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  1. I was flying a jetbox....the next days flight was another good one!
  2. Okay so here is the one about the jumpers. I get told to go to a flying club grass strip to take a dozen idiots up that want to jump out of a perfectly good aircraft. I get there and go thru a safety briefing on what I want them to do so everyone can go home in one piece. I was going to take the back door off on the right side and would take two jumpers at a time. We would go up to 8000 ft and I would slow down to about 40 kts. When I told them it was good to go they would hang the headsets up on the far left side of the ship...undo their seat belts and put the buckle behind themselves and do them up . One at a time they would get out on the right skid and fall off the skid. No diving...just fall off. So we start the show and things were going okay.About the third trip I have one guy that has to be a good 270 pounder and a smaller lady. Also on each trip I had a guy in the front taking pics of this folks jumping. So we get up to 8 grand and I start slowing down...tell them its good to go. Well the smaller woman does as was told...she is gone ...now the big goomer gets out on the side and decides that it would be cool to shimmy up the skid on my side to start waving at me in the front bubble. So now I have this big dope way up front on the skid and the ship goes into a steep right hand dive. He thinks this is great fun. I am yelling at him to get the he## off as we are nearing the red line on the airspeed and passing thru 5000 ft.He finally decides maybe the pilot is getting a bit pissed off and does a back gainer off the skid. So after gaining control of the ship...I AM pissed!. I land and shut down. The other jumpers are wondering what is up as there was going to be at least two trips for each jumper. So here comes the big dumb *** carrying his chute and we get at it. He won't be going again. Not sure how many trips I did that day but at the end I couldn't wait to get home and spin the lid off a bottle of Flora! My advice...don't do skydiving jobs!
  3. If you think that is risky...try taking people skydiving. I have a good story about that one!
  4. I did a netgun job out of Eskimo Point with a 206. Temps were between - 40 and -30 with the back door off. They were netting caribou to retrieve collars and replace batteries. They were using a Ruger carbine in 44 mag to shoot the net.I told them to only shoot when the ship was level and to tell me when they were going to shoot. Job went well other than the brutal temps. They had me climb very high to find the animals as we had a tracking devise installed on the skid gear. I was up at 9000 feet when I noticed the fuel pressure had dropped below the red line...I descended very rapidly to get back down to 6000 ft and the pressure went back into the green. We did this job for 5 days out in the tundra. I can tell you white outs were a big problem. Thanks for blue lenses on the sunglasses! I was flying KBU for those that have flown that ship.
  5. Sounds like a real good reason to stay at home this summer! Good luck on policing that one!
  6. Now that sounds more like what has been going on in Canada for the last 40 yrs....sadly.... i worked a lot of fires in Canada and I must say Manitoba at least tried to treat heli crews with some respect. Back in the good old days we use to have a great time on fires in Manitoba . After ever project fire...big fire ... we use to have a big wind up bash. Everyone left waiting for the next one...good times ....I could tell a few good stories...but to protect the rep of a lot of great pilots and engineers I will keep them to myself.I can remember rolling back into base camp at sundown...getting out of my machine after 10 hrs of givin er and have a CO open my door and hand me a cold beer and tell me the steaks were on the barbie...what the he## happened to those days!
  7. I seemed to have worked for #4....for 40+ yrs....and usually from sun up to sun down.😩
  8. Welcome to the wide wide world of helicopter flying!
  9. Well I will make this short and not so sweet. I did the good old days summer in the bush tours. Followed by the winters in the bush! I spent more time in the bush then at home...but that was the way it was..Seems like times may be a changing...for me anyways. If the cash and tours aint good ...I am sitting at home. All the best guys.
  10. The ship above was CGCHZ....dnr in Ontario had CFCHZ....I wanted to get a pic of the 2 side by each when I was in Timmins but no luck.A week later both ships were in a camp 20 miles east of Churchill...still didn't get the pic!!!! We did have one heck of a party that night though!!
  11. I had 2 Gentex sph5...bought a newer style Gentex with the flat sides...can't remember the model but it weighs about half as much as the old ones. Got it from a company in Kitchener Ontario. Very quick and good service. Think they are Kitchener Aero.
  12. I guess i should have taken up the offer to fly a K-max that I was offered years ago...It sounded like a good way to write myself off so I declined....slinging powerline towers. Might have been fun..maybe not.Have some good stories about that one..not that specific job but in the same country!
  13. That's the ship I flew to SA. Lots of spray time on her.If you want an L you should get an L4. The high altitude tailrotor would be a good choice as well . At full gross weight coming off an elevated truck pad on a hot day,low altitude you will run out of left pedal.
  14. They have had a fix for old smokie long ago...clean burn combustion can...just more money on a loosing proposition. The L4 I flew was a locomotive until they got the can...a lot less scrubbing of the booms.
  15. What Trex said...c28 will temp out working heavy at 25C. I have heard that you can't find parts for a C28 engine anymore or even get it O/H. I would check that out first! It will do what an L3 will at lower temps. Some of the ones that I flew had their Bled valves removed and could not go above 3000 ft . This was done to help the temping out problems. 2200 empty would be stretching it...2300 was commom. L3 and L4 usually around 2600. The L4 will make an L3 look sick.
  16. What feck said...this can be said with the whole game especially when on finally approach. Don't need useless chat and finger pointing on final. I could tell you a good story about that some day ! Or the passengers that think they know more about flying than the pilot...lots of those around.
  17. Not quit hbd....hows it going....I have worked on Fh1100 back in the old old days with Klondike.
  18. Never had much down time on 407's other than a couple of #4 bearings in the engine which aint bad after 3000 hrs on 407. On the fuel issue I had to fly an L4 to SA once and we had a very nice plastic fuel cell installed in the back seat area that gave you another hour and a bit of fuel which was nice when I went out of Nassau and didn't see land for 3 hrs and 35 minutes.Landed with 200 pounds of go juice. That tank would fit nicely in the back of a 406 if you weren't hauling passengers. Also you could probably us a tank like the 407 in the baggage area.They also make slider windows for the rear of the 206 which I have used for darting polar bears.Not sure if they have anything like that for a 505. Not sure what the fuel burn is on the C30 in the 406 but it does put out 650 HP so it will be around 300 pph. Would have been an awesome replacement for the 206 but somebody dropped the ball!
  19. Definitely looks related! Butt ugly for sure! Other than having a flat floor I would get an L4....very reliable! Not very fast and boring compared with a 407. 406 would be a sweet ride and definitely a stump puller...would have had me looking for an operator that had one! Have to stick with the 407.
  20. Yes but they didn't give it a RR C30 engine. Engine is from France. Wait until you need parts or an O/H on that engine....
  21. For sure the 505 is one ugly looking thing. The old jetbox was and still is one beautiful design. I saw an artists rendition of what Bell had in mind before they threw the 505 at us. It looked much like a 406 but a lot racier ....you can probably find it on google somewhere. The description at the time said it would have a flat floor design. Why they deep sixed it is a mystery. Who would buy a 505 when you can still get an L4 other than the price. Also heard from a friend that flew a 505 for a demo flight for a customer that it does not have a throttle on the collective...what???? another good reason to say no thanks.
  22. I would think if you could get a 406 which has a 650 HP engine in a jetbox airframe for what they are selling a 505 for which seems to be $1.3 mil that they would definitely be a seller....my 2 cents. With the smaller airframe I would think it would lift 3 grand on the hook. But we will never know. I mentioned this to a bell rep at the hai once as I was sitting in a 505. He seemed disinterested! As if to say this is what we got...go for it. I think not! I am sure they could have certified the 406 for civy use with very little problem. The drive train is either 206l parts or 407 parts . Engine was a C30. I think Bell also made a big mistake not using the C30 in the 505. That engine is bullet proof! What money was spent changing the already proven L4 engine and drive train over to some thing totally different. Seems strange! I don't see the 505 taking over for the 206.
  23. Why did Bell give us a 505 to replace the 206 instead of the already produced 406 that the US military had been using for years. I think operators would just get a L4 instead of going for a 505. Not sure if any 505 are working in Canada. The 406 would probably have reduced the 407 sales but we will never know. I am sure they would have sold more of them than they have sold 505's.
  24. Just wondering why Bell did not make a 406 for commercial use to replace the 206.Instead they gave us the 505. Not sure if these will replace the jetranger. Maybe I will start a new thread as I digress. The 406 was a 206 on steroids.
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