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  1. Been quite a time since posted here, but looking for anyone who may have experience working and living in Baku. An opportunity exists but would like someone who has experience to speak to the downsides....as I've heard lots on the considerable upside. Please, don't worry about being 'politically correct' , I am soliciting unvarnished musings on life there. Thanks...
  2. Interesting. In the international scene, every machine available is working and there's active recruitment of pilots and engineers. Hasn't done much for the wages though.
  3. An industry that bears many similarities to ours is film/TV/Stage /production. People clamber over each other to get a job, are willing to be treated like crap in order to catch a break, and then once settled into a 'steady' income, ***** about how much work they do. So could not the model of ACTRA be used for this industry? Wanna work? Show your card. Somethings gotta give. A couple of decades ago, during training, Jetboxes were going for about 500-550/hr . Now i've been away from babybells for a while, but isn't the rate only about 25% higher today? Most everything else has gone u
  4. Yep ...Nice to see some new iron coming in. Nice that CHC solicited all its pilots for interested candidates :down: Not sure i'd wanna fly the 'A' model of anything, however I bet there's a lot less NVH than in the beloved steam chicken! To those moving on the new ride...enjoy!
  5. [ My what sweeping generalizations. Unions only for losers and f***ups eh Yeah we know...We don't need no stinkin' unions..! All those Air Canada losers and F***ups would be surprised of how they're thought of..ditto for the guys at PHI, Bristol, CHC Europe! Jetbox...and other rabid anti-unionists...cool it. Your frothing responses to this and many other issues are why so many others in the industry don't bother with this forum. In my 16yrs ( I know...just a lowtimer eh) in this industry, I've encountered lotsa operators that spend a lot of time in the grey. But, Jetbox, I'm happ
  6. Congratulations to the EMS guys! Well done. I can only hope that your action is a catalyst to those of us over in the International scene. I read a lot of sceptics here regarding unions...but wherever unions have been certified, have any employees ever decided to shed the union?? Must be doing something right eh? As far as the 'you signed on knowing the conditions' arguement,...what?...Is that some sort of excuse not to improve things? The rotary wing industry will probobly evolve along the same lines as our fixed wing breathern. Major players will organise first, followed by th
  7. [ Morality and Helicopters in the same sentence.........sheeeesh
  8. Thank crap I haul dynamite, jet fuel, batteries, diesel, Coca Cola, do hovering exits/entrances in a far flung places away from these twats that think if 5 rules are good.....25 outta be 5 times better. The food sucks...my phone bill equals a good yearly income here....but we're havin' heaps of fun here in the wild wild west!
  9. [Here's my question to the community. . Would anyone hire a guy with a dynamic rollover to his credit on hour 6 of training? Or should I seriously think about cutting my losses? I appreciate any input Hey never let one or two wrecks get in the way of a rewarding career... Even the CP of one of the biggest operators lay an multi eng. heavy on its side in a training mishap! Wrap it up...send it Frank...It'll be good as new!
  10. Someone must know what the **** happened , suspicions abound that this possibly was one big YVR fishing trip... It looked like our one kick at the can has gone tits up...Shame. C & B must be sleeping much better these days..
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