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  1. Well Trans, about the only thing I can say in reply to that gospel of sensitivity, is that the pilots not dead and you ought to try to read through the entire accident report, there are no blanks in the judgement.
  2. That precisely the idea Skids Up. Anything faster than transition will result in a run on landing on glassy water which is not recommended in a helicopter. If you are unsure of yourself, if possible, go to the nearest shoreline and momentarily land on the water next to the beach , check altimeter and head back out and slowly approach to a hover at 20 feet or so, works every time.
  3. And that is about as "interesting" as the excuse for the pilot's incompetence. Look at the last two posts in the original thread as an example of the use "Queens English", then go gargle.
  4. Obviously not too bright either, " I never said "I'm biting my tongue on this one" funny girl. Mistakes can kill Klipper, and we can't afford to gloss them over with collective mismanagement. Reality Bites.
  5. I fully expect to be banned from this site, given the juvenile mentality of the users and their ultra-sensitive ego's. But then again, who cares? holy crap!! i'm biting my tongue on this one i think they're canadian....just give them some beer and they'll go away...... WOW,,, that's quite a bold statement to make,
  6. Conjecture? - Perhaps you ought to read the accident report.
  7. How about you just hang on a sec Mr. Sharkbait, obviously in this case the pilot didn't think in the first place and now neither are you. If you are so "experienced", you should already know that there's not much to operating a radar altimeter, and all but the top-of-the-line Terra units accurately depict altitudes between about 50 feet and 2,500 feet agl. Units employing only one antenna generally cannot accurately give altitude information below about 50 feet. Moreover, with your vast experience and time on various types you should have some idea of what "glassy water" is by n
  8. The whole story is within the accident report, just put yourself in his seat. Rotor wash causes ripples as I am sure you know, assuming you've actually flown a helicopter on floats, (ergo goes the "Glassy water") A radar altimeter would have been of little use and no mechanical malfunctions were found. What would have saved the life of the pax is due care and attention I am not sorry I have no pity for the pilot, and neither should anyone else.
  9. Of course not redog. I was looking for examples of use of the brain.
  10. Fat lot of good that would do for the client. As harsh as this may sound, this woman is dead because the pilot wasn't paying attention.
  11. The following should give us good reason as to why pilots cannot afford to become incompetent, even for an instant. In this case an altimeter setting on the shoreline most likely would have prevented the accident, notwithstanding the fact that the pilot most likely also came in "hot", (Most pilots know or should know that if you hover in slowly you will create much ripple which will get rid of the glassy effect, however it will still be difficult to judge altitude without a reference nearby) See Farwest thread this site. Aviation Investigation Report Helicopter Roll-over - Glass
  12. It's always been my experience that water doesn't stay glassy for long after the rotor downwash begins to take effect. In most cases when there is little reference to go by, in order to make things easier a wise pilot would set down next to the shoreline and note the altimeter setting before heading out to the middle for the landing (assuming it was a long way to taxi).
  13. but after what happened, or after the fact....when would it be? I say credits when and where due. This thread reminds me of the Instructor who successfully laid the blame for a rollover on his six-hour wonder who lived to tell the story.
  14. Only he who never did anything wrong may throw the first rock. I was a young pilot and was seeding without training....did not work out that well either.....an incident is always a chain of events.... So carry on the tradition you say!
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