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  1. I did a lot of spraying which required flying very early in the morning and late in the evening. Yellow lenses work great and your eyes will tell you when to change them. The yellow lenses worked really great in low light but are terrible when it is totally dark as the instrument lighting is way to bright especially with a gps which practically makes it painful. I didn't want to mess with the gps lighting while in flight in the dark.I am sure that there is a lighting adjustment on them but short of having a manual I didn't want it to #$%^ up in the dark. As far as flying in snowy conditions I swear on blue lenses.Going north of Churchill in the winter proved this as I was flying along having no problem telling were the ground was so just to check I took off my sunglasses for a second to see what it was like. That was really scary....total white out.It was overcast during that flight.
  2. DGP

    Getting back in the seat.

    What zazu said and if you let your medical lapse you will be in for some real fun. Be prepared to send the folks lots of tests. If you have passed 55 you will be getting a hearing test by a specialist and in my case I had to take an instructor pilot for a ride to verify that you can actually hear what atc is asking you.. I did mine in company helicopter and paid the guy a $100 bucks. They don't care that radios and most headsets have volume controls....I called TC and had a chat about that! I also had to pay to have my hearing test completed. They will want lots of other tests completed and sent in to Ottawa. Have fun! And then there is the on line tests to do for TC after you have written days of tests. And they just put out a new one just in case you thinking you're finished...CRM is suppose to take between 8-10 hrs of classroom time and I haven't heard if you have to write a test after the course. I wrote a stack of tests that had to be 2 inches thick...have fun. Oh and lets not forget Dangerous goods which you will probably do on line...another day or two. And now you better read up on the new rules....can;t wait to see how operators are going to handle that one. Also you will have to forget about ever having a cold brew after a hard day of flying as the new rules put a kybosh on that!
  3. DGP

    Getting back in the seat.

    Well this could vary depending on who you go to work for but for the last 2 years I spend 3 days writing exams...8 hr days. Then recurrent training on whatever it is you are going to fly. In my case it was on jetbox,longdog and 407.Then you will have to do a ride for your ppc which will take about an hour so you can look at at least 4-5 days before your back in THE seat.
  4. DGP

    Lance Cooper

    I only met the guy once and he was showing me his ornery side...I was on the road looking for a job. I had almost 3000 hrs at that time but I was not able to impress him in the least. This was back before they joined up with that bigger outfit from BC. I am sure we know who I mean. I believe he had a brother that was working with him at that time. Sorry it didn't work out . Water under the frig.
  5. As I had said what pissed me off was the lack of time off.I worked for 4 months with 7 days off. Any thanks...not likely... I ended up pulling the pin the following spring but little changes from one company to the next only the faces. I have mentioned in another post on here that I pulled that 205 completely apart that I was working on and then said syanarha folks.
  6. As far as ridiculous goes the worst was spraying...try getting up at 3:45 and go do 8 hrs of spraying .That was really a pain. Did that for more years than I want to remember.
  7. Only had one component to replace on that ship...the swashplate. Didn't happen until almost the end of the season.Started pulling it at 8 in morning and was flying again by 4 in the afternoon. Had help from a good apprentice. Heard from him years later and he told me he had to replace a swashplate on a 205 and said he remembered helping me out and said he was glad to have learned from what I had shown him...we had a lot of fun together.He wrenches on mediums out west now.
  8. I spent more than a few tours working on 204-205 when the company I worked for was strapped for an engineer.I can say that I never had to pull an all nighter...not once. That being said I would always be up very early in the morning doing whatever I could do as long as the ship was ready to go on short notice. By 8 it had to be ready to go. The pilots that I worked with were quite fine with that arrangement.During the day I would always be going over the ship whenever I could... again it had to always be ready to go as it would be on red alert.Usually by 9 in the evening it would be okay to start working on the ship again.I was usually horizontal by 11 or midnight.I would say that most of the guys that I worked with did the same routine. You could get a bit of rest when the ship was out but I fined it hard to sleep once I get up. Lets say the coffee pot was always fresh. Also if the ship went out early enough I would catch a few hrs of sleep. Never seemed to be a problem. That being said I am sure others have found it to be more difficult...all depends on how much flying is being done. The ship that I looked after in the summer of 1995 was flying around 5 hrs a day so it wasn't too hectic .My only complaint was I got very little time off.
  9. DGP

    AS350B3 strange vibration

    This may pertain to this problem...it happened on a longranger not an Astar. Guys were complaining about a vib that would come and go...was driving everyone nuts. Dom asks me to take the ship for a test flight and see what I could find. So I fire it up and get it up to 100%nr....seems very smooth...up in a hover...seems good. Then it goes for the s##ts...rough as he##. Was going to put it down when it smooths right out. So I tell my buddy in the front seat that I will get it into forward flight and see what happens. So we barely make it half a mile and it is shaking like crazy...then it smooths out again. Back to the hangar and I ground the ship. I will make this short as the long version involves a lot of s##t. A few days later the ship is still in the hangar with the front cowling off so I hop up on the roof to have a look around. There was a whole lot of black crap on the deck under the right front trany mount. Problem solved...right front elastameric mount on the dog bone was fubared.It would hook up okay at times and then go hard right at times. I only ever found 2 of these every go bad so maybe check the trany mounts on the Astar. Who knows!
  10. I think I may have confused you...the 3 friends that died did not have mechanical issues.The only mechanical accident that I was witness to was an engine on a 205 blowing up on take off and it was caused by something that I saw before it took off.I will keep that to myself. I saw a lot of stuff in my day that could have caused some serious s### but I will have to keep that private. A lot of guys have said I should write a book and I told them I will keep it for some good stories at the bar with good friends that are still kicking....no naming names.
  11. Thanks for that GH and for the charts. Sorry to say that to get down to 0 accidents you will have 0 hrs flown...never going to stop them all.I have over 40+ yrs in and can say no one ever was hurt in any flight that I was PIC. Yes I do know a few good friends that got killed but thankfully it was only a few...3 in fact and I will not name names.Great guys that had a real ####y day. Nature of the business. I can't remember ever one that was mechanical...
  12. I don't want to brag or complain but as a dreaded pilot/eng I kind of have to laugh when I hear about working long days.I can remember flying all day and doing 2-3 hrs of wrenching at night for weeks on end on a fire flap.We all know what goes on. Back in the good old days I would time out as a pilot and then spend a week wrenching . Then back to flying ...you get it We did it because we had a good time and were treated great by DNR. Not like that anymore. Too many rules and paperwork..MHO.
  13. There is no life like it...or is that someone else's motto!
  14. Back in the day when I wrote my medium license I was able to sign out all bell mediums except the 214st which they put as another type. Then they changed the system to M1 and M2 which I now have.So I was told that I could sign out all aircraft if I had a course on the type. All the aircraft that I had been endorsed on were grandfathered into my sign out privileges. The only thing I could not sign out was a hot air balloon which at the time they asked me if I wanted to write and also the piston engine course . I declined both as I had just written the turbine exam .So is this confusing enough...I have a M1/M2 license..206,204,205,212.412,407. Still can't sign out a 214B or ST unless I take a course.This also includes anything that I haven't had a course on...ie...747.
  15. What hsg just said...12 hr rule means...well... lets see how that one flies!