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  1. :punk: CAP Now you are talking about CRM. That is valid with regards to the use of Automation but not to the extent you refer. The modern AP ie SPZ7600 with Honeywell EFIS is the best friend you and your crew can have. When used correctly along with good CRM, this can be the best thing since sliced bread. I too come from an earlier breed but have always been receptive to new ideas, ie. I bought my first PC in 1983 (Apple II +) and still use it as a door stop. I have always tried to advance myself when it comes to automation. I laugh at people my age scrambling to cat
  2. :punk: You misunderstood. I was talking about REAL HELICOPTER COMPANIES! :punk: Baboy. :shock:
  3. :punk: As for any AP, you first have to understand it before you use it! They are a great tool in Automation but lets not forget that it requires much more attention. With the 7600, we have gone from a 2 pilot crew to a 3 member crew. One flier (AP) and 2 monitors. Capt and FO. :punk: Baboy. :shock:
  4. :punk: FullyArticulated (Must Fly SeaPigs) 90K sounds great on the surface but when you make 110K on the OETC, it would require you to be paid 160K in Canada to take home the same amount! Sounds like a loosing proposition to me! BTW, CF from 78-88. And Yes, I was an '04 course! :punk: Baboy. :shock:
  5. :punk: Sorry...... I should have said started with 3 letters and ends with GLOBAL OPERATIONS. :punk: Baboy. :shock:
  6. :punk: Blade Strikes? Yikes...... Does anyone recall a certain Thunder Bay 76 driver that got the nickname "BUZZ"? :punk: Baboy. :shock:
  7. :punk: I keep hearing that bad word here "WORK" Why work for a living when you can slack off for half the year and earn 100K? Baboy. :punk: PS. Before any of you say it.....I do just that!
  8. :punk: 67November Did you work with him in Somalia or Rwanda? :punk: Baboy. :shock:
  9. :shock: 67November I guess I was mistaken. I read the thread and that certainly did not describe the Doug Macdonald I and many others knew. :shock: Baboy. :shock:
  10. :punk: Goldmember As I said before, those are the simple things in life that if the rest of us could afford to do, we would. Ahh to get up in the morning and just go longlining! That would be the life. Try launching at 0:Dark 30 in 90 kt winds, gusting to 120 because the Company man has a hangnail! Oops, goota go! The Camp Boss is out of smokes in the canteen.......**** Typhoons! :punk: Baboy. :shock:
  11. :punk: Looks like UNOCAL has upgraded their dunker! Baboy. :punk:
  12. :punk: With a fully coupled Sperry 7600 and EFIS, the modern Heli is now on par with the Modern fixed wing. The 76C+ is an example of how we will go. Anyone who thinks it's easier should go to West Palm and try their luck. I heard that a CCP said that "now that people are all going through the C+ Sim for their 76 training, The excellent Pilots are now just Good, the Good Pilots are now just "Average" and the "Average" Pilots are just not with it!" Is that accurate DECU Major? Baboy. :punk:
  13. :punk: I remember when I first heard the term "IFR HOMO" it was in Somalia when for the first time ever, CHI hired VFR Pilots. Needless to say, when the UN work dried up, the same folks calling us IFR HOMOS, were asking us "how do we learn to suck C@@K!" Baboy. :punk:
  14. :punk: Anyways folks, lets try to get back on topic. Regardless what OneVoice did, we have the ball in our court now. Whats good and bad about our lot in life? :shock: Baboy. :punk:
  15. :punk: 407 I think what some are trying to say is that everyone has their niche in life. Some aspire to more complicated tasks such as IFR Heavy, while others are happy to stay VFR. There is no shame in staying light and in the sunshine, we all have to count our calories! :shock: Baboy. :punk:
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