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  1. does helijet got groundcrew??? if yes.... is there a chenche to fly??? or are they just operating s76??? thank you
  2. is blackcomb starting to change their fleet, cause the new registerd 407??? or why this... i heard the theya re looking for a brand new b3...
  3. who is the new chiefpilot at trans north??? and who is leaving blackcomb, cause they are in the need of an other driver???
  4. if seen an a star today in revelstoke.... its an old kokanee machine gkgk... its now arrow helicopters. is it a new company, i ve never heard about it...
  5. really ... are you kidding me.. i thought hes running teh 407 for cariboo.. :shock:
  6. i would say that LB is not wrong....look at the performance chart and you'll be fine... and the 145 is a really old horse or even the technology.
  7. how do you get ready for an interview and a checkflight?? is somwhere in the internet a bell 206 manual available? cheers m
  8. could you pleas shake the deal... and give me a pm where i can reach him... thanks
  9. i heard as well that they like to hired guys from oversee, cause the languages of the tourist :down:
  10. yes as a 100hour wonder... i thougt tey they every year one or two guys from the groundcrew in the cockpit...first on the ground and later in the air.. how have the most guys to wait when they work on the ground???
  11. how hard is it to get a job at alpine in canmore???
  12. does somebody now marc steiner?? he is a swisspilot and used to be a couple years ago base manager for highland in fort mc murry
  13. i heard that Valley Helicopters in Hope B.C. are buying a 407.. wanna use them in winter for skiing and in summer for forestry an fires... :punk:
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