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  1. What simpleton said and good reply WC...people that make this stuff go thru a process that would boggle your mind to get an stc for certification and maybe read your flight manual.They don't just dream up numbers! I have used both types of baskets on L4 and 407...there is a bit of weight difference in the two as the mast height is greater on the L than the 407 which changes the lateral c of g quite a bit. The quick disconnect basket is the way to go as it really sucks to try and longline with the basket on the side.
  2. I almost worked for Don...about 40 yrs ago I received a reply from them to get out to High Level asap and a job awaited. I packed up and drove out from Ontario and sat in his living room only to be told if I had only arrived a day ago I would have been hired sure...probably no great lose. I meet up with him again at an Hai...might have been in Orlando...he doesn't remember me of course and then asks me if I wanted a job...you can guess what my reply was...totally agree with GreyHorizons.....
  3. DGP

    The job field

    You can't tell some people what they don't want to hear.This business knows there will always be someone willing to pay big bucks for just the off chance that they will be the one guy that makes it. You can't explain to these types that you won't be working 9-5 and going home every night to see the wife and kids.Schools will keep telling these folks that there is always a shortage of pilots...been doing this as long as I have been around.Though I will say I was told that I would never get a job in the business...hair was too long.None left now.They seem to think fixwing is too boring which it probably is...go sit in a tent in the bush for a month and see how bored you get.And then we all know the old AIDS syndrome...let someone at the schools explain that one.
  4. DGP

    The job field

    Did that for years...no big money there.
  5. DGP

    The job field

    This topic has been kicked around here so many times...go in and look around under search. You say you are 28...getting kind of old to want to spent a month in a tent in the middle of butt f#$% no where. How ever... this industry wants 25-30 single types that have 2k-3k hrs and love the smell of canvas. The longer you are in the less respect you can count on and the less you are wanted.The reason....why do I want to pay a guy with tons of hrs and experience x amount when I can get a guy with 2k+ and pay him y amount. I will not bother saying how long I have been doing this or how many hrs I have...look it up on here. You're the accountant...do the math.
  6. DGP

    The job field

    Keep your present job...get a private license and fly for fun...save a whole lot of money, aggravation and heart ache. If you hit it big...buy your own ship and forget about the bulls!!t. There are folks that did just that...I know a few!
  7. DGP

    The job field

    The best part of the story about getting screwed as a pilot/eng is I had to totally strip down a 205 for airframe repairs the following winter after having to wrench on a 205 all summer.I took that ship down to bare bones...all the drivetrain out...all the hydraulic system...out...all the flight controls...out. Then I get told that I was going to get my recurrent training done so I could get back flying in a month.I told them not to bother as I would be leaving....not sure how long it took them to build that ship but I am sure it was down for most of that summer...
  8. DGP

    The job field

    What Bif just said...oh so true...saw that more than i would like to admit....also why I got screwed out of a medium checkout....company did not want to loose an engineer as I was told a pilot /eng cannot look after a 204 by himself. Other than loading all the bulls##t gear that you lug around with a medium I could have handled it no problem.So what did they do...stuck me wrenching on a 205 for the summer....couldn't quit there soon enough.This with 15 years for them as a pilot/eng on 206B and L's. Don't tell anyone about skills not related to flying.It will bite you in the a$$.
  9. DGP

    The job field

    I thought that was a good one as well...start out heli skiing.Maybe try moving drills on a longline for a start up job....or like a certain company i won't name...start by going spraying...saw that guy roll up a jetbox his first week on the job.Haven't ever seen him again...strange.
  10. I read somewhere ...may have been on this site that very few grades from heli schools ever get a job flying helicopters and then most don't keep it up after only a few years in the business.Hardly what you would drop a large amount of money on.Back in the day I was told that there was a big shortage of helicopter pilots and finding a job would be a breeze...we all know the answer to that one.Hasn't changed a bit...my 2 cents.
  11. DGP

    Calgary Tower Lift 1987

    Well I found one pic...will try to post.
  12. DGP

    Calgary Tower Lift 1987

    I might get some more rumors going...I was in the CN rail yard in Toronto in 1974 taking pics of Erickson's skycrane putting the last piece on top of the CN tower. I heard and I saw them coming off the lift and am sure that they auto rotated down and did a power recovery at the bottom.It was a very fast descent...must have been getting down on go juice! I will see if I can post the pic I took.
  13. There is an add being run by a company in BC right now looking for a base pilot...check it out. That is what you are up against. I am not interested in a base job but I can say that I have most of what they want and it is basically what you will need. 3000 hrs minimum....got that covered a long time ago.....good luck in your career.
  14. Unfortunately I live as far as possible in Canada from BC.I did drop a line to a few operators but never heard squat.It was my first summer off in a very long time...was kind of nice but still miss driving!
  15. Most every add is the same in Canada...do you know or have you ever longlined a drill on a 100/150 ft line in the mountains...if so you are our man! I have slung pretty much everything you could imagine on short line or longline .Last one of memorable mention was a small building under a 407 on a 100 ft line which I stuck between another building with solar panels on the roof and a tower right next to it.I had slung all that other crap in years before.This was on the side of a 2500 ft hill in Maine.Now I sit at home wondering if I will ever work again just because the industry is on a down hill slide .So if you are coming back to Canada with stars in your eyes you better have more than a couple of thousand hrs.I won't say how many I have but be assured I have lots. I am sure I am not alone!