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  1. You worked as an AME for less time than it takes to read a good book. and never on a 407.
  2. A recommend from someone who has only ever flown a 407, and in circles at that... doesn't count. You have to have something to compare it to, to be relevant. The 407 still has some "bugs" to work out, especially in the electronics department. :down: But, if it is all about ego...then the Porsche analogy is appropriate. #1......MD500 #2......B47G2 #3......AS355FX
  3. National would be a poor choice, no reflection on Gregory, he's just caught in a bad situation. Go to Canadian. A long established honest company staffed by professionals with an excellent reputation. Great Lakes is also a viable option....but National should be on the bottom of your list.....but that's just my opinion.
  4. I don't know....it may have been TQ. He was in there with one of the first 206L's. I think he flew a 204/5 before that. He was quite the character...and a bit of an elder statesman even then.
  5. Does anybody know of a pilot by the name of Herb Thwate (Twait)..not sure of the spelling. I flew with him in 77/78 at Lac Denise in Quebec.
  6. "People can only do to you what you ALLOW them to do to you". Once you realize that, it cuts down on a bunch of moaning,whining and bitching because if you bend over, then you can expect that someone will take advantage of your posture. Well CAP...very good advice....But what a sad state of affairs and a terrible reflection on all of us in this business when, in this day and age, the best advice to someone trying to deal with such a situation is to "remove the tail rotor" or "get outta Dodge". My gawd..., I don't want to spend all my time looking over my shoulder or sinking to the same l
  7. How's this.... ....the secretary at "the company" devulges that billing me for my PPC was all just a "big joke". What a sorry individual he is.........I don't believe for a minute it was a "joke". Just another in a long line of abuses this individual likes to dispense. He is so involved in trying to control people around him that he has lost control of himself. Acting maliciously and passing it off as a "joke" does not immune one from the responsibilty for their actions.
  8. The downside is he would have the law on his side...........the upside is he might have trouble narrowing the field of possible offenders down. ..............Besides, I'd rather have the turbine. Could put it on a stand in my garage and start it up on long weekends, impressing my friends and freaking out the neighbours.
  9. What indeed!!...I expect them to do nothing about the labour issues, and as far as operator standards of conduct, they are a toothless tiger and have little pre-emptive authority.
  10. No fear of that. Hopefully nobody else does. He will end up with alot of low timers who have no options and feel that this is all part of "paying their dues" NOT !!! These situations need alot closer scrutiny by TC. It is just sooooo unprofessional and the industry can do without anything (or one) who acts in such a despicable way.
  11. Yeah...my normal terms would be NET 14 days....but Mr Palmer will just ignore it....it took him almost 2 months to pay my last invoice. I had to ask three times to get paid and every time I asked he still felt a need to make an childish comment. It's all about testosterone, what a joke.
  12. I was on contract to fly C-GCOM and would submit a bill for flight services, although I am not incorporated. I have decided (using the same criteria as he has) that all the time I was "on call" is billable and have sent the company in question a bill for my "on-call services" since May.
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