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  1. With about 6 weeks to go before the new air ambulance contract starts I haven't seen any sign on the TC registry of the 76C+'s that Helijet is supposed to operating for the new contract. Is it "normal" to not have a aircraft when you're this close to a contract start date? Not a big deal, I'm just kind of curious about what's going on.
  2. Hollywood I've wondering the same thing. Haven't been shown the entire season to date.
  3. Can't melt quite yet, the Paralympics are next.
  4. I've heard that 25% of the helicopters registered in Canada are in BC right now, doesn't seem possbile?
  5. My comment was in reply to what stickjiggler was saying about not flying in the morning on fires.
  6. Yes more likely then a not it's a decisioin based on pilot duty hours.
  7. A somewhat ignorant question but it would seem that were be a big insurance hit sending a new aircraft like the 135 on that sort of contract?
  8. They were on the Transport Canada list of aircraft imported in the last month.
  9. Noticed on the Transport Canada that somebody has imported two 214-ST's. Anybody know who & what they are going to use them for?
  10. Does anybody know where I can find a list of medications that flightcrew are prohibited from taking? I tried to find something on the Transport Canada website/cars but there was only general information there.
  11. What the deal with all those 412's that are registered to Bell?
  12. http://www.770chqr.com/news/news_local.cfm...=news_local.cfm Anybody else think that reffering to a aircaft built in 91 as ageing is a bit of a stretch as a reason to replace it? Or am I making mountains out of molehills?
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