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  1. Hey Ray...they probably were Ranger ships by then...they ...2 ships both painted red with big white maple leafs..can't remember the reg of the other one...RGY and RG? I was flying a jetbox for Midwest and was based in Red Lake almost all summer. I think Whiskey had gone to T-Bay by that time.
  2. The last time I saw RGY was at the fire base in Red Lake...she was being run by MapleLeaf...a pilot/eng was driving her...this would have been 88 vintage.
  3. The latest that I have read said that the helicopter was hovering next to the boat before it crashed...ok...first thing the military said was the helicopter went missing somewhere within 2 miles of the ship...then it was ...oh it was doing a flyby to take photo ops...then it was ...oh it was hovering close by the boat to take photos...lets get it straight ... bullshit from the beginning!
  4. Hey slings..My buddy Mike worked for those folks before going with Midwest in YTH! Probably the same time!
  5. You have a couple of kids driving a $30 million dollar rocket and someone asks them if they could buzz the boat...what do you expect...would love to hear the cockpit voice recordings....probably was very short...OH SH$T! or the other one ..F$$K!!
  6. I did 4 yrs there...had a he## of a time with Eddie and Jim....we had a few bubblies in the Trappers Inn in YTH just before Christmas...probably 1997!
  7. My buddy has the book...he said when the banks wanted to shut him down and repo the ships he said fill your boots...ships were all over the world and no Canadian pilots would be available to drive them out off the boonies or tell anyone where they were...they gave him more money!
  8. Lots of Boyd's in NB...I tried calling a dozen or so yesterday...not our guy from North Bay.
  9. Hey Matt...I worked with Doug Whiting at Custom...not sure if he is still around...had a horse ranch east of Selkirk.
  10. Thanks for that matt...fills in a lot of blanks...there was two Jim Boyds around North Bay...the first one I met was flying 500's for Ontario Hydo...he gave me my first ride in Bell 47 at Canadore....the other Jim was out of Toronto...I ran into him up in Baker Lake in 1979...think he was connected to Toronto Heli...again thanks...Pottsy
  11. Now on the subject of how Canadian got started...well this may be way off base but who was Don Plant and how did he fit in to the Heli business...I thought he was the one trying to buy up all the companies...or maybe he was Dobbin's competition...
  12. Thanks for that buddy...got a few more cobwebs out of the old brain! I drove by there many times going from Winnipeg to southern Ontario.
  13. What was the name of the outfit along highway 11 between Hurst and Kap...was it Northstar?
  14. I'm pretty sure it started in Northern Ontario and then it spread across Canada...I rememeber some folks coming into the hanger in Wpg and was told they wanted to buy out Midwest...which they did not!
  15. Can anyone remember how that Canadian thing came about...did it start at Ranger Heli and then spread?
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