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  1. My poor Grandma and all the others put out of their homes tonight. Here's to hoping the fire follows the connector skipping Peachland and Westbank. Thoughts and wishes to all the families and people involved. xoxo
  2. These guys forgot to invite me!!! Thanks for the link dzude, very cool.
  3. Thanks for the link Skidz, I guess flight time is all "running time". They did that a few years ago too. Doah! Thank you RTR too, it's all so simple really. TopFuel, check out the link! Cheers
  4. Just wondering about the thoughts of the public here, Air time VS. flight time or basically "running time". After my flight training, I realized years later, that the Robinson A/C hobbs can be set to work off the manifold pressure and not the collective. That's start up, briefings on the ground, waiting for clearance and so on. My school did this, so how much air time did I come out with? Right away working in Alberta I adopted "time up" "time down" but some come out of school now logging "running time" start to finish. Might I get left in the dust? I did a 6 min flight with 17min "running time" because of loading and unloading and shut down the other day. I realize for longer flights the difference wouldn't be so great but it has made me think. I'm sticking to "old school" but am interested in what people might have to say. Requirements are coming down anyway but pay scales are still out there. Lets argue both ways, in the end it doesn't really matter, but an interesting topic none the less. Happy Canada Day! RG
  5. You make fun, but you big machine drivers just wish you could hold a 44 in a steady hover, haha. All in good fun!
  6. I love the idea of these little boxes. If the intented purpose is for tracking "in the unlikely event of an emergency" wait time on the ground for passenger and crew could be seriously minimized. Half hour check ins are good but what if the call was made and minutes later the emergency happens? Then you have to look back to the last call, call the A/C, what ever time it takes to decide the machine is missing, get your radius, dispatch an A/C in the suspected area to look for a small now assumed inanimate object on the forest floor. That takes alot of time for the people on the ground who aren't suppose to leave the machine because that assumed inanimate object is even easier to spot then guys on the ground. (maybe aircrew should where those alberta forestry yellow suits that are easier to spot really. . kidding, nother post but throwing out ideas) But also, from a previous First Aid attendents view, your spine shouldn't move around after hitting the ground at 10 Gs either. So The faster the "chicken lady" knows where the A/C is, the better. Its seems like a safety thing more then a tattle tail of correct times. Who lies about times anyway? Now cost is a subject but technology advances and I gladly move with it. (I love my mp3 player!) Just my .02 cents!!
  7. Just do something back for our country!! Walk dogs at the SPCA, Take them to visit sick people in the hospitals. Take some doughnuts to the nurses, pick up trash, reduce, reuse, recycle. Dont run water when you brush your teeth, Tip big and Vote
  8. I agree, you fully need industry experience to put yourself ahead of the other up and comers. Look into operating. I'm a female and I worked as a "first-aid attendant" out of Fort St.John. I saved, not earned, $10,000 in one sacraficed winter. That's 1 out of our 4 seasons. It gave me camp, oil and gas and guy dominated industry experience. It'll make you a good worker, which you need to be too. Also, you might want to get a little older, then they will pick you up more likely. Good Luck
  9. Nice work Jetbox and Blackcomb. Straight forward and true with all intensions I hope for everyone!
  10. The guy in the video is lucky he didn't get into many forms of LTE. It also looked like he had alot of momentum still going. Are we sure he didn't make it to the trees?
  11. I gotta say, everyone is talking about heat in flight suits, but there's nothing like pealing down the layers and expossing your bare a$$ to the elements in -30 with wind chill!! Did I mention being a girl kicks ***!! To bold so soon??
  12. Goose was in the back. I am remembering a scene where you see Goose in the back. That's what I think!!
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