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  1. Some interesting opinions in here. Firstly, speaking to the original post.. that's nice that Ms. Chow thinks that "most Canadians would be surprised to hear..." She is the Transportation Critic - the shadow cabinet equivalent of the Minister of Transportation, and her job is to be all over the Minister like a basketball blocker. We shouldn't be "surprised to hear" anything.. it's the job of her office to tell us if there's a potential threat to our safety. Personally, I've heard very little in the mainstream news about this "threat". This "deregulation" (which BTW is the wrong term, Mr.
  2. I definitely concur about getting those auto rev's set properly before anything else. Just a note, it sounds like the fuel nozzle was taken apart and the little filter was dirty (if I'm reading that correctly). The book calls for fuel nozzle replacement if contamination is found in its filter. Just sayin'
  3. I think there's a good argument to be made that the human factor at work here was not so much fatigue, as it was both complacency and norms. As mentioned, it is the norm for engineers to push - trying to get the machine out the door for those owners/managers who... well, you know the ones I mean. Yep, it's normal... but is it right? Nope. One of the most basic employee rights is the right to refuse unsafe work, but it's very rare to meet anyone in aviation who will actually say "no I'm sorry, it would be dangerous for me to do that because I'm tired". Sure Whitestone, you've found lo
  4. ...for $944 / hr. Someones got a great sense of humor! Well done.
  5. Usually that is a result of the stick being twisted a little where it attaches to the lever assembly (under the boot). when it's assembled, it needs to be centered. The two bolts are loosened until the stick can twist and then tightened with it in the center. If it's off either way what you described happens and you'll usually find that it hits your leg at full right or left.
  6. How about a couple hours of sleep?? ...just throwin' that out there
  7. From the Bell publications website: "Customers who receive Bell's free hard copy documentation will also be provided with free DVDs and updates. The free subscription period for each model will begin upon initial release of the specific model documentation set and will last for a minimum of 1 year."..."Prior to the end of the free subscription period, Bell Helicopter will contact its registered customers to determine if a subscription renewal is desired"
  8. The first one's always free... Bell will provide DVDs free for one year from the release date of any particular model, after that it's a healthy subscription fee. Having said that, I do like some of the features of the bell disks, such as the revision status section where you can find the latest revision for any of their publications. Of course, that's free from their website anyway... FWIW, I find the bell disks much slower to navigate, and even when installed on your hard drive they require internet access. However, for some reason, I find myself using them all the time, rather tha
  9. Heh. Not usually. There are times though...!
  10. Good call. Works that way on the wife!
  11. Jeez, there's a lot of pent up angst in this room, methinks. I'm pretty sure we can all understand what's hapening here, whether we agree or not. Supply vs. demand, no? How many vultures can one carcass feed before someone goes away hungry, or fights break out to get the last of the bone-pickings...? I'm not going to waste my time and reputation slamming these companies in a public forum because they're doing what they need to do in order to survive. Are they supposed to just roll over and die for the better good? Hey, who knows, maybe they'll actually make money, or maybe they're jus
  12. I hear ya 212, ...and I certainly wasn't trashing your insitution in my last post. I think we're stating basically the same point, albeit from different perspecives. The main issue is that wages haven't kept pace with other skilled trades. For many employers this is not a problem - cheap labour, right on! they'll keep hiring the guys who can't spell their names correctly, and lay them off after a season of abuse. We all seem to agree that this can only hurt the industry, but yet tech schools keep pumping them out. And really, who can blame them - they need to fill the seats. I'm not p
  13. 212wrench, In reading your post, the thought occured to me - why does it matter if college enrollment is down 20%? what's the big deal if half of your prospective students fail the entrance exams? Let the people who are happily not completing grade 12 go work in the oil patch - they're not the people that we want working on our aircraft anyway, are they? You say that the perception is that an AME will be paid poorly and will be laid off every 6 months, and that people are not entering the field because of a love of aviation anymore. Why not raise the bar? Why not recruite better stude
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