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  1. Oh my Gaud! This sounds like a recrutment pitch! :down: They don't tell you, that this is like what your parent said, when you wanted something really bad, "we'll see", sound familiar. I know a guy that got suckered in that way and ended up as a medic! After his mandatory time was over saved his money and got his licence on his own. If you do it on your own you are a pilot in command right off the bat and you won't need the guy in the back to tell you how high your off the ground. :up:
  2. Good point. It is usually detremental to ones career. Your wife is the only one that you can trust in this sort of thing. You can get away with murder and she can't testify against you in a court of law.
  3. I know. I was tempted to ask who the plastic surgeon was; so that I could get the same for my wife!
  4. Are you comPEARing what your profile looks like now that you and many of us all look like now that we have been flying in the Bell products with their egronmic seats!
  5. When I wear a flight suit its because its too hot to wear jeans. I just strip down to my skivys and put the suit on. No problem. But if you keep your jeans on; no wonder you get the flashing overtemp light.
  6. "COAST GUARD", don't you guys fly over water 99% of the time. I thought that you guys wore immersion suits. Sorry to hear about this guys demise. But isn't it always the case, that the day that you don't bring something along is the very day that you need it? I too sometimes don't wear my helmet on those hot summer days. Probably thats whats going to happen (the plot sucumbed to his injures because he wasn't wearing his helmet that was located on the back seat).
  7. Ive seen something similair to this but in pink and behind the stick of a 205.
  8. If your flying twin engine equipment you are then have a waiver to use non fire retartment flight wear!
  9. Aren't the zippers a fashion statement!
  10. I once heard of a 206L pilot hitting a steel transmision tower in Sept Iles. In order to fly it out he took out his trusty tape and evened out the length of the blades. I don't know if they are now being used as Jet Rnager blades. Probably everyone should go out now and take a close look at your blades to make sure that are not the ones. I think that the striping on top will be out a little! he must certainly have been a carpenter before being a pilot. :up:
  11. Just make sure you turn off the force field before the customers gets in, otherwise you will have to write up an incident report. :shock:
  12. Its too late. He has been asilimilated. :shock:
  13. Has anybody used the Garmin IQ3600? Thats what I use and it has paid for itself many times over with the moving map display. However like you say the Garmin Canada topo map software sucks. It would be nice iGarmin asked the ones that use these devises for some input on what we would like to see. They have all the grids in the world except the ones used in the different provinces such as Alta, BC, Sask. It would be nice if they included seismic lines and such or got the info from survey companies in the oil patch. Theres Ozi explorer, but using a laptop or notepad is awkward.
  14. I once stopped at a First Nations village when on a fire. The kids had a sort of game; try to throw a pebble into the exhaust stack of the 206. I heard a ting sort of sound. I didn't really think much about it at the time, but I scared them off so that they wouldn't get one in; but they managed to. When I started up and saw that the blades weren't turning by 25%, I then knew that someone had made a score. Got up on top and reached in to remove a small rock about 1/8" dia. Was lucky there was no damage. Who knows, maybe this kid grew up to be an all star basketball player.
  15. I ask for their social insurance number. When they ask why I tell them; "so that I give it to the life insurance company when I buy a policy, so that my family can cash in after the accident". There's no life insurance for pilots, especially those who screw up.
  16. So how's the view at "Les Cedres"?
  17. Its really funny to see how some people get bent out of shape when thay find out that there heros aren't all what they're cracked up to be. I was just stating pure fact not fiction! As for the moron who did the hammer head in the video; does he get to defend himself? You guys weren't saying very nice things about him either. I'm sure he is well looked upon by his peers in his country. He got away with it, but barely! Had there not been this video, I'm sure that the story would have included a couple of barrel rolls to boot . There are facts and there are tales.
  18. Leave the flight suit behind. Just bring denims and pick up some cowboy boots when your passing through cow town (Calgary).
  19. This tells me that you too haven't been in the industry all that long either. I guess love is really blind. Ask the followers of JimJones. :punk:
  20. Are you saying that your the one who wrote off the L. Gee if it was I certainly am sorry for personally attacking you, just that, this sort of thing happened in the past and that these are some of the events leading to it. Something that the Vortex leaves out. You read about the end result, not how it could have been prevented! Thats all my friend. But sometimes we learn from the mistakes of others. I by no means am no angel with an unblemished record. I too admit that I have mistakes in the past which have cost some of my employers money and I, my job.
  21. Your right. Weren't we all at one time! Was this the paint scheme for a pilot crash test dummy? :up:
  22. Whose talking about personal attacks. I didn't mention full names. Just the circumstances of some idiot doing hammerheads. As for making personal attacks you should look at some of your past posts :down: :hide:
  23. Gee! I don't know why some trash the 500D so much. It certainly does things that most machines can't do. Being a stable platform for longlining and getting into really tight spots. I've flown quite a bit of different brands and they all have their pros and cons. To my knoledge there isn't 1 helicopter out there that does all what our customers expect. Don't forget that the Bell 206 and Hughes 500 and the Fh 1100 were competing for the US military observation helicopter contract back in the early 60s. If I recall the vintage Bell 206 (Chevy II) had its blade throwing problems too. Let me tell y
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