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  1. There is an add being run by a company in BC right now looking for a base pilot...check it out. That is what you are up against. I am not interested in a base job but I can say that I have most of what they want and it is basically what you will need. 3000 hrs minimum....got that covered a long time ago.....good luck in your career.
  2. Unfortunately I live as far as possible in Canada from BC.I did drop a line to a few operators but never heard squat.It was my first summer off in a very long time...was kind of nice but still miss driving!
  3. Most every add is the same in Canada...do you know or have you ever longlined a drill on a 100/150 ft line in the mountains...if so you are our man! I have slung pretty much everything you could imagine on short line or longline .Last one of memorable mention was a small building under a 407 on a 100 ft line which I stuck between another building with solar panels on the roof and a tower right next to it.I had slung all that other crap in years before.This was on the side of a 2500 ft hill in Maine.Now I sit at home wondering if I will ever work again just because the industry is on a down hill slide .So if you are coming back to Canada with stars in your eyes you better have more than a couple of thousand hrs.I won't say how many I have but be assured I have lots. I am sure I am not alone!
  4. Nothing new here folks...this is how it been for ever...too many helicopters and strangely not enough work ! Then you go and try to buy out all the little guys to get control of the market....does anyone else see the pattern...I will leave the names out ...we all know who they were. All gone now but not forgotten!
  5. DGP

    Pilot/Mechanic Relationship

    Great one BM....from another pilot/eng!!!
  6. DGP

    Baofeng BF-F8HP & CHIRP

    And as Chevy Chase said in the movie Fletch....if I just had a computer and 14 yr old kid to run it!!!!!
  7. DGP

    Baofeng BF-F8HP & CHIRP

    Ontario had the right idea...they would put their own dnr radios in every ship that was hired.The last time I was in Dryden they had over 250 ships on hire and they all had dnr radios on board.
  8. DGP

    Baofeng BF-F8HP & CHIRP

    Like we don't have enough #### to worry about...then they throw this into the mix.Its bad enough trying to do what we all do and then these folks give it to you from out in left field.You go from one province to the next and if you show up not knowing all the different radio bull#### you are treated like an a##H@@@..Give me a break!!!
  9. That pretty much says it all for spraying except you should have mentioned you are going with minimum fuel and maximum product! They like to call that stuff in the spray tank by the term product!
  10. DGP

    Wires Again

    Glad to hear buddy is ok. Time to change the shorts! I sprayed for 17 years and those wires scare the s@#t out of you!
  11. What is really sad is somebody didn't tell these types that they wouldn't get a job before they took their money....?
  12. The most interesting part is how he didn't get busted by Canadian authorities for smuggling cocaine into Canada...dah!!!!
  13. I was on a fire in southern Manitoba and had landed next to some farm buildings when out comes these old boys...Ukrainean ployboys.They wanted to know if that there machinsky had rubber blades!!!
  14. From my buddy...John Flescher...I was born at night but it wasn't last night!!!!
  15. DGP

    What's to old to start?

    And we know how much BS there is around here Ronnie!