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  1. That was the one...thanks for that GH...got caught up with that one...some good chuckles...lets go for a pee break at almost 12000 ft wit temps around 23F...not what I would say would be a fun spot...maybe learned to say ..not doing that today... thanks!
  2. We all must have heard of the AW119 that landed/crashed in the National Park in the USA...believe it was Canadian reg...someone on here must have the skinny on that one...they had to get a Blackhawk in to sling it out...ouch!
  3. I also have landed on many beaches close to towns...no complaints....now I did land next to the A&W in Dryden one time...we had been sitting over at DNR waiting to get hired and it was coming up on lunch...we had no car so...I got a few of our guys together and said get the he!! in the longdog ....we are going for something to eat...not a complaint!!!!
  4. Honest officer...I had a chip light come on....what a bunch of whiners!
  5. Well if this is similar to the 737 max we will be waiting for the next one...I would not want to be driving a Cyclone right now!
  6. The other part of this story that we would like to know is how many stories did DND dream up before they actually started this story about computer chips disagreeing and then saying that these chips figuired that the pitch attitude that the pilot wanted could not possible be what the pilot DID want and so they drove this ship into the drink!
  7. Watching that video of the military trying to explain what they think went wrong when a smiple question was asked...did the computer cause the crash...lots of mumble jumbo going on there...they and sikorsky have all the confidence in the soft wear...I would say there are others that don't share their views!
  8. The lawyers will be the next to be heard from and due to client confidentiality we the public will never hear another word.
  9. You all know the line...don't fly the A model of anything!
  10. Thanks GH...that is the one...didn't see it anywhere in main stream news.
  11. The fellow that was interviewed was a retired Colonel and former SeaKing pilot as well as the former Commanding Officer of 423 squadron. I don't think they can crack down on retired military folks but I could be wrong.
  12. My question is why hasn't this article hit main stream news? I only saw it on the google for a real short period...I would say someone is trying to kyboosch it!
  13. I just read an article that was in the Cape Breten Post...they were interviewing the former commanding officer of 423 squadron...very good read...pretty much tells it all...
  14. From what I have read the helicopter did a fly by on the left side of the ship and then did a left turn to line up with the rear of the boat...I take it the pilot in command was sitting on the right side of the helicopter...why would you turn away from the boat especially if this was at night...I would have turned to the right and kept the boat in sight...not sure if anyone else agrees but I have a few thousand hrs spraying and a right turn would be easier than a left turn and at night down low I would not want to loose sight of that boat.
  15. Ok...this is not what we are looking for when I started this blog....shut it done .
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