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  1. Exactly what they always do when they see something that they disagree with. They call the HAC, whom in turn lobbies (please read threatens TC) Ottawa who pull in their horns and allow the operators to press on as normal. Have read alot on "bonds" here, and I will tell you from my own experience they are NOT worth the paper the are wrote on. If you feel that you must leave a company and said company threatens you in any way with legal action, allow them to follow up on it, the ruling will be in your favor if you have departed for the right reasons. "Your honor, I did not recieve wha
  2. A friend of mine who is qualified already popped them off a e-mail to see what the pay structure was like. He has recieved no response to date?! Makes one wonder
  3. The certification is being watched more closely then most would believe. Operators will be quietly keeping a close eye on the outcome.
  4. Hello guys, Rather then hi-jack the TC thread thought it would be more appropriate to start a new rant here. Are companies in Canada getting out of control?No names please as this would not be appropriate and against the rules if I have read them correctly. It appears from the outside that the rest of the rotorwing industry worldwide has moved into the 21st century. Yet, we as Canadian's are lagging well behind. Is it that we are a very passive culture by nature? What are the concerns out there right now? Dude
  5. Thanks for the input and PM's, keep them comming. Mag, do you like tomato's too?! Twin, scary movies scare me! Saturn, not much into the EMS thing. Have heard that there is actually very little to no actual IF stuff, the lads say alot of good night time but no cloud. I take it you are employed there so maybe you can shed some light on this for me. How much IF are the gents at Helijet and Cougar getting. Is it all just "filed" IF or are these operators actually doing the real deal. thanks again.
  6. Wondering if maybe some of you folks may be willing to point me in the right direction. Finished my instrument rating in early spring, and between running tours this summer finished the ATP exams. Come early to late fall I would like to use the new digs. Anyone got any good ideas, wink, contacts. Really not into the ambulance thing. Is there much else out there without going international with CHC. Cool site. Notice you guys rarely get off topic though.
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