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  1. Are Heli pilots in B.C. considered essential workers and eligible for the early vaccinations program?
  2. I had the ablation procedure done ten years ago. No problems since. I had an asymptomatic Afib, so the CAME would refuse to sign off if my ticker was jumping around during my medical exam. I had to jump through the hoops to pinpoint the problem, which fortunately was not serious, then was given three choices: do nothing, treat with medication, or have the ablation. I didn’t want to have to deal with the issue during every TC medical so I had the ablation procedure done, which completely solved the problem. On blood thinners for 90 days. No flying for 30 days. No issues since, so it was the rig
  3. EVERYBODY self-isolate yourself in your home for 14 days immediately! No exceptions. Do it today if you haven’t already started! This is not a drill.
  4. Everybody isolate yourself in your home immediately for 14 day! No exceptions! This is not a drill.
  5. Very risky business. The potential for mast bumping is very high when 200 hundred pounders are jumping off at different times. The next video we'll see will have the maim rotor blades departing the fuselage.
  6. I flew at for Campbell five years ago. I would like to know who the fallen pilot is.

  7. I flew at for Campbell five years ago. I would like to know who the fallen pilot is.

  8. I just burned up 135 drums of jet B in the last five weeks on a drill job in a L4. I still use the trusty flashlight test as my first line of defense. I had five drums with more than a tablespoon of water, which is more than I'm use to. There was no evidence that they were stored upright outside. Mini is drunk most of the time....
  9. Now that the major fuel companies have turned over most of the supply of drum and bulk jet fuel to third party vendors, are you finding more or less water in the fuel?
  10. Getting back to Prime's request for advise on diamond drill moves. A few things l've learned over the years; -If the loads are dragging you around the sky like a drunken fool, then your going too fast. -If your getting tossed about the sky like a childs toy, then it's too windy. -Make the drillers remove all of the plywood from the roof of the shack. -Make the drill foreman come out to help. Minimum 2 at the receiving end. -On short moves, do a loop so your always coming into wind with the load on your side. -I find the the 50ft line is most accurate u
  11. l support Brian Jenner 100%. Not so much about the unfortunate incident that he was involved in. but the way he came out on this forum as soon as possilble to set the record straight and cool down the rumour mill. l know from personal experience that when some incident takes place in this industry, vicious rumours are spread fast and furious by some individuals who don't know the facts. This can be extremely damaging to ones character, reputation and future. lt's been over five years for me and l still have to tell my side of the story to get the facts right, because l didn't come out swinging
  12. Hey Rainman. What were you listening to when that Allison went quiet? Highway to The Danger Zone or Born to be Wild. Don't get me wrong. l like music but l like it in the bar when l'm drinking beer and it's loud.
  13. Who's listening to what the helicopter is doing while your listening to music? An unusual sound may be the first thing you hear that something is going south. This sound my very well save your life or millions in extra repairs if you don't get on the ground in a hurry. Flying with music on is like putting one foot in the grave.
  14. I do agree that the Heli Log sector does have a good schedule. I wish we could all have a similar rotation in other parts of the industry. More pilots would be employed, less fatigue, less accidents and a healthier enviroment for everyone. All the operators have to raise the rates to accommadate the extra travel. A win-win for all!
  15. Last year I heard a rate of $575.00/hr for a jetranger doing heli log support on Vancouver Island, flying about 2 Hrs. a day. The poor low timer pilot was getting $50.00/hr. and no daily. Totally shamless on the part of the operator. I think the 499.00 special still exists with this company. This keep of activity hurts everybody in the industry.
  16. After seventeen years in the business, what I look for in a season is a maximun of eight, thirty day on and forteen day off tours, that pays 80K+. Being away any more than this really hurts me and my family. Three of my four kids are not teenangers yet and you realize how long and how much you missed every time you walk in the door after thirty days
  17. If all of us would stand together more often as a group and demand a maximum 30 on and 14 off from our employers, eventually to customers would get the message, more of us would be working, more marriages would be saved and everybody would be a lot happier.
  18. You lucky guy. You got yours out of the way in the first week. No one was hurt and you had an excellent demonstration of how quickly things can go to worms in a helicopter. Fly on dude!!! :up: :up: :up: <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  19. The grass looks kinda green for Kamloops in August.
  20. Instead of telling the Newbie's they should take what they can get, we should be telling them to demand a decent wage for their profession from there new employers. or else turn the job down. This way all us twenty year vets wouldn't still be working for minimum wage. Were in harsh conditions, doing a dangerous job and away from home. They should be demanding 12K per month, 8 months working and 4 months home per year. minimum, irregardless of incentives.
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