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  1. Rosco P C you should ask Ian!! I know you guys are biding BC with the 412 and 212 better to get answers from the boss. Cheers
  2. It appears to be a good Idea! But until they actually come out with a performance chart with real #s to look at its quite an expensive Mod.
  3. This is starting to make me think this would be a good new show on TV! We have ice road truckers, Ax men why not tiny helicopter pilots of canada!
  4. Best place to stay! Interior BC Nelson or try a CMH lodge in the summer or winter. Fine wine or beer and a fishing pole to keep you busy in the nights.
  5. :shock: Where do they find these people!! This guy should be in the reno air races. This gives people the wrong impression of heli pilots ,no wonder it is hard to get life insurance. :shock:
  6. I'll take a 212 with 20000 hours and risk it jetbox those aircraft are all new and need to be out for a while before I give them such glowing reviews.
  7. Maybe we should remind 407 driver of a few more loads!!
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