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  1. Never did or even heard of such a course...did 17 seasons spraying...20 ft high..60 mph ...dodging trees and doing a million turns over trees! Have fun!
  2. Sounds like Manitoba in '89. Huge fires...feds say don't worry...spend money...heard they never came good for that one!
  3. So...i was working this fire for a couple of weeks...Dave is hauling crews out with the 204 and I am bucketing hot spots. I get a call...some guy just rammed a stick in his eye and I have to get him to the hospital in Geralton. i load him up and blast off into town...I land next to the helipad in Geralton at the hospital and wait while he is being looked at...in the mean time...the medevac S-76 lands and they are picking up a patient for transfer. The boys are looking dapper with the white shirts and bars on their shoulders...they get their guy on board and go to fire up...its a no go. Captain wonderful comes over and asks me ...you ...ah wouldn't...ah happen to be a pilot/eng ah.. I say..well yes I am...he sheepishly askes if I could figuire out his problem....I ask...this think running C30 motors...he replies ...yes...I think... I say ok...where can I stand on that think and I will have a look....he opens the cowlings and I take a peak...I say give me a second and I will get my bung wrench out of my ship . Now he is looking at me like...is this guy a moron....I give the starter a good wack and tell him to try it now...amazing...it turns over and he tells me he owes me...I said a couple of 24's would do...never saw them...thanks Canadian Heli!!!!
  4. Just checked my log book...I bought my night training at Vega Heli in Jan 1983. No one was going to do it so I did it myself...When I was out in Manitoba a few years ago I did 4 trips into town late in the evenings for maintenance....first time I remember the engineers at the hangar said...I see you are now current again for night flights...landed at 1015 Pm .
  5. Also could have stayed at Barts place ..but as I said I had lots of light until I got to Rennie...I don't make it a habit ...but I do have lots of night flying now after 45 yrs...the one that I didn't like was coming up the east coast from Maine with my friend John S...John's flown ifr on everything...we have a full moon shining on the ocean on our right side...lots of fuel...clear night...what could go wrong...well the next day coming home in day time the engine chip light came on...
  6. Was still plenty of light when I went by Gerry's place...could still read the maps at the border....worst part was the lightning storm hitting Wpg airport when I was landing. I could have stayed in Rennie if I was getting worried...lots of friends out that way...
  7. My first time flying in the dark happened out of Wpg some 30 yrs ago. Some CNR types show up at the hangar late in the afternoon...they have to get to a train derailment just east of Kenora...so I get the trip as i was in the hangar turning wrenches...I look at the time and tell boss man that there is no way I can get these guys guys there and get home before dark...I am told...don't worry there will be plenty of lights when you get close to the city...so I load them up and blast off in old jetbuggy....drop them off on the rail line and head west. I have a 30 knot tailwind blowing so I look at the gas and head for wpg... I hit the border and it is pitch black... can't see nothing but the instrument panel...luckily all the lights are working and I have an adf...no gps back in these days....I climbed up to a good height and watch the fuel guage...finally see the lights of the city...call final for the ramp and shut down...I am not impressed with management!
  8. When I was doing that work I landed and shut down for lunch..before firing up i did a short walk around the ship...I had a bunch of string from tying up these melons wrapped around the pitch links on the tailrotor..a little safety briefing followed!
  9. Looked it up..lots of 8.8...9..only a couple of 10's...did well over 200 hrs from July3 until Aug 15th...I got a couple of weeks off and then went back out and was slinging hose melons off of some huge fires that had finally been rained out...did that for almost 3 weeks....5-6 hrs a day.
  10. Many years ago working some major fires the guys running the show would ask how many hrs you wanted to fly...some guys were doing 14hrs...I was doing 10...in 1989 I did some big hrs in July and Aug. I remember getting a week off. I will go look up those days and get back.
  11. The following yr I was on a fire in Manitba...did 125 hr on 407 in 3 weeks and had a whole lot of fun water buucketing....I posted those pics ...my buddy was on that one...he was running the show...had the best 3 weeks in 18 yrs !
  12. 2 hr trip to Dryden ...install forestry radio...another 1.5 over to Geralton...pick up CO and off to Ogokie Post...met up with my good friend Dave Wood...he was working the same fire flying for Delta Don...we had a he!! of a 2 weeks!
  13. Landing on an elevated truck every 20 minutes...forgotten how many loads I took in those 10 hrs of flying but you aint getting time off for lunch! Hot refueling on every load!
  14. Try spraying for 10 hrs straight after getting up at 4 am!
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