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  1. I am very saddened by this news. I worked with Kyle a couple summers ago and considered him a friend. He was an exceptional human being. My thoughts are with all the families affected by this horrible tragedy. Rip Bubba
  2. Ive used the Chadwick 177,8500, 2000 and the VXP. Also the aces 2020 and the DSS microvibe II And I think the microvibe is the best system out there. the vxp is good as well but $45000 compared to $10000 the microvibe is my choice.
  3. E-bay has tons of gentex parts Cheep.
  4. Blackcomb was bought by the owner of omega aviation and some outside partners.
  5. Most helicopter owners have no problem paying their local dealership $100/hr to work on their 50,000 truck but have a hard time paying an AMO $75/hr to fix their multi million dollar aircraft. There is somthing really wrong with that! :down: I don't get out of bed in the morning for anything less than $40 per hour in town and $450/day plus per diem and expences Out of town. And I've never been out of work in 7 years. If you want qualified people to work on your helicopters you going to have to pay Because the rates are going up. JUST MY 2 CENTS :up: Bubba
  6. They are also a dream to work on!!!!!!
  7. bubba


    I already talked to Ron, But I was looking to see if anyone had an opinion on Videoscopes Thanks man Happy Holidays Bubba
  8. Just wondering what borescopes/videoscopes you guys are using or recomend? Thanks Bubba
  9. astar eng 40/ hour In town 450/ day bush + expences, milage, truck daily.
  10. The place I'm at right know uses blue grease, They love it and they are also a costal opperator
  11. No matter what grease you use, you should pack the center part of the blade bore this insures that there will be plenty of grease for the next 100 hrs. Also I have seen people use sundstrand grease it seems to work well.
  12. I knew I'd get at least one comment about that.
  13. I've been doing the bush thing for about 7 years (wow has it been that long) and my wife hasn't said a peep about it. But now we are talking about starting a family. this changes every thing I've talked alot of older pilots and engineers who say you miss everything their first step, first day of school etc. So now I work for myself so I can pick and choose who I work for. If I want to go out of town I do, If I don't want to go out of town I don't. I guess in the end it just comes down to whats more important to you. Personaly work dosn't come before my family and I will give this job up in
  14. +30 and 8000 feet? Thats pilot talk man! Now leave me alone so I can go fix something! LOL LOL :punk:
  15. Gwk, Yes it was B.R. He is still in the hospital possible broken back But I did hear he walked away from the incident. Thats all the info I have right now. Get well soon B.R. Bubba
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