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  1. I did the same thing as Ryan. I got back a ton of money. Not entirely sure what it all equalled in the end but what you get back will be based on what you make every year. After flight school when I finally started making REAL money again my return for that year alone was $8800. It was nuts!! Also get in touch with an experienced accountant and ask about RRSP possibilities. I did that as well and it worked out really well. Alberta Gov't gives out good loans for education. Between Fed and Prov gov't I got $21,000. I applied for loan remission after I got out of school and they suspended my payments for 6 months AND FORGAVE $10,000 of the loan. The crazy thing is, you still include that money for tax return purposes as paid tuition. It is an insane bonus!!!!


    Find any loop hole you can and it WILL pay off!!! :up:


    Also, if you can get a student loan instead of using a line of credit it will also pay off in the end. The amount of money you get to claim for interest paid is worth it. Better in your pocket than the banks!!

  2. Never leave home without head light, extra gaskets for fuel kit, tie straps, leatherman, wire coat hanger (lost a few stingers in drums) and in the winter nothing beats a collapsable shovel to dig out drums that you can't even see because the snow is so deep.


    Also always have matches, water and a few snacks because you just never know!!

  3. "Don't worry Blackmac, forums were not meant to change the world. They are much like AA and Cancer support groups. They simply give you a place to talk about your problems, they surely don't find the cure.

    If everyone at least logs out at night thinking good about themselves and what they have said and contributed, that's all that matters, to those who go to bed angry, you need to find another support group."




    Found this comment on another topic....interesting that it was promoted there but not so much here. I think for the most part we all just want to know that we aren't alone out here and that maybe someone else might feel the same. Of course on a topic like this people are going to be divided but I find it refreshing that some people out there do want to spend time with their families in this day and age of the drive for the ultimate dollar. :D

  4. HV...my friends and I play the same game...name it before you see it. It is soooo fun!!! On Thanksgiving we were driving on Hwy 2 by Edmonton Int'l and 2 F18s did low overs right above us. Even in the vehicle you could hear the roar. It was awesome....pretty much the only stiffed wing that "gives me a stiffy" :) Not exactly possible but you get my point. I always laugh at myself...Flew almost 8 hours today and now I am in the hotel reading and talking about helicopters. Don't know too many other people that live and breath their jobs. We are definitely a different breed!!!

  5. Volition, good point and I don't think that anyone should bash anyone or tell them to step down and let a lowtimer take over just because they want to work a little less than the next guy. Of course a lowtimer at the beginning is going to be willing and should be willing to work as much as they can to get themselves established and start to build their career. After flying for a few years, it isn't so much of a trade off anymore. The 2 things most of us want after getting experince is time off and money. Not necessarily in that order. But once again each to their own. We all have different priorities and these change at any given time in ones life. When one is footloose and fancy free who really cares what you are working but once you start to establish a life with someone and then eventually a family, that is a whole different story.


    As far as trying to find a woman who is able to tolerate a crazy schedule where her man is gone all the time, there really aren't that many out there. It does take someone who is independent, confident and doesn't feel like she needs a man around her 24/7. I have to give all those woman that have made it work after many years of dealing with missing husbands a big round of applause. It can't be easy but if you love someone, trust them and can stand living at least half of your time by yourself then I guess you should marry a pilot.

  6. I have to agree with Buzzard and Hookweight on this one. I currently work 3 weeks in and 10 days off. I admit that this is pretty cushy and I don't have family of my own yet either but I cringe when I think about going on a 28 day rotation.


    So many other things have changed since the days of 3 months in the bush etc so I think now is the time for people to embrace the fact that yes, we do love our jobs but it shouldn't be such a sacrifice. Everyone that I tell my schedule to makes a yuck face and continue to treasure their 5 and 2.


    I love my job but I also love many other things....my family, friends, golf, camping etc. I have come to try to live my life under the motto "WORK TO LIVE, NOT LIVE TO WORK". So far, so good.

  7. Sounds like Vermouth is winning this one!! The company I work for does the 5, 10, 15 year thing like Skidmark's. Also been there 4.5 years so I am just under the wire. I have received a couple bonuses and a gift at Christmas if you are lucky and get your name drawn out of a hat. It seems like in our industry one should be happy if they receive a pay check!!

  8. Hey Ryan,


    Sorry to hear about your 22 but glad to hear that everyone is okay. I was wondering if you could PM me and let me know which helicopter it is as I too did a little flying in 22s on the coast and I was wondering if it was my baby.


    Thanks in advance!!

  9. OH MY!!!


    I feel so ridiculous now for feeling bored and lonely after hearing that you have first of all been away for that long and that you are 70 years old to boot. You have been doing this much much longer than I have been in existence. You are a true inspiration!!!


    I hope that when I am 70 I am able to do half of that. I have always wanted to learn more about WWII in particular. I find it so intriguing that all this happened 60 - 65 years ago and we are all so quick to forget. I get pretty choked when Rememberance Day comes every year and people work and move it to a Friday or Monday because it works better for them to have a long weekend. People truly don't understand the sacrifices that were made and how much we should appreciate and respect it. I am not so certain that kids 16 - 25 nowadays would be so eager as they were in the past to stand up for true freedom and fight for it.


    Anyway, that is entirely off topic and a totally different rant. I just want to thank you sir for sharing with me (us). I really do appreciate it.

  10. Alright skidz...don't want to sound like a out of touch loser but how do you set up a web page?? Where do you even start?



    Although, call me old fashioned but the journal thing is something people can look at for years and years. The only thing you have to worry about is not losing it or having a house fire!! I recently bought a 35mm SLR and everyone was shocked that I didn't go digital. There is just something magical about film.


    But I still like the idea of the web page to share with everyone at once. Tell me more, tell me more!!

  11. Thanks for the tips guys!!


    I really like the photo journal thing. Especially the part about making it a game. I find it hard to get inspiration sometimes just due to the monotany of the daily grind. I think it will be interesting in a year to look back let alone in 5 or 10 years. Awesome idea!!

  12. I guess what I mean is there are people that look up when I helicopter or airplane fly over (mostly kids) and then there are people that don't even notice. Kids are dreamers and I think it is cool if we, as in adults, can maintain that because as you said...LIFE IS JUST TO **** SHORT!!!

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