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  1. Another tidbit...Rob Freeman flew the first Puma in Canada...he may have some info...ship was C-GUMP...my buddy George of the jungle was the engineer on that one...he told me they gave him all the books and said you now are a wrench on a Puma.
  2. Hey there carholme...from one ex kenting guy to another...Our buddy Grant flew Kentings twinstar up until they pulled the pin in Canada and went to T-land...with Andy A and the two 412's.
  3. Wasn't any EuroCopters at Klondike when I was there in 1974...Bell and Hillers and a couple of Sikorsky S-58...must have just missed you buddy!
  4. Tony Brown sounds about right...the guy I know is Richard Airlie...pretty sure they both worked for Hughes Heli before going with EuroCopter...Richard then went with Bell and has retired.
  5. I have pics of their ships in Ft Smith...1979...one of the Alouettes was upside down in a swamp...and the Gazelle and I had a close encounter in the smoke over the airport!
  6. Also if there are any guys on here that worked for Heli Voyageur they might have some info...they were running Gazelles back in the 70's.
  7. Did Bob Ough work for Hughes back in the 70's...if so I think I know the other guy.
  8. My buddy Ray Gilstorf worked for AutAir,Spartan and Skyrotors before working for Viking...unfortunately he is now dead...sure he could tell you the whole story...not sure if you are the same guy that I worked with at Midwest on a fire up near Armstrong ....could have been Custom. Ray knew most of the old guys in the business...he came on the scene in 1966. He had lots of stories about Larry Campong...not sure of the spelling.
  9. Sounds like the cop at a highway accident...nothing to see here ...move along.. been the same forever and probably will be forever...when you have been around for awhile you start counting the outfits that you might work for...used to be about two handfulls...10...now...probably down to one hand.
  10. Last one I was at was in Kentucky...snowed there...Orlando is much better...met up with Bruce Loren after his trip to the South Pole!
  11. The day before this trip the engineer thought he should clean the fuel nozzle just in case...gets me to run it up...there was delayed light off on start up...I said it had never happened before...I had flown this ship lots...must have been some air in the line I was told ... well maybe...next day we shove the ship out side...engine is nice and warm...again ...delayed light off...I am not feeling warm and fuzzy about this...I tell him I am going to take a spare battery and some jumper cables just in case...to be continued.
  12. I had to fly some water survey guys north of YTH in February at -40C...I had some real fun after the engineer had left all the fuel nozzle shims for this longdog on his toolbox!!!!
  13. Hey HBD...Happy Holidays....we both know there are 2 seasons in northern Canada...blackfly season and NO blackfly season!!!
  14. I was just watching a David Susuki show on life in the Arctic...a most inhospitable place in the winter...-40C...well I could tell you one about being out there...well I could tell you more than one about being out in the middle of no where in the winter at -40C flying a chopper!!!
  15. I never worked on a 205 on a fire except at night...usually at least 3 hrs a night.
  16. I met up with Les Hamberg in Norman Wells...not sure what year...he was flying a 214 for a Canadian outfit...can't remember who...he was slinging huge fuel tanks into repeater towers...anyone know if he is still around?
  17. A guy that I worked with used to burn drained jet fuel in his diesel vw all the time...probably still does...just some fuel trivia.
  18. I did a few thousand landings on top of those trucks...I think they use to be yellow?
  19. I see they painted the truck so no one knows who they belong too...got a lot of hrs on those 407's.
  20. This ones for the guys looking for a spray pilot...when you get one of these let me know.
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