops Manager. By the way he filled the positions as advertised. ZAPPER
  10. Don't get me wrong. I was sincere when I said " hope Airborne has better luck with their Russian crews than we did". I guess when we found one of our "professional" KA32 pilots in jail one morning my opinion of them changed. Stereotyping, I don't think so. Give it time, you be the judge. ZAPPER
  11. Years ago I worked along side Russian crews on a KA32. They couldn't long line to save their lives but could they ever put away the vodka. Oh yeah, and when they finished drinking and got the munchies they would eat what ever food was in sight, theirs, mine yours it didn't matter. I hope Airborne have a better experience with their Russians than we did. ZAPPER
  12. Back to the thread..... Worst; Bell 47 G4A on floats with a REAL bad engine. Best; Agusta AW139 with the -67 Pratt and Whitney. ZAPPER
  13. The AB139 picture in your post was taken at the Agusta factory, note the Italian registration. I'm just about positive it's the same helicopter working out of Holland in the southern North Sea. When I saw it there were 3 rows of 4, forward facing seats in the rear cabin instead of 3 rows of 5, due to the space required for the immersion suits. I don't know how many hours they are flying the 139 but I'll see if I can dig up some info for you.
  14. The AB139 cockpit picture on the left is an old one. There are 4 screens in the production helicopters now, and 2 MCDU's.
  15. Agusta calls them eliptical tips. The tail rotor has a "mini" version of the M/R tips. Check out the blade tips on the EH101 for a funky design. An Agusta engineer told me recently that the tips alone on the 101 produced 30% of the lift. By the way the A139 is an absolute pleasure to fly.
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