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  1. I know this subject has been beaten to death, but given the new market situation I think it is just fair to have refreshment discussion on drivers rates. What is the contract rate per day for a 212 F.O. IFR ? Same as above but for a Capitain? Thanks!
  2. Hello I am a canadian 3000 hrs pilot, IFR, night, ATPL, endorsed on BH206, AS350 and BH212. What companies are there to get into IFR flying?, besides the big names, like Cougar, CHL and Ornge, is there any others wit regular scheduled rotations? National or International Thanks
  3. I wished I could find a less tedious tour than 4-2, but that is what I have been doing for the last 12 years... I make somewhat more than 100K but the cost of 4-2 is pretty high
  4. Hi I have been toying with the IFR idea por the past 4 years and since I am 41 now, I think it is now or never. What IFR schools do you guys recommend in the Quebec, Ontario area? Thanks JM
  5. Thanks, exactly the same questions I had in mind
  6. 4 hours min?, last time i saw something like that was in 2005 if I remember well. Here in the belle province, we get 3 hrs min during the busiest season, got to say that we are busy ...
  7. From the pics, the 350 looks like it would be possible to use for long linning with the astar, I own the 250 and can't long line with it, the front and top of the head are too tall
  8. Wake up early to find this weather....... hard to go back to bed after a couple of strong coffees
  9. $55 a month, 200min during the week days, free from 8pm and weekends. 6gb data, took a special promotion last year, 6gb for $30 with Bell
  10. Hi Does anyone have some practice or sample Hatra exams? It'd be greatly appreciated.
  11. Isn't 18" the min legal barrel lenght?
  12. Hi can someone please inform me about the difference between the ATPL-H and the HATRA exams, and also where to get study guides for either one of those exams, i have googled both but little info has turned up. Thanks J
  13. Hi Can someone please give me an idea of the price for a 100ft spectra long line, for AS350B2?, our lines are all steel cable. I would like to try to get our company to buy spectra or kevlar lines. Thanks
  14. I bought my Gallet from Merril Aparel, 2 years ago, they shipped it to me and I am a very happy costumer. Very confortable helmet, and the service from Merrit is escellent
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