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  1. here's another number to throw in the pot... i have 5 years experience, 2 years licenced, 80% of my work is in the arctic, 2 endorsements, had 3.5 months of time off in 2006, made just under 120K, goes to show, it can be done and while still having a life.
  2. simple question is the EC-130B4 an entirely seperate endorsment for maintenance or is it just like the B3, nothing seperate required, and included in the AS350 endorsement. I am aware that there is a B2 to B4 conversion course, just as there is a B2 to B3 conversion course (which is not required but good to have)...
  3. depending on what freq range you want, i went ahead and bought an Icom IC-V8, amateur radio. Indestructable, weatherproof, excellent range. Seems anyone will sell em to you for about 150-200CDN. (Burnaby radio is good for em) but you have to pop the cover off the back and do a quick little mod (takes 2 minutes to do) check out the mod here ---> http://www.phreak.org/radio/mods/icv8mod.zip it opens up the TX/RX range to 136 – 174MHz, due to the expanded freq range you may want to invest in a better antenna to fully take advantage of its range.
  4. The factory Astar course is awesome. Marc L know those machines inside and out. He has worked on them in the field as well as at Eurocopter and other companies. He can tell you where all the weak points are and what to watch for. If he doesnt know something he will definitely find out for you. Dont mistake this factory course for the "show and tell" type. The 500 course on the other hand, sadly, leaves something to be desired, unfortunately i dont believe anyone else offers it. Its good as a intro to the 500, for someone who is just starting on them or occasionally works on them.
  5. 500 O/R Clutch lower splines, who uses what out there? whats the best in that high heat area, everything seems to either run off, or cake on solid i have found. Ive seen plastilube, M-28, anti seize, 355, and even nothing on em!!
  6. well whadda ya know eh, there it is :up: thx
  7. anybody out there got the P/N for the snap on 1/4x5/16 long thin double box end 12 pt wrench? Its the wrench that is awesome for getting at 500 bleed valves with engine installed. I cant seem to locate the P/N on snap-on website.
  8. heres another # for the new guys out there: this is my first yr as engineer in rotary 3000/month (highest end of the 1st yr eng pay scale) Flight pay - 20/ rev hour on 500's,206's 28/rev hour on L's, 350's 45/rev hour on mediums flight pay is only earned for A/C you taking care of in the field 30/day away from base also $5/rev hour of every A/C in fleet is put into a pot and divided amongst eng's and apprentices and the amt received varys with skill, endorsements, eng or app, and days away from base ( fleet pay can vary from
  9. Helilog, Yup, Zeroed the entire lenth, and yes it was one of those lovely PMA blades :down:
  10. Lamanated, my new blade insisted on flying about 3" higher than the rest which stayed perfectly in track, believe it or not i used the full 5 degrees for the slow and some of the high speed section just to pull it into track, with all that tab i expected the worst, but unbelievably i sit at .03 lat and just nicely under .2 vert :up: , only thing i believe the all that tab did was give me about a .2 vert on low power decents, machine is still an amazing stump puller. Perhaps my initial move should have been to bring the other blades up to it which would have induced less drag, but then a
  11. BR, How about, we go with my last situation, replaced one blade after very minor blade strike, just enuf damage to make the blade U/S, after about 20 starts, and 0.4 airtime, i finally persuaded the new blade to "fly" with the other, this was more difficult than the usual blade change. I am still new, but 98% of my time is 500 time, just wondering if anyone out there has any good tips on how to make things go easier, i got everything well with in limits but i know it could still be better. I love seeing Knife Edge blades. Any tips anyone? One good Q thou, MM tells you to use
  12. Just like to open a disscusion on guys different tips and tricks to tracking and balancing those ever so finicky 500 rotor systems. Are you all following the MM to the tee? Or have you had better luck with other methods?
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