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  1. Thanks for all the input. Due to my situation - and the advice I have heard - it seems likely that I will be spending my fall and winter doing more research and learning all I can about this challenging industry, keeping my nose in the regulation books and other theory, and cutting my training at the 10 hr mark. These things happen and there's always next year. Yes Snowedin, I am in charge of all the controls at this point, hovering steady in 0 wind and taxiing around the infield, doing tight circuts and mastering transitions - what a blast flying these machines. A little bumpy at firs
  2. Hello all, this is my first post although I have been keeping up to date with the forums throughout the summer since I found this site. My relation to the helicopter industry is as yet anouther 30 something male looking for a career in an industry that is interesting and challenging - I am an advocate of having jobs that I like and this one seems to fit with my lifestyle, interests, and need for a seasonal career. I have been a ACMG Heli-ski Guide for 6 years and plan on keeping this profession as my career - only problem is that it lasts for 4 months and then I need something else for
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