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  1. Thanks for looking out for us twinstar. Thread must be lost in cyberspace somewhere - oh well wasn't important anyway
  2. Is that why my thread of asking about an aircraft in Ottawa was removed? Curious.
  3. Can't remember the cost of it but found some great tape at the hardware store in Ear Falls Ontario while bird towing- the hardware store guy called it hurricane tape. It's probably not cheap but it stood up the best out of all the tape we used - it still looked like it did day one after 2 weeks of 8 hrs a day flying http://www.bunkerinc.com/about.htm
  4. Bug jacket and if there's any wind avoid the downwind side of the machine or any bluilding or tent if you can. That's where the bugs are hiding. If there's no wind and you don't have a bug jacket and you're all out of deet, pray to all that is holy to make the retched bugs go away.
  5. I disagree with hoverintowind and picapart. I often wonder what a machine is doing when i see one. Maybe i haven't been in the indsutry long enough to not care.
  6. hahahahaha that must be the new policide spray. It was late afternoon/evening Tuesday July 21. Saw it again today Wednesday afternoon. I thought it was just a mirror sticking out the front but maybe it was a small camera.
  7. Anybody know who was flying a black Astar or Twinstar back and forth over ottawa today? And what were they doing?
  8. I'd be going back to driving truck provided i could still pass a drivers medical. And if not able to pass a drivers medical then possibly ground operating (spent half a dozen years pilot operating).
  9. hookweight78

    Ifr 206

    and no fixed wing license needed
  10. hookweight78

    Ifr 206

    Not sure if it's an option but i did an instrument rating in ZZB with pro-ifr. 15 hrs in a 172 and 5 in there R22. It was the cheapest way i could find to go and was very happy with them. And being on the coast offered up some actual IMC flight.
  11. First time in 7 years being involuntarily unemployed in the aviation industry. Is it just because it is December or is this what we can expect in '09? Might be time to dust off the AZ licence and go back driving truck. The bright side , i am at home with family for the holidays. Merry Christmas All.
  12. I second that 4961 .... :up: .... come on oopsadaisy you gotta wear the green if you're gonna roll with the big boys now PM comin atchya oops
  13. Don't get me wrong i definetly agree with honouring what you agreed too .... i have my opinion on the tours .... just sharing what i thought and wanted to know what others thought ...... for now i have traded off the type of flying and type of aircraft for a better schedule .... I've payed my gratitude to the same company for 5 years now. Thank you all again for your input.
  14. Thank you all for your responses ..... In my opinion days worked away from home and days worked at home can not be compared .... I don't have a family but i grew up with a father who worked 6 weeks away and 2 weeks home and let me tell you I don't really remember him ever being there ...... i know how it was for me as a kid and i know what i don't want for my kids if i have any .... As for the stepping aside and letting a low timer who has a "real" outlook on life do the job .... GIVE ME A BREAK ..... i was a low timer once and i would have done anything to get going too .... and i did......does that make the situation right ?... And i know there are tours out there alot worse than my 28 and 14 and i should be counting my blessings .....Just my humble opinion but i think we can have and should have little more balance. I agree with F8 "WORK TO LIVE NOT LIVE TO WORK" :up:
  15. I've been reconsidering my 28 and 14 schedule lately (i know it could be worse) and found myslef wondering why must we spend so much time away ??? ..... Is it financial reasons from our bean counters ?? Is it costumer influenced , ie: We want this person start to finish on the job??? Where does this dissproportionate work/home time come from? Can it be changed?
  16. Picture it .... An average late fall morning in north eastern BC .... Tooga area I am pilot operating at the time and go to check my remote compressor and a few wells .... i remember that their are some empty drums at the compressor that can be brought back so i think perfect i'll grab my net and a line and practice this long lining stuff..... i get the empty drums off the lease beautifully (in my mind at the time) ..... cruising back to the main plant with my net load of drums and feeling pretty good about myself i wonder , how fast could i get this load off me if something were to happen ..... so i decided to jump my thumb over the release ... not hit the button but just see how fast i can get my thumb there ..... hahahaha well the button was sensitive and HOLY #### there goes my load .....it kind of stayed with me for a second and then started descending , maintaining it's forward speed as it headed for the ground. The net load of drums smoked the ground like some kind of non exploding air to ground weapon.....luckily i was following a pipeline and no people were hurt and no property damaged ... except the drums....... i tried to land where my load was but it was to overgrown ..... so i took a huge gulp ... swallowed my pride , went back to the plant , explained to the guys what happend grabbed a sled and a sleigh and collected my net , line , and drums. Live and Learn.
  17. HV..... got a hold of my buddy .... here's what he says "....... i've never heard of a super, but he may just be refering to the next step up in drills. each drill is usually named after the footage it can drill, or the size of the power plant involved. a super may be the long year 44 core drill, and somebodies just figured it could drill deeper so it must be a super. if you want more information, type boartlongyear.com, or boart longyear 38 core drills into your search engine. if you want more specific, type "boartlongyear.com/contracting/ssa/sacont01.htm" and it will get you to were you want to go. once in, go products, then surface drills." Hope that helps
  18. HV .... I have a friend who was into drilling. i'll pass your post on to him and see if he can help.
  19. Is it wazza or wuzzer ?? either way i was in beuatiful rainbow a couple weeks ago and the elusive couchy porn monster was passing through.
  20. No suggestions to add here. Nice to know that their are others out there. Thanks F8
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