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  1. I had the same problem with a surplus military gentex helmet...mlitary helmets are not set up for the impedence in civy choppers...had radio tech make up a short pigtail connector for plugging into the helicopter jack...problem fixed...and I had him install a volume control on the helmet.
  2. look in carreers and look at the one looking for Bell pilots.
  3. Anybody know anything about these folks?
  4. I was riding cojoe in a 204B moving an airconditioner to a rooftop in down town wpg...we landed and refueled on the legislative lawn...8 am...never heard boo from anyone! this was with Midwest...using dze...machine had no bubble window...I had the door open on the left side watching the load and talking the pilot down...was dam cold!
  5. Wouldn't be the first time that a camera strap caused an accident!
  6. I would agree with Ray...not even close...not sure what you need for a PRM but I have M1/M2...aint getting out of bed for that.
  7. I would say you are just noticing ground effect roughness as the air under the ship builds and spills...that is pretty normal in all landings...try hovering out of ground effect for a comparison.
  8. Not sure what they call the 3 very large spherical bearings at the ends of the star in the head but I got a ride in an astar one time with our chief pilot at the time...it didnt take me long to tell him to get us back to the barn before this thing self destructs...never rode in a ship that was that ruff....they pulled the head apart...those 3 big bearings were so loose you could almost pull the inner race through the outer race!
  9. I did a course on the Chadwick 8500...Dana was the girls name...that equipment was way better than any Rads! IMHO!
  10. I was tracking a 204 one time...those that have done those know how high those blades climb from ground to hover...we are talking a lot!!! So they had these mixed up set of blades...pain in the butt...I spent almost all day getting those things to fly somewhat acceptable...then the chief wrench says ...the heXX with it ...he order a new set of blades...5 engineers and 10 hrs of flying later he finally saw the light!!!
  11. We were tracking a 206 one time and the wrench with me just wouldn't give up...he had the ground and hover down to less than .1...inflight was just over .2...he finally gets it to .1 in flight and I told him it felt worse...after we parted ways I decreased the tab on one blade 1 degree ...felt great at all speed!
  12. As SuperWrench said...if you get things too smooth you will feel other vibs...works with all helicopters..2...3...4...blades....I notice it more in a 2 bladed ship...if the hover balance is below .2 you with notice the 2 per hump more in flight...same with 4 blades...4 per....never did much balancing on 3 blades. On 4 blade you should stop trying so hard when you are down to .1 ips. The Bell rep once got the 407 down to close to .1 at 140 knots...only once...man was that nice to fly!
  13. Not sure what equipment you are using...but I did most of the balance flying on 407 with Rads...we usually had the Bell rep bring in the gear...he would take the readings and I would do the adjustments...on 407 there is a let down reading which was hard to get...you had to have lots of altitude and then at least 1000fpm descent...there were adjustments to get rid of high readings on that as well...not sure about Astar.
  14. Totally agree...just talked with a buddy...he said that 50 hrs would be a breeze...he said he is up to between 70-80 hrs now...some at home, some at work...good reason to stay at home!
  15. So a couple of years ago I get asked to do some flying for my buddy..not going to get to specific...I ask him how many hours of written exams should I expect...I am told at least 50 hrs of written exams...totally ridiculous ....may as well rewrite a commercial license!
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