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  1. Sorry to hear...sounds like he was a great guy...hope his first name wasn't Bob?
  2. That sounds like a deal...new ones use to be 10k
  3. Was this the John from Lac du Bonnet...if so...my condolences....we were good friends...I dropped in to see him in 2017....we had a few good laughs! Again sad news.
  4. Even more fun when someone hands you a list of co ordinances and asks you to put them in while you are flying...real fun!!! Talk about texting and driving...try doing that!!! Almost as bad as running an Agnav while spraying...low level...60mph...dodging trees!!!
  5. Nope...at home watching CFL games with cold beer in hand!
  6. I would say we must have been at the same place...I remember 3 Hughes 500 parking next to us in yellow and black paint jobs...we probably ate at the same place...same time...and then we met up years later in Wpg...small world...take care buddy!
  7. My pic here of the S-58 was taken in Vermilion Bay...near Dryden...we were parked just off the transCanada highway...we could walk across the road to a greasy spoon to get feed...nobody ever complained...we were working on Dryden 18....this was 1974...reg was FZM.
  8. I think I told the one about going to A&W for a burger in a Longdog...I took the 205 engineer with me! And NO ...I didn't go thru the drivethru!!!!
  9. I had the same problem with a surplus military gentex helmet...mlitary helmets are not set up for the impedence in civy choppers...had radio tech make up a short pigtail connector for plugging into the helicopter jack...problem fixed...and I had him install a volume control on the helmet.
  10. look in carreers and look at the one looking for Bell pilots.
  11. Anybody know anything about these folks?
  12. I was riding cojoe in a 204B moving an airconditioner to a rooftop in down town wpg...we landed and refueled on the legislative lawn...8 am...never heard boo from anyone! this was with Midwest...using dze...machine had no bubble window...I had the door open on the left side watching the load and talking the pilot down...was dam cold!
  13. Wouldn't be the first time that a camera strap caused an accident!
  14. I would agree with Ray...not even close...not sure what you need for a PRM but I have M1/M2...aint getting out of bed for that.
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