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  1. How's that 6 ft spacing going to work for fire crews in a helicopter...dah!
  2. Hey dude...I worked on FZM on that fire with Dolley Ross and Gerry Flesher...S-58!
  3. Read in the last Vertical mag that Bell is already working on the Canadian 412's.
  4. This engine had a bled valve coming due in less than 100 hrs...probably was the problem...I wasn't around for the fix.
  5. I have pulled apart an L4 compressor changing a scroll assembly...this thing was absolutely filthy...and it was still making the numbers. The 407 that I was flying that was temping out did not have the bypass light on for the air intake...I opened the doors for the bypass to see if this would help ....sweet [email protected]@k all...still running hot...I can't see a dirty compressor having any effect on the temps or a dirty filter....That L4 had a #1 seal leak that was blowing a ton of oil thru that compressor and the dirt in that thing was unreal!
  6. On a 30 C day if you are pulling a full bucket load of water out and you have to use the tot gauge....at 1000 ft ...your engine is f#$ked!
  7. Well...hope it works out for you...I ended up being pretty well respected by both sides...liked...that remains to be seen. I still remember being told by someone when I was pulling apart an engine...this with thousands of hrs of fire work, slinging and spraying...hey you really do know what you are doing...not sure if it was a joke...but...good luck! Doug Potts
  8. Once again...this has been kicked around on here several times...but as a pilot/eng I did what ray has mentioned....spent most winter inside a medium hellhole saying what am I doing here...I had thousands of hours and an M1/M2 license...I was not happy even though I was home all winter. Summers I was away pretty much non stop. Not treated well...engineer/pilot thing...you will only have pilot/eng friends....I worked on 204/205 for over 10 years..I have explained why I never got an endorsement to fly a medium...you probably will have better luck getting more flying if you have the wrenching licence but be forewarned...you will go on jobs that are far from civilization and forgotten about...oh and 2 jobs...1 pay!...
  9. Had the military do a slow and over the house yesterday in a Griffon...wish I could have gotten a pic...they were real low in a perfect blue sky...nice!
  10. What shakey said...I have 2 sph5 sitting in my basement but they look like they have been thru the war...blow the bank and get a used HGU!
  11. This subject has been kicked around here way too much...look back in General or look it up on a search...please.
  12. I was going to say that the hydraulic warning light usually comes on when the rotor is almost stopped. As mentioned if any of the controls move uncommanded doing the idle check you have a servo problem. Hench the don't shut them off at full rpm.
  13. I got lots of hands on with the 204/205....we had 2 almost new 212's which I was not aloud to touch...they had come from Era...beautiful ships...90 hrs on them both. They were full ifr with sperry auto pilot...would have loved to have flown them! We operated them for 3 years before Era took them back.
  14. Lots of differences on them all and they..TC said you probably wouldn't sign any of them out if you didn't have a course.
  15. Back in the days before M1 and M2....I wrote the 204 exams and I got 204/205/212 and 412 on the license ....the 214 was a separate endorsement...
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