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  1. Be careful!! I had a generic one that was rated 5-32 volts input and it cooked my iPhone using it in the aircraft. I would absolutely spend the money on the one treetopflyer suggested
  2. Logten pro! I run parallels on mine though for windows based maintenance manuals
  3. I moved to the peg in June, summer was hot and humid but I've yet to experience a winter! Gotta love the smell of malathion in the morning.
  4. No cost, i dropped mine off the other day and was suprised. Just the cost of the passport photo.
  5. Fly safe over there bags, look forward to seeing lots of great photos!
  6. When I trained one of my instructors always flew with a very small bit of friction on the cyclic in the 300. Made the controls feel smoother but I prefer no friction myself.
  7. apparently it got a paintjob, I kind of liked it it stood out. heres one for the ugliest.
  8. Thats funny, our screw gauges we made out of steel, rivet gauges were aluminum as well. There was no wait when I started. Also if an apprentice said they weren't allowed to touch a helicopter while at bcit then they had no ambition. We were allowed to take apart/inspect/assemble/learn all we wanted about them.
  9. I know a couple people in NLC's program in kelowna, they have classes that are teleconferenced with the teacher in dawson. I'd rather have my teacher in the classroom, theres ups and downs to each school
  10. i'm almost half way through at bcit, so far its been a great course, learning lots. If you like hands on learning you'll enjoy this course. When I applied i waited a month. There are start dates every 2 months and at that time they had openings in every one. I'm in the afternoon class (11:30-6:30) which works out well because I dont have to deal with traffic :up:
  11. Congratulations to the two for getting it on the ground in such poor visibility, after all walking away from something like this is all that matters. :punk:
  12. Yea for arguements sake I have a picture of it sitting upright, bent tailboom and skids but other than that fully intact. It was pretty ugly here, snowed all day finally let up around 8:00pm, i'm not far from abbotsford.
  13. I heard it was a 47. Knocked the tail off on a meridian but managed to stay upright, both walked away fine. This is just what I heard not sure if its true or not.
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