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  1. My buddy was also chief ifr pilot off shore heli ops for Falcon Aviation...sounded like a very good outfit...give them a heads up. They had lots of Canadians and Americans working there....most guys over there seem to have an FAA license...but a Canadian one should be fine. My buddy and I did Canadores first official class together...1972-74.
  2. The good news is a lot of guys are hitting 60...most are packing it in and leaving the Middle east. They have lots of restrictions when you hit 60.
  3. Don't want to be the bearer of bad news but things in the civi world are not looking good...lots of high time drivers sitting at home...we are talking about guys with thousands of hours...and not a lot of ifr jobs around. Also military guys really don't fit into civi jobs...I know lots of guys on both sides. Just chatted the other day with an ex military guy who retired who was an instructor on 412... he was working in the middle east....buddy of mine was chief pilot at Abu Dhabi.. many years ago....he cashed in an came home to Canada.
  4. Would probably be something like the time I headed north out of Churchill heading for Eskimo Point in March ....overcast with snow...very very white! Pretty sure I have told that story already.
  5. I am guessing it is only going to get worse with everything that is going on now...as someone on here said the owners will be reminding pilots of the stack of resumes sitting on the chief pilots desk! With bills to pay and mouths to feed...well you can see how this thing goes.
  6. I will take a wild guess here on what we do know...buddy is by himself heading to Manhattan....somebody there probably owned the ship and said I need to be picked up...so our hero says he will give it a try...when he first contacts JFK he is around 400 ft and varying up to 700 ft so ceilings were not too bad but vis was probably not very nice. He is an IFR pilot but flying around in a VFR jetbox he probably wasn't doing regular ifr trips...he finally decides to throw in the towel and turn around...looks like the fog trapped him and I am surprised how calm this guy stays as you watch him flying around in circles...this also surprises me..not what you want to do in the clag...hold a heading..keep that horizon level....get some altitude...he was cleared to 1000 ft....sounds to me he was trying to stay vfr which he already told atc that he couldn't see ****. Not sure why he would want to descend if you are already ifr. I am sure he had lot of pressure from his boss to get over and pick him up....the line I usually got was ...I absolutely have to get from point A to point B...didn't matter how ****** the weather was....if you didn;t give it a try you would be on the short list to get canned....I could go into details of some of the similar trips I had to do...I have already posted other trips I did with folks that had to get there...one really stands out when this passenger is screaming like a little girl and grabbing my left arm yelling WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!!!! I calmly said ...first thing...stop yelling in the mic and second...let go of my arm...I am flying here DUDE...and calm down!
  7. I am sure a lot of folks on here have had similar experiences ..... not because of them but bad moves by customers who absolutely had to get something done...I have had more than my share...pucker factor 10....and most would not try and push pilots again after getting the **** scared out of them!
  8. This is a bit off track...but...I buddy of mine who went thru Canadore said he was in Dallas at Bell getting a 212 wrenching check out when he was asked if he wanted a 214B check out and a job in Iran...which he took them up on...this was in 1975. What he told me was very interesting.
  9. Its too bad they didn't drop a T-55 in that Kenting S-58...with the wheels you could really haul a load using a runway to get into translation!
  10. Now once you get that 412 single could you run a T-55 with a 4 bladed t/r?
  11. And here is the next question...can you convert a 212 to a 412 and then a 412 single?
  12. They do have an A&W in Dryden...I told you the one about parking an L2 next to the parking lot...Hah!
  13. Totally agree...but with over 45 yrs in I usually worked with guys that were from all over Canada. Few of us had a helicopter company in the town that we grew up in...though I know a few that did. I also know a few guys that started up their own companies after getting a few hundred hours out in the real world. This doesn't happen very often and usually will take a lot of cash which most of us don't or didn't have as a low timer...I only did two big moves and they were 20 years apart.
  14. As mentioned...this is a common problem. It can go both ways which is no big deal if you want to drain and add oil until you get the double lip seals fixed in the gearbox...206 use the same oil in trany and engine...this will also happen in a 407 which is a bigger problem as the oils are different.
  15. Maybe some guys with better memories can remember a few of the other ame's that worked on or taught..Hards was another...never met him but I know his brother.
  16. Well ...I went thru Canadore in 1972-74...can only remember Rod Crowsley...Gerry English...and Charlie Callie...spell may be off!
  17. As we all know...some passengers think they are better pilots than the guy that it flying them around. I have heard to many passengers telling me they have more time in a helicopter than I have...too bad I never flew a ship on a job with duals in it or I would have said...have at er bye. I had a few engineers give it a try with duals installed...panic happened within seconds
  18. As mentioned rocking the trany mount can tell you if the a-frame mount bearings are good or bad as well as the isolation mount under the trany...have seen many of these go bad..and watch the knuckles on those mast studs...lots of skin left on many of those..Hah!
  19. Not that this is revelent to your situation...you should try to get an trany oil cap off of a 407...when they are cold they are are bear!
  20. Some good replies here...I would get rid of that zip tie asap ...those things get brittle when exposed to heat and oil...it definitely doesn't meet Bell M&M requirements I can tell you and that hose has seen better days...you are also suppose to have clamps on that hose that attach to the trany mount. Of course nobody does....it will eventually saw a hole thru your cowling...just saying...and definitely rock the trany when checking the oil level...if you are even a little bit off level you will not be getting a correct indication of the oil level. Too much is worse than a little low..I saw a 206 trany spew oil out once from being too full...passengers notified the pilot that oil was running down the rear right window. Now the one about overfilling the hydraulic res was a good one...you can't overfill that one but don't put trany oil in the hydraulic system..DOOH!
  21. Totally agree...but we get asked to do stuff like that all the time...ridiculous and risky...I could tell you some good stories about drip torching! Or back in the day when we used the ping pong balls to light a fire...have a really good one about the fire in the back seat!!!
  22. Talked with a couple of buddies that were/is in Dryden's field of dreams...last count was 18 mediums sitting hoping to get hired.
  23. That was the one...thanks for that GH...got caught up with that one...some good chuckles...lets go for a pee break at almost 12000 ft wit temps around 23F...not what I would say would be a fun spot...maybe learned to say ..not doing that today... thanks!
  24. We all must have heard of the AW119 that landed/crashed in the National Park in the USA...believe it was Canadian reg...someone on here must have the skinny on that one...they had to get a Blackhawk in to sling it out...ouch!
  25. I also have landed on many beaches close to towns...no complaints....now I did land next to the A&W in Dryden one time...we had been sitting over at DNR waiting to get hired and it was coming up on lunch...we had no car so...I got a few of our guys together and said get the he!! in the longdog ....we are going for something to eat...not a complaint!!!!
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