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  1. Looking to acquire Fixed Utility Floats as shown in the image attached. Yes I know these are as old as the A-Star itself but the current version of utility floats have a tendency to keep the tail rotor a little bit to clean. Email me if you have any idea where I could find these. Thanks, Darrel Peters d.peters@phoenixheliflight.com
  2. dpxheli

    Phoenix Heli-Flight Pilot Ad

    Umm just to be crystal clear I have never hired TFW's before. I have specific requirements because I have a specific role to fulfill in my company that will enhance the safety of our program and allow my crew to receive top notch training. If I could get that training in Canada from a Canadian Instructor on a Canadian Simulator I certainly would. As you have stated there are 6 Ec 135 aircraft in Canada so please help me to understand where I am going to get an Ec 135 experienced instructor ?? and how many commercial operators are using NVG in Canada ?? So again help me understand where can I get a Canadian Instructor to train my crews in an Ec 135 with NVG in Canada ?? In fact please share with me where I can buy NVG's in Canada ?? So many opinions I read here and yes your right I am trying to acquire a TFW because he has the experience directly related to our program. I haven't received even one Resume that meets even half of what I am looking for because like it was stated earlier 6 Ec 135 in Canada and even fewer NVG programs. Kinda think it's safer to have experienced people doing the teaching and passing along the knowledge. My name is Darrel Peters, Chief Pilot, Phoenix Heli-Flight and I can be reached personally on my cell at 780 713 7624, feel free to contact me with any suggestions that would allow me to hire a Canadian to fill this role cause I certainly would.
  3. dpxheli


    As a lower time pilot like I used to be many years ago you really need to get out and visit all the operators you would want to work for. Make your Resume SPECIFIC to the companies your applying to, don’t do a blanket Resume for every company, do some research on the company using VERTICAL magazine for example, ask your instructors if they know any of the management team to maybe get you some common ground when you first shake their hand, if they like you but they are on the fence about endorsing you on their aircraft offer to buy the endorsement from them this shows real interest in their company, if you are willing to invest in that company maybe they will be more willing to invest in you, etc. Your Resume will maybe show a lack of experience in aviation so maybe focus on the stuff that you have done in your life that you think will make you a good pilot and employee. Even something like working at McDonalds for a period of time will show a potential employer that you can work in a structured environment and as a team member for a common goal. Include references on your Resume don’t just state that, “references are available upon request”, because I won’t call you just to ask for references, I want to call your references to see if it’s worth speaking to you further. If you can afford it then go to HAC, network with anyone who will shake your hand, meet in the lounges where the company owners are hanging out, don’t pester them but request their insight on what would they recommend to help, your chosen career path has a difficult start and becomes rewarding later out on the horizon so be ready to invest time, energy, and remain positive. Hopefully some or all of what I have written here will help you attain your first job and that may not be flying but it is opening doors to a position that someday will be flying.
  4. Who was doing a line patrol with a Ec 135 ? unless someone doesn't recognize the differences between a Ec135 and a BK 117..........
  5. dpxheli

    As 350B3E

    FLI is always displayed on the top screen after the start unless the top screen fails and then the FLI is displayed on the bottom screen.
  6. dpxheli

    As 350B3E

    For those who aren't aware VEMD stands for Vehicle Engine Multifunctional Display. The only time you would ever see two VEMD's on the dash is when the aircraft has a two crew minimum requirement. If the aircraft gets certified as single pilot then there will only be one VEMD with an upper and lower screen. One of our twins has VEMD and and both engine parameters are displayed, aircraft limits on the top screen, and temp's/pressures/volumes on the bottom screen.
  7. dpxheli

    Stars In Sask

    Equipped price AW 139 $12 million USD and to be generous another $8 million EMS, Hoist, Night Sun, NVG, etc. That leaves 60 million over ten years from the province never mind the industry contributions. Saskatchewan is great province don't get me wrong but if we ask all the STARS Charity contributors in Alberta that gave money to purchase these AW 139's I am sure they won't be happy. I guess STARS has to do something with the AW 139's as they can't land at any elevated helipads in Alberta because the pads aren't structurally designed to support the weight. Kinda thought somebody would have researched that prior to purchase. Also heard they can't take the AW 139's into the mountains because the equipped weights are so high that any landings they make will be a permanent one.
  8. dpxheli


    In agreement with Mike and others I also think a great way to rid this forum of the uneducated, non-applicable information from these forums would be to have your actual name and company you are employed with on your profile. These forums could become a great resource of experiences and information for all instead of what it seems to be currently. All of us could band together to tackle issues on the table like the possible changes to the flight and duty time that may prove to really hurt the helicopter industry. You will find my information on my profile and oh ya we operate an EC 130 as well. Or we could leave these forums like they are and I won't be here...
  9. dpxheli

    Stars In Sask

    "nonprofit Shock-Trauma Air Rescue Society (STARS) $5 million in this budget year, and $10 million more annually over a 10-year agreement." Used BK 117 EMS equipped nicely painted with happy kids on it $ 2.3 million x 2 = 4.6 million approx. So from the article the machines are paid for in first year if they had to be purchased. Does it really take $100 million over the next 10 years to operate two old BK 117's never mind all the additional funding from industry, the lotteries, the calendars, etc.
  10. dpxheli

    New B3's

    That registration isn't one of ours, not sure who's it is. So I am wrong I guess that the TC site is correct.
  11. dpxheli

    New B3's

    We got our B3 in June so that list is a little late.
  12. dpxheli

    Chief Pilot Wages

    Thanks for all the replies and other interesting statements. I will further PM those who have provided me with great information and thanks once again. Thanks for all the replies and other interesting statements. I will further PM those who have provided me with great information and thanks once again.
  13. dpxheli

    Chief Pilot Wages

    Jesse I wasn't trying to display that my attitude was poor but really how can the input of a hour pilot be helpful to me when I have nearly 7000 hours logged ?? Sorry to have offended you and others alike...it wasn't my intention.
  14. I have chosen to accept the position of Chief Pilot for a company here in Alberta and was wondering what kind of wages I can negotiate for ? Anyone offering pertinent information would be appreciated. I haven't mentioned who my employer is because I don't need my employer to know that I'm stacking my deck prior to the negotiation. I also have no problem sharing my who I am and what company I work for to those who I feel need to know as I'm sure you all understand. I didn't think I needed a bunch a hundred hour guys advising me on what they think I should make. PM for details and thanks.