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  1. Hi there All, I went searching for threads on this but the newest I saw was 2009. I'm curious if anyone is using Traxxall, Winair or AMS and would like to share thoughts. Anything better out there? Looking for something that does maintenance tracking, singles and twins, inventory management including scanning out of parts by techs on the job and the usual stuff like PO's, handling rotables, tracking extra parameters like hook cycles, hook hours, TE's. Thank you,
  2. Having FSII in your jetA could also affect how your refueling gear handles water.
  3. Hey there, thanks for the idea's. We had already changed the isolation mount, got and check the shim record, W&B calculations etc. I'm pretty confident on the assembly technique and we are only getting bell parts. We have even gone and used a point and shoot IR thermometer to check coupling temps after successively longer flights. In those cases coupling temp stabilized at around 175-200, well below the 6000-3 threshold. After all that we are still experiencing random all black yellows with varying loads, different pilots and different helicopters. We have sent a request for idea's to Bel
  4. I was wondering if any operators out there are having troubles in the last year or less with 206 input driveshafts overtemping the yellow temp plates. I guess or just overtemping. We have had some troubles lately with no real solid cause and lots of new parts installed. Just wondering if there is something going on beyond our control. Thank you,
  5. I can't recommend the Artex ME406HM, we are at about 10-25% repair rate at annual recert and parts are wicked slow to show up. We have one Artex C406-1HM that has been a trooper but way more moola.
  6. Hotel bathtub is a pain, I find the coin car wash works better and most places have those now and just use the low pressure rinse option.
  7. This is going from memory and I haven't double checked but I believe you convert from long shaft to segmented shaft when you do the SI to convert from a B to a B3.
  8. This is part of the 1200hrs of component operation check sheet.
  9. Hi there, sounds interesting, can you show me the reg that says you must have a differences course for aircraft models covered under one TC please? That would be handy info to have. Also remember for the AS350B3 that the Arriel 2B engine has a 600hr inspection cycle so one could argue that someone that has an AS350 airframe course could sign off the scheduled airframe inspections that don't include any engine maintenance releases.
  10. Well here's dredging up an old post. As far as I know in canada there is no position in CAR's that is a DOM. There is only a PRM, air operator or AMO the title is the same. On an interesting side tidbit I ran across a little while ago looking up other stuff. If your company has a QA manager then CAR's states that the QA manager must also meet the experience requirements that a PRM must meet.
  11. Wondering if anyone out there knows of an AMO that can do a 100hr on a hughes 500 in eastern/central/northern Ontario at the end of January or very early February? Must be an AMO in good standing that is authorized to work on the 500. Feel free to contact me directly at cdamm@bighorn.ca if desired. Thanks,
  12. 21mm is for the banjo bolts on the servo manifold block. Up to you if you are using something else there.
  13. I am at a small operator and we are using Avbase. I don't seem to mind it, mind you it's all I've used. I did find it a bit on the frustrating side when I first got hired on but I got sent for training at Avbase and I don't find it all that bad. I am really only using the maintenance tracking/forecasting and purchase order sections of it. We also only have the lite version.
  14. The "refusing to sign the apprentices log book" is interesting. I've had some of the younger guys who thought that once they did a job one time it's all good to come and get your book signed but the reality is the book shouldn't be signed until whoever is doing the pen work is happy the apprentice can do it on their own without error or supervision. We are all human, as long as we learn from mistakes and have someone that will check work the real catastrophic stuff will be avoided. There are also a ton of variables to each close call for someone on the internet to say if anyone deserves to b
  15. Cheeks on both sides and a basket to keep all the chain saws and shovels and crap out of the machine. Remember that the B3 has that extra ECU in the rear baggage box you don't want to be whacking stuff into too often. You may want to think about provisions for a litter also.
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