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  1. geeeze, you kids and yer Apps. We just used to use a pen and paper and our personal appendages. Once you hit 21 (20 for the fairer pilots) you would just start over and add up the totals at the end of the day. Holy cow we live in a complicated world today! RTR
  2. I don't believe aircraft type has anything to do with it. I spent most of my time in the Airforce on CF18's. The requirement from TC was that you had to do 6 months of civil aviation work and a certain percentage of tasks (don't remember the percentage, it was a few years back, but i remember it was small), and have taken an approved basic training course. The ICS course actually works well for those who have a solid background and time in. At any rate, that information is free and found in the CAR's in licensing and training. cheers, RTR
  3. The Max stop on the fuel control should not be adjusted. It is set at overhaul, Just a FYI. As far as rotor drooping at 95% N1...it does sound like you have a low flow rate for higher powere settings. Seeing as how you have already tried swapping out the fuel control with no change , the Engine driven fuel pump seems a likely culprit.. I'm with Skully on this one. Be interesting to see what it ends up being. RTR
  4. Safety Officer for a large oil company eh? Drug and alcohol abuse is more rampant in the oil and gas industry than most other industry sectors I would hazard to guess. So I can see your misguided opinion at least. Sometimes I think that more than flying your crews we are actualy just running drugs for you. I found the Ad humorous as intended, and not the least bit promoting drinking and flying. Sometimes a cigar is just that,...a cigar. I recommend you police your own before you attempt to understand or police the neighbors. You have a lot to work with there already. RT
  5. You bet, I guess there just wasn't enough fish. RTR
  6. Some people just "know" things. Kinda like, if you set your cell phone on fire if you keep it in the freezer it will still work. Remember to leave the freezer door open a crack though so you can hear it ring. RTR
  7. Robin and I are deeply saddened by this news. Wayne was a rare and special individual and we miss him greatly. We love you Linda. Steve & Robin
  8. RTR

    And you are who?

  9. In light of the latest thread trashing a fellow long standing participant in our industry and the lack of any moderation, I think I am done here. When a board is allowed to degenerate to the level of innuendo and public lashing that this has lowered itself to, it's time to get out of Dodge. All the best and Ciao. RTR
  10. I'm not sure why it was felt that this should have been posted here. Moderator please, if you would be so kind. RTR
  11. The point is there is a level of inspection and an action that must be taken. Simply cleaning and running isn't the terminating action. Even IAW the part of the c20 manual you posted. An additional inspection is required. IE removing and reinspecting the plugs. Note that it says to remove and inspect the plugs after the 30 minute run. It does not say remove and inspect plugs only if the light illuminates. Maybe "old wives tale" isn't the best description, however the main gist here is that the applicable M&M will give you the required procedures to follow and the level of inspection a
  12. I often wonder how many here have actually read the process for dealing with metal found on a chip plug as published in the prospective M&M. For the Arriel series engines turbomeca has a fairly detailed table of actions that must be carried out. Wiping off the plug and performing a ground run is not one of those actions. I don't think I have ever seen any engine manufacturer recommend just that for any metal contamination. I think there is some confusion on what a pilot can do in regards to chip lights and or metal found on a plug. I know that inspecting and continuity checking of
  13. Sad, sad news. email otw to Linda, and sending lots of love and positive thoughts Waynes way. RTR
  14. Here is the CAR reference for the requirement. 566.02 cheers, RTR
  15. As far as I know the requirements haven't recently changed. You must have type training to work on any turbine powered helicopter. Small piston powered helicopters are a different matter. There has never been a requirement to have type training to work on them. Of course your employer may require type training IAW their MPM. cheers, RTR
  16. [quote name='Winnie' timestamp='1311551834' post='136341' Have brulin in the spares to clean the igniter, after I touch it.. lol (nevermind) Cheers! Harald LOL! Throw a set of needle nose pliers in the bag as well. As long and thin as you can find. They are great for getting that igniter out of the brulin jar too! RTR
  17. Are you being deliberately idiotic today? It's unlike you. If there is anything I have learned in over 30 years of aviation it is this; If it is possible, it has either already happened, or will happen at some time in the future. In this day and age there are so many ways to get in contact with your maintenance department. Just about every operator out there has Sat phones etc. And yes, it is the AME who last signed that out that will ride to court with it. He holds the legal liability for any work he or she does...unless you are about to get eaten by a polar bear, pick up the sat
  18. Good post helidude. I didn't intend to imply that you should assume that you were covered under the operators insurance. Always get it in writing that you are in fact listed on the insurance policy. At any rate, anytime an insurance company ends up paying out, there will be lawsuits. Play safe kids. RTR
  19. The difference is, you are not in the business of carrying out electrical work. It seems to me that once you, as an AMO, determine that an AME's qualifications meet your requirements and you hire them to perform maintenance on your aircraft, then they should be included on your insurance. I see no difference in that regard between a full time employee or a short term contract. In fact, as a full time employee if my company wouldn't include coverage for another AME working beside me who was contracted, I would have a significant doubt as to the level of my own coverage. With all th
  20. MMike, although the layout and number sequencing of the CARS and FARS are similar, the actual regulations can be quite different. The numbers relate to the topic or headline of the regulation, not the regulation itself. For example you will find many differences in 571, 573, 624, 625, 702, 703...need I go on? If you are going to quote regulation, quote from the correct airworthiness authority. It's pretty simple. RTR
  21. As far as electrical tape around the release mechanism goes, what happens in the event of an emergency, and you can now not release the belt in order to extricate yourself or your passenger in time? The locking/ release mechanism is a safety device. Don't alter it's intended function. It's not there to just hold you secure, it's there to allow you quick escape as well. 'nuff said. RTR
  22. Turn your strobe light on and leave it on. We all tend to look back at the helicopter as we are walking away from it, and seeing the strobe light flashing is a sure sign that the battery was left on. RTR
  23. Saw it on the news as well My sincere condolences to the pilots family. Also, my heart goes out to all at Campbell. RTR
  24. Franklin expedition eh? well okay, but I draw the line at cannibalism, unless the gummy bears in the survival pack run out. There are gummy bears aren't there? RTR
  25. You need to get your AME to inspect and service the blade boots. They are supposed to be filled with hydraulic fluid and be air free (IE bled of air). Also, as far as ice in the blade tips, there have been a few R44 Safety notices and service bulletins from Robinson on bond line separations at the tips of the blades. They are good reading and I highly recommend them. Unless you are qualified AME don't mess with this stuff. Get a pro to have a look. Good luck. RTR
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