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  1. Exactly...slung a boat 188 miles like that...hooked a net onto the front!
  2. Had same thing happen...was going to land on top of hill ...had 3 guys on board...hadn't been in this spot for about 5 years and the pine trees had gotten about 5 ft tall...asked the guy in the rear left to open the door and watch the tailrotor...says yeah you are golden...land...shut down...get out and look at the rear of the ship...one of those pine trees is 1 inch from the vertical fin on the right side...got out my trusty pocket knife with the saw blade and cut down a 5 ft tree!!! Some of the branches were touching the boom.
  3. Here's a good one...I was longlining in a net load of hose on a drill job on the side of a steep slope...I had taken all the doors off this jetbox to lighten her up...guy on the ground is watching the proceedings when he starts waving his arms around like mad and is pointing at the ship...I move my head to look left...I had an evergreen tree coming in the left door and the top was tickling the circuit breaker panel...I slowly pulled some pitch and the tree exited out the door...cleaned the shorts after that one!!!
  4. One thing I learned the hard way...don't stay with one outfit for two long or you will become a piece of furniture...saw way two many new guys walk thru the door and right into a medium endorsement...and the next season you never saw them again!
  5. I could give you a list of some of these shady ops managers that have the fishing pole with the carrot on it hanging on their office walls but I think we have all been thru the same s##T...they are spread far and wide across this business. The best line I heard when I told this one BC ops guy to go f66k himself was...your going to regret walking away from this carrot...NOT!
  6. Sitting at home with feet up and rum and coke in hand!
  7. Definitely not the normal with this business, Rob....usually its ...what the f$$K...you have only been out for 8 weeks...and you want a week off...this is our busy season...usual bullst#t.
  8. Pretty sure 500 amps max will work for 206 and 407...anymore than that on a cold engine will snap off the shaft on the starter ...trust me...I had that happen once.
  9. So ...I got to get these guys out of the ship...not sure if they have broken parts...I climb up the pilot side...open the door...Terry is starting to come around...I ask if he can move which he says...I think so...I help him out and get some fire crew guys to get him away from here and I run over to the copilot side...the DNR guy is a good friend of mine...I have known him and flown him around for years...luckily he seems to be ok and I unbuckle him and help him out and get some guys to get him away as well. The ship is sitting tail low with the nose about 7 ft off the ground with the nose at
  10. So...I get to the crash site...ship is in bad shape...m/r blades are broken in several pieces...ship luckily took down some of the big trees and they cushioned the fall...the co-pilots door is ripped right off...both guys are sitting in the front not moving...the engine is snapping from the heat and smoking pretty good...the fire crew guys show up with a water hose and I get them to spray down the engine...real strong smell of jet fuel as the ship had just refueled and the tanks have been ripped open...one tree had gone up through the **** hole and came out were the hydraulic servos are locate
  11. So...before I even got up from my chair yelling...What the f##K...I hear the 205 fire up...I run over to the window and the blades are spinning on the 205...its a bit of a hike to the pad but I sprint out of there at top speed running to the helipad in time to see the 205 lifting off in a cloud of dust...it gets about 1000 yards away climbing over some 60 ft spruce trees when there is a huge explosion and a huge black cloud coming out of the tail pipe of the 205 engine and she goes down in a line of huge trees....I am yelling at guys to get a hoseline down the road to the crash site as I am at
  12. This happened in 1989...I had been double crewing a 206 with my old buddy Black Bart and I had time X ed so I was told to change hats and put my coverals on and go wrench on a 205,204 and a 206 until I could go back flying. I had an apprentice to give me a hand...we would be working pretty much all night with a few hours of sleep in the mornings. I had just replaced a pitch change bearing on the 204 that night ...another story for another time...and I had washed out the engine oil cooler on the 205 as the pilot...his name was Terry...can't remember his last name...had said the engine oil telmp
  13. Very cool Gerry...I especially liked the tailrotor balancing equipment...why did I never think of that method!!!
  14. Did 407 endorsement and 4 recurrents at Bell in Texas...best training I ever got...most of them had way over 10,000 hrs...most were ex Nam guys...not one 100hr wonder! Go figure! And I never trained with any Canuks with less than 5,000 hrs...not 250!
  15. Way back in time when the earth was green I tried getting a job down in LaLa town flying traffic reporter...they said ...hey you get here you got the job...no one ever asked about a green card. Well when I asked what they were paying it was like they thought I should be paying them...end of that dream!!!
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