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  1. I think I have posted this before - but for what it is worth:PhotographyBlurb2.doc
  2. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone"
  3. Having a set of bearing tables and knowing where you are ( Map ) vs where you are going ( GPS ) can be usefull. Also a very wise man told me : Time, speed, distance works! - He flew Lancasters in WW2 and had 20000 + hrs, most of it bush, when I worked with him in 1974. Most folks today regard a flight log as a diary not a work sheet. When I worked in Somalia and Kuwait it amazed me how many people could no longer read a map to the point that if the GPS was not working they did not want to go.
  4. "Joke" Bored in the Arctic? Here is an interesting site: http://www.its.caltech.edu/~atomic/snowcrystals/ Cheers from in front of the fireplace. "Close Joke" Some SAR based in the Arctic would be a very good thing. Has anyone done a study on air traffic patterns in the high North especialy comparing summer VS winter? One would,of course have to take into account what the "Mineral Rush" flavour ( Diamonds VS Oil VS Gold VS Iron ect ect) of the year is. This would have an impact on where you wanted to place SAR assets. In anycase options are limited.
  5. Any one got any stats on twins having an engine failure and flying away to a no damage landing vs singles having an engine fail and outo rotating to a landing with no damage? Since in both cases no damage was done what is the reporting criteria?
  6. When I was young and stupid VS old and stupid a very wise man told me "Make sure you and your passengers are dressed to stand around for 24 hrs wearing just what they have on! The survival equipment might burn/sink with the machine." I have had folks get off an exec jet wearing Toronto top coat ( Very fashionable ) NO hats or gloves, street shoes with rubber covers and a suit READY to fly 200 miles to a camp at -25C with a refuel enroute! Refused to fly them. The " big big execs " called the company ( with my help )the ops manager told them to go to a store ( thankfully available )and buy the needed clothes, boots ect. They did it with good grace and they learned the error at the refueling stop - just 30 minutes even in "full kit" was enough for them. They thanked me after the 4 days we spent together. Some folks just don't know. You have to take care of folks like this. I wouldn't survive 2 hrs on the Toronto stock exchange and they wouldn't survive 2 hrs in clothes like that.
  7. http://shop.tc.gc.ca/TChtml/ibeCCtpItmDspRte.jsp?item=40663&language=US This is what I used.
  8. This was posted on Facebook by a friend It appears we are big time wimps compared to kindergarten and gradeschool students in Lab City.
  9. -45C in an Otter in James Bay 1974 - "Talk of yer cold throught the parka's fold ......" 60C+ at a place called Central Headquarters in the Western Desert of Kuwait. That was in the shade-what it was on the pad I have no idea. Climbing through 3000 feet was great as the temp dropped 5-10 practically in 2-300 feet. At 9000 it was + 18C how's that for a lapse rate? That was very exceptional - silly to be out in the heat of the day like that - Medevac as I remember - probably for heat exhaustion LOL - only time I saw it that hot - usually it was +-45C out in the desert in the hottest of the summer. We always carried lots and lots of water - 4 cases at least. Geeze it was hot for the poor 206L drivers doing a recce at 100 ft. with the doors on! Best of times where they not Deuce?
  10. Afghan Ops? What Afghan Ops? I don't know anything about them but if there were any such operations and I'm sure there aren't I would want everyone, including my non-existent friends, flying there to be safe. So if they, if they existed, requested that we not talk about their non-existent ops for security reasons it would be a good thing to respect the request. Good on you Mike.
  11. A true gentleman. I will miss him. Fun to work wih and he had the greatest collection of flying stories known to man. Happy trails Rocky!
  12. If you are using a Garmin Portable GPS it pays to do a one time US Navdata update. Lots of airspace, freqs ect. $ 50 CDN I believe. https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=31378 As to TFR there is even an App - http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tfrs-temporary-flight-restrictions/id330192352?mt=8 Have fun.
  13. Well said Brad. I believe I flew C-FTCH in 1978 before it was used by my replacement in an unsuccessful and career ending test as a chain saw amongst 40 foot pine trees during a foggy morning on the powerline construction ( Camp 8 near highway 113 west of Chapais ) for the James Bay project. It was a good aircraft - glad to see her soul lives on. Does this make me part of the conspiracy? Should I obtain Legal advice? Still have the tail rotor and hub from that wreck. ( Legaly obtained from TQ's overhall shop Trans Canada Overhauls after data plates removed FYI)
  14. I can see the court battle now: "Your Honour my clients did not " walk or stroll' as they are wrongly accused of. Perhaps they "advanced, ambled, ambulated, cantered,hiked, hit the road, hoofed it, knocked about, locomoted, lumbered, marched, meandered, paraded, perambulated, plodded, promenaded, raced, sauntered, shambled, shuffled, slogged, strolled, strutted, stumped, toddled, traipsed, tramped, traveled on foot, traversed, tread, trekked, trooped, trudged or wandered." "The case should be dismissed as they were also perhaps just 'dashing off to Beer Call' a time honoured aviation activity not to be interfered with by anyone." http://thesaurus.com/
  15. Can't open the link but glad everbody is OK.
  16. 6 weeks overseas 6 weeks home. Take off - engage outo the pilot- read check list - 1 hr later read check list - disengage outo the pilot - land - read check list - do same in reverse - ect ect ect Miss fires, exploration and drill moves ect. a lot - so much fun. I hope everybody has a great, safe season. Cheers Sharkbait
  17. I've got a brand new - never been worn - "Happiness is a BOW Job" one.
  18. Good government advice for all. Remember you don't have to outrun the bear - just your friends.
  19. Just wait for the pressurized Hotel \ Casino to go up!
  20. How about TRAINED BEARS? Sorry -couldn't resist! Here is a bear/helicopter urban legend. In the late 70's Anyhoo many years ago somewhere west of Baker Lake: 2 fellows in a 500 chase a Barren Land Grizzly (ignoring the "One Pass Haul *** Rule") in order to get great photos. They then fly off over the horizon to camp leaving one tired, pissed off bear. Bear takes a bearing on the departing helo and sets off. Our heroes land back at camp tell all the great story of daring do - off to bed. Early in the morning there is a considerable disturbance at the helipad where there are 3 identically painted 500's parked. Everybody runs to scene where they see one grizzly departing over the hill and one 500 considerably worse for wear. Strangely enough it is the one that chased the bear. Lesson learned - Barren Land Grizzly can read registrations. Parts required - Helicopter assembly complete.
  21. Deja Vu Don't we do this thread or one just like it every spring? It's like the ice melting, geese flocking north or the robins' return!
  22. Try this Utube link for some "how not to" tips - a sad day Some other interesting vids will be offered. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bV7ccOdonCo...feature=related Can't agree more with the HUET training suggestions - even if you are just bucketing out of a swamp.
  23. There used to be a 47 in TQH's Matagami hangar that had departed from a 205 at altitude. Then there was the Olympic 206 that was dropped by a 205 north of Chapais. "Chapais ..oops!" Seems to me a high percent of slung helis never make it to planned destination. LOL I have slung 3, fortunately without mishap, but the paranoia level was high - how many times can you DI a hook? Had a 30 foot survey bird leave for the nearest swamp in Labrador - fortunately for me it was the customer's newfangled Kevlar cable that failed - ( best not tie a knot in it then cover it with tape.) Looked funny in the video - not so funny at the time - we recovered it and it was in remarkably good shape but it was U/S for a long time - good thing we had a spare.
  24. Open and honest communications - who would have thought-are we really on a helicopter web site?? Glad everybody is OK.
  25. I know of a couple of guys who owe their lives to a helmet and a couple who would still be alive if they had been wearing one. Lots of folks die from head injuries, fire or drowning - if you had a helmet on perhaps you would be able to exit before you drown or burn to death. Just my opinion.
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