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  1. History in the Making NEWSFLASH Helciopter pilots organizes first conference, at an undisclosed location. After several years of organizing the confernence, it is still undecided if the conference will go ahead as planned. Well I'll have to agree on this one it's a lame duck. Of course I will be going dressing up as a mexican pinyata and handing out blidfolds and free broom sticks. Maybee it will improve attandance.
  2. That's not exactly what happened. Went to work there did a super job, clients where happy, all safe. An old hiderance made a call, got sent home next day, Owner lied, couldn't tell the truth, found out three days latter what happened. NIce GUY? Liar is more like it!
  3. Good thing that company was sold cause the guy was impossible to work for, probably sold out of nessesity!
  4. I'll tell ya chopperman, I have yet to find a company that would offer a written contract without the shotgun clause. I agree with you that when a person makes a commitment in writting or otherwise it must be adhered to. There are times when there are emergency problems like a death in ones family but in all seriousness I would not ever break a contract. In the event of death a week or 2 to deal with the matter would be the only recess to the terms and condition of a contract. I am dying to meet a company that can keep good to thier word, like the old days when a gentlemans word was his
  5. It's not a boomerang, It's a A frame trany mount off a 206B! Get withit!!
  6. Absolutely dreadfull, depressing, and a reminder that we are all vulnerable! Fly safe :angry:
  7. I have a meeting with TC soon, when the time/people can be arranged to address concerns . DN from the PRregional office has been in touch and I will be sure to post any information as it comes in.
  8. Could you be more specific about the location in Alberta.
  9. My greatest concern is predatory oor deceptive hiring practices example: Contract pilot - ( with no contract?) I really feel that companies have to be a little clearer and the matter standardized. Another thing would be companies saying that they have full time work, as far as I am concerned this does not mean laying off when it slows this would be seasonal! Better wages for higher time guys, a minimum of 225 per day+ hourly should be standard. there is no way with the cost of training that a pilot should be paid less than a janitor. Companies should also stop screwing
  10. Personally, I only used GPS for marking the position of crew drop off point or pickup points. For standard navigation point to point I still use the old fashioned compas, wind correction angle magnetic var.. I find this way I don't loose the skills. What happens when the GPS fails? I think the GPS is a great invention but it also is not something that one should become dependent on as is the case in this industry today. Dang , half the pilots out there cannot even read a map. Reality check.
  11. Ok, that's fine but the entire subject shouldn't have been removed, but questionable content in violation of the rules removed only NO?
  12. Holly Molly I guess we are not as free as we thought we where in Canada. Now we are not even allowed to critisize or bring attention to the unequivical fact that there is major systemic corruption at Transport Canada Pacific Regional offices. Wow, this is taking drawbridge, stove pipe policy to a new all time high Why was the topic removed? We must not be afraid of the truth. WOW! this is kinda like east german Checka mind control. Kreepy!! :down:
  13. Bill for the PPC, Gee what a surprise, and yet another corporate rip the pilot off BS, and I bet they are really holding that job over your head? Tell them to stick the bill directly up the arse. Let me guess Jbee Air or EB?
  14. You have got to be kidding. Longest I was ever with a company was 1.3 years, and I quit as I knew a reeming was comming. You might get a pair of free knee pads! Although It would probably be better to get such a gift the first month or so. :shock:
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