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  1. Very horrible news. I grew up in peace river and my parents are still there and the family is well known in the area and we have known some for many years. Tragic loss. My Thoughts are with all of the family. RIP glen
  2. Ive had great luck for the most part using it on tach gen's, mast splines, blade bolts and buffer pads and medium starter splines. However I have notice it doesnt seem to stick around on t/r driveshaft splines very well. I do my splines every 100hrs and there is still some thixo there, but there are signs of corrosion on the splines.
  3. i just did a set of driveshaft bearings today on the AStar and used ISO...worked excellent as always
  4. What are the steps to take in getting over to a country like austrailia to wrench? Ive found some information but was hoping there is some people on here who have gone through the process. Thanks
  5. agree with mjm. plus you may be misrigged. stick a bolt up through the belly like you do for rigging....that will be your center. how does your stick sit?
  6. whats this servo alignment work aid you speak of?
  7. ive actually had a T/R go wonky because of a tight trunnion just for future reference if people seem to be getting moves that dont make sense. i have to agree with the throwing the corrector out. i still prefer using a 177 over a 2000 for doing a T/R actually though or using the strobe rather then the photocell......with the photocell i usually think upside and backwards...but the wrong way. and 1.5 seems high to start. is it a new T/R? if not...how are the feathering bearings?
  8. dawson creek is never awesome....doesnt matter what time of the month :down: but there course is decent. think its gotta better over the past few years. i took it 4 years ago and it was still in the early stages. learnt more from the others on the course compared to the actual course itself
  9. maniwaki, quebec lac joncas, quebec hearst, ontario paint lake, manitoba....if contract cause atleast you get your own cabin
  10. ogoki post, ontario chin staging, alberta firesteel, ontario conklin, alberta buffalo narrows, sask parent, quebec STEEN RIVER, alberta has to be the worst place on earth ive been so far
  11. not sure what he means by go no-go chain but why would this be a problem. you dont have to pull the chain to do a stretch test.......just to do the inspection.
  12. i use plasitlube #3 non moly and have had great success....i remove them every 100hrs anyways....
  13. Was quickly browsing google looking for 204/205 forums similiar to what eurocopter has on there site. Anyone know of any? Thanks
  14. newt

    New Guy

    Whats going rate for a engineer (1 1/2 yrs with license) whose endorsed on 206/206L, and 204/205 First summer on mediums. Also have 2 years A-star time Thanks Thinking about for next yr.
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