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  1. Ya, my wife and I have been married a long time and we finally worked out a sex focus that we both enjoy. We turned to S&M. She sleeps and I masturbate.
  2. I agree that the Culhane isn''t great, but it''s better than nothing. I figure about 5% might be wrong with another 5% questionable, still leaves 90% good stuff. One source that is often overlooked is the questions at the back of the Instructor''s Guide. They are intended as suggestions for questions you can use with your students but they are also great reviews when you''re studying. They''re not all easy to answer either, so they can be very useful as discussion topics with your instructor as you work together to figure out the answer. Good luck.
  3. Hey RP, interesting article. However I had quite a chuckle to see it listed just above the thread for "Summer Fun at the Beaver". LOL
  4. AFSTBC - does it really matter why the changes are made as long as things improve? The end result is that we have a more stable company that is flying airplanes and employing pilots. I thought that was what it''s all about. I get a wee bit tired of sniping little comments that only lend themselves to an overall sense of negativity and doom and gloom. I don''t advocate wearing rose coloured glasses, but let''s try to be a bit more supportive and encouraging to each other. We and the industry will only be better off for it.
  5. Chas, I tend to agree with you. I was just trying to be sensitive to the fact that not everyone can afford to take more training. When it''s a struggle to find the money to fly, what do you do when it''s a choice between taking up a good friend or significant other for some sightseeing or more training? While I am a strong supporter of enhanced training and the value of tailwheel experience, I don''t believe it is required to be a very safe and skillful pilot. If you strive to fly the absolute best you can all the time and do things correctly, your handling of a tricycle "abominatio
  6. Just by the way, not all taildraggers are old and worn out. I trained on a 1 year old Citabria which was certainly a sweet flying little bird. Being aerobatic, it was very responsive and a joy to handle. And while I haven''t flown one, there are Maules, Huskys, the new Luscombe and a number of others out there to enjoy. My only advice would be, don''t take the conversion if there isn''t a plane nearby that you can rent/use afterwards. While the training itself will make you more aware of crosswinds and fine tune your landings (HAVE to be straight and without drift), it is an extra expens
  7. Hey CTD - don''t take it so hard. The realization that your time spent perfecting and honing your skills on this can''t be logged shouldn''t make you physically ill. It might seem like you''ve wasted a lot time right now, but later in life it will pay off. You''ll get the opportunity to regale the guys in the pilot''s lounge at the hangar with tales of your "fling wing" prowess and they won''t even know that the reason for your oversized pointing finger isn''t the result of some tragic accident (although in a way I guess it is)
  8. Talking on the phone and flying the little putt-putt - got 2516.
  9. Anyone can give you a checkout - there is no official TC mandated format. You''re basically going to have to conform to whatever the person/company that is going to rent you their airplane requires. If you don''t like the terms, go somewhere else. Swingline is right though, a reputable school will likely take 5 - 10 hours. Of course dependant on a person''s skill. I''d certainly be leery about trying to shortcut this with a private owner unless they have good instructional skills as the differences in geometry and handling characteristics of a taildragger are significant. While not s
  10. Hi all. Posted this here rather than in Instructors since I think more peple will see it here and want more input. Many posts here and elsewhere have made comments about flight schools misleading new students and "suckering" them into spending $$$$ with no hope of employment. The inference is that this is unethical or worse, downright dishonest. I'd like to know what others would suggest a flight school should say to prospective students? Sure jobs are tough right now, but would you suggest we shut down flight schools? This would just eliminate that many more jobs. Without schools pr
  11. Wolfman, you''re right on the money. Sure it may be tough to get a job, but people are still getting jobs. Many have said it before, but it''s not just having a licence that gets the job, it''s attitude and other skills as well. Don''t blow smoke up his butt and make it sound rosy, just relate to him some experiences and he will determine whether it''s worth it or not. Tell him that if he decides to go ahead, make sure and be friendly to everyone he meets, learn people''s names, be agreeable and help out. You never know who might the one down the road that gives you a job recommend. Those
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