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  1. When I get to Gilliam I pull the ignitor plug out which had quit a bit of carbon on it so I always carried a new plug...changed it and then pulled the fuel nozzle which didn't look to bad but I cleaned it for good luck. The job would have me shutting down many times out in the boonies and I didn't want to have this happen again as I wouldn't be dragging my tools around so we will see what happens. I called our hangar and a fcu was put on the next jet into Gilliam.
  2. Well this was not good...I just wasted some battery and now I have to see why this ship won't start. I try the auto relight and can hear the ignitor snapping away so it could be a fuel problem...hopefully not a fcu crapped out. I drag out the tool boxes and my 3 step ladder...disconnect the main fuel line to the fuel nozzle and pull the ignitor circuit breaker...roll on some throttle and with the boost pumps running I motor it over...well fuel is coming out...hook up the fuel line and this is it...not much battery left...crank on her again and that lovely noise greets my ears as fuel starts burning in that motor...load up my junk and I am off...100 miles to Gilliam. Bonus!
  3. I was going to put this under whats up with P/E but I will start a new thread....After I had been on the job in Red Lake for 2 months I get a call and asked if I would do a 2 week job in Gilliam hauling guys around collecting sand samples looking for diamonds...this after asking for time off.. I get told there will be at least 4 hrs of flying a day...so I say ok and load up and head north for Gilliam. I also tell them that this ship will need a 100 hr inspection soon and the usual answer....you will have every evening to work on the ship...great....so I plan on stopping to do some brook trout fishing on the way....as I will be going right past my favourite fishing spot on Gods River that I always stop at going north or going south. Its out in the middle of no where. I land an have a good hour of fishing and then load up and hit the start button...roll the throttle...nothing...lovely.
  4. A good buddy of mine who is a P/E always says to me...be a p/e ....the most hated people in aviation. You will get very little respect and always sent on the worst jobs in the worst locations...and usually forgotten about until you call and ask for some time off....what...he's only been there for...what... 2 months...he doesn't fly every day...use them as days off!!! Told this many times! And as mentioned...2 jobs...one pay...aint worth it...nice to know the equipment but mostly a pain in the A$$.
  5. Another good one...buddy boy gets me to fly him to a meeting...its getting very late and I have him informed that we have to leave now or we will be flying home in the dark... no problem he says ...I don't mind flying in the dark...ok...I am pissed. Its an hour and a half home over water in the dark...clear night or I would not have gone but I am pissed off! Well I will leave it there...we made it home!
  6. So....I get asked by the boss...when do we have to leave so I can get to where I want to go go before it is dark...I let him know...when does he show up....I tell him it will be dark in 20 minutes...his reply...do you have a problem with that....my answer....I don't but you might in 30 minutes...fah!
  7. You would be correct Matt...and my Triumph was brand new in 1973...thanks for the complement Kim!
  8. Here is one from the 2002 reunion...30 yrs...these guys were all in my class and other than Sully they are in the 74 class photo
  9. Most of these folks are probably retired now. Some of them I never saw them after the class graduated. Two of the guys in this pic died in helicopter accidents...some are still friends of mine...one retired from Ontario Hydro...a few live out west....as mentioned Colin Sullivan was in this class but was not in the pic...he hung out with the guy holding the dog....some of you may know him...Doug...he lives and works...worked out in BC. One of these guys was an instructor at the school in Penticton.
  10. Probably was Al Lang taking the pic as that is his dog in the photo...it tried taking my leg off one day when I pulled into the old barn on my 650 Triumph. The other bike is my buddies 500 Kawi...Grant ended up working at Bell Heli in Montreal.
  11. There was 50 guys that started in 1972...not that many in the photo...Colen Sullivan was in this class...RIP.
  12. After seeing blue thunders old grad photo we should get somemore of those on here...I have one from 1974...I wasn't there for the photo but I also have a couple of the reunion with Wayne Bolen in them. Any more of the reunion?
  13. Thats pretty much it for story time....I turned down a job this summer flying fishermen out of a lodge in BC for my buddy who works out of Vancouver Island...too much travelling and I didn't want to fly an Astar....oh well...I may find time to write up some more stuff...its been 45 years!
  14. Hey...a pic of Howard Masse....last seen at AeroTrades...1979....last I heard he was working for the boys in Newfie land.....as a dispatcher....
  15. I get our outbound eapis completed and give him a call...a very friendly female voice answers and I explain our situation...she gives buddy a shout and I can hear him yelling to tell those f___ing Canadians to get the F++k out of the USA. She says very politely....I Guess you heard that...which I reply...YES....we hit the sky for our hangar in Canada after giving Canpass a call....couldn't wait to get the he!! out of the States.
  16. So...as mentioned we had to do some paperwork for getting this ship into Canada. Well this CBP officer wasn't having a good day and we were next on his list of problems to deal with. It was blowing a gale out side on the ramp and very cold so I suggest we get in his truck to do the paperwork. Well he gives me a look like I must be with an alkida group and I says ...maybe not. Well I said we could get in the helicopter but I said It ain't much warmer....well we finally get the okay to use his truck but now he is really pissed. We are doing the paperwork and everything appears to be going well until I ask him if I have to file an outbound eapis...He goes ballistic...saying you had to file one coming into the USA. As I explain that I pick up the ship in Texas and didn't have to file an inbound eapis he says to go into the fbo and use their computer to file and give him a call when I have finished. He tells me to get out of his truck and get it done asap! Well I couldn't wait to leave his presents...so off I go and he does a burn out on the ramp...I can see this is going well!
  17. It is not long and we pass about 40 miles west of Boston and continue north to Concord. We land in Concord and shut down. We walk over to the fbo and line up the fuel. The folks there remembered us when we came thru here heading south with the L4. They want to hear how that went. Well about an hour later we are airborne and heading to Bangor Maine were we will have to do some paperwork to get back into Canada. This leg is 175 miles so its another short flight. We land and the fun begins with the Customs folks.
  18. We are up early and getting a cab back to the airport was a chore but it finally shows up an hour later. it's a 20 mile trip to the airport. We get dinged for parking overnight and head out to the ship after calling the fuel truck.It is freezing cold outside and clear. The windows are totally iced up. Well this ship has never sat outside in the cold before so this should be a test. Battery shows lots of juice so here goes....she fires up and I close my door and crank on the bled air heater which has never been used. A very unpleasant smell greets us...we have oil blowing into the heater...something else to fix. We run on the ground at full speed to deice the windows which takes about 15 minutes. We are heading to Concord New Hampshire for our first stop which is only an hour and a bit to the north. We lift off the ramp and are going to fly over the Casino on the way out of town. New London where Groton airport is located is were they build subs for the US navy. We fly over a few floating in the river and pass over the Casino and head towards Boston.
  19. We shut down and tie down for the night. We had planned on staying at the Foxwood Casino and Resort as they had free limo service...well don't believe them...they said we were too far away for the free limo...dah....we are at the nearest airport.Well to he!! with them...we call up the Ballisimo Hotel which is 2 klicks from the Casino and book a room...call a cab and 40 minutes latter we are checking in. This place reminds me of the hotel in the movie...The Shining. It is huge and mostly empty in January...well we get our bags in are rooms which are also huge and find out that there is a Italian restaurant within walking distance...lets go Dennis...I am buying and bring on the red wine. This place is awesome...best Italian food I have ever had...or maybe it was the wine. Well another 800 miles done and we stagger back to the Shinning Hotel to crash out!
  20. We continue north and the controller wants us to drop down to 3000 ft and pass directly overhead of the airport at JFK. There is a line of 747 on final and we we will be passing over top of them with more traffic above us. All goes as planned and we are cleared out of their zone to the n/e and told to climb back up to 3500 and contact approach for Groton in Connecticut which is our destination for the night.
  21. In his best Air Canada captain's voice he replies that we will be looking for the traffic. In about a second after he says that two dark blue jet fighter's scream by about 500 yards in front of us... both wearing Captain America paint jobs on their helmets...they where close enough to make this out...no problem. As I had yelled to Dennis ...what the f##k! Dennis calls JFK and says in the deepest voice...we have that traffic!!!!
  22. Not much traffic around on a Sunday morning. Weather is great...we call final for Ocean City and touch down as the fuel truck is again pulling up. We find out that there is a fly in breakfast here every Sunday morning and we just missed it by 30 minutes...lovely...dinner will be had from the vending machines. We climb back in the ship after about an hour on the ground. This will be our last leg for the day...flying thru New York City! We blast off to the north following the shoreline. Lots of big money on this shoreline! We get in touch with JFK control and get some friendly folks on the radio. The lady in control tells us that we will have a couple of F-16's passing in front of use within a minute...they are out of a Naval base and heading to a gun range off shore. Dennis says he will do the radio work....
  23. We are on the ground for 20 minutes...gassed up and running again. Next stop will be Ocean City Airport...MD. We blast off and head N/E again...we will be flying thru another military zone in Virginia Beach..plenty of these in the US of A...we get clearance and fly over a huge Naval yard full of grey ships...cool. We are on the Atlantic coast now...lots of water on the right side and more military zones to get cleared thru....
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