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  1. 81-83 for maintenance, 85-86 for the pilot course
  2. Gives us all a bad name....for those that are impressed by this.....don't worry.....when you get more experience......you won't be. Also you can be sure he doesn't own it or he wouldn't be flying it like that.
  3. Ah the H1 topic. TC has really dropped the ball on this one. I have seen H2 helipads where the suitable reject area is a single piece of property across an intersection, behind a building and possibly not on your departure path. The fact of the matter is TC turns a blind eye to H1 restrictions. Only the very latest helo types can carry any useful load into these helipads. According to TC, you may operate an twin to an H1 helipad at such a weight, that in the event of an engine failure a crash on the H1 pad is allowed (safely appearantly means safety of the general public around the helipad not the aircraft) as long as the pilot can guarantee that all the parts and pieces of the aircraft remain on the pad. Only the very best pilots can control all the parts of a helo after a very hard landing. Pure BS if you ask me. No backbone at TC as it would affect too many operations.
  4. Maybe, not sure about that anymore as I have done both, and its definitely not as much fun.
  5. Must be a young pilot, new licence maybe, hopefully will live long enough to grow up.
  6. Still have a brand new SPH-5 dual visor white XL $900.00 CDN obo.
  7. . 407D I think we all agree with you %110. But I ask you....honestly, would you have had that hanger talk if you hadn't seen the results on this forum?
  8. I guess we can all speculate why it was removed but it would be nice to know exactly why......Kyle what do you say?
  9. Kyle you did not respond to Auto Relight's question on the Baffin Island thread and now the topic is locked....now I am just curious too?
  10. Jay Fight I think it is a large or X-large. Can get you some pics if you want.
  11. Got a Brand New Gentex that I am willing to let go for $900.00 cdn.
  12. Hey Bladestrike, Saw a nice pic of you doing the surfer dude thing in an Ontario newspaper. Nice form. :up: Cheers
  13. Thanx Randy, I would say you need a supplement in your flight manual that says that your helicopter has OEI performance to a zero speed landing.
  14. So how can you tell by your flight manual if you are legal to land there? Or do you just go by what you think?
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