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  1. Had one of the founders of Alpine in the other day and looked at the photo with TJ. He thinks either CF-NOG or CF-NOB 47G3 bought new in 1961 came with the yellow on the cabin. repainted in 1965. so time line 61/65? Tanks make sence, Shape, black,Gold with red stripe. Narrow cabin long unweighted blades no exh pipe on L/H side bearpaws Alpine type Ant to tail same type The red item under the tank I could not figure out till TJ mentioned most likley red metal keg attached to engine mount tab. Either TJ or JN flying? he liked the red hat ! TJ says to say hi to all that knew him and best wishes
  2. My guess; narrow cabin,Shape of tanks,long metal blades,no orlittle counter wts, heavy tail rotor+= 47G3,47G3B gold and black on tanks Alpine? area Hinton? Alpine operated both 47G3 and 47G3B
  3. I'm actually rep-ping and selling these devices for a company (Ottawa) that came up with an improved design (smaller and lighter) and its not $5/hr its considerably less. Many heli companies are using this model. Should you wish to have more info, you'll have to drop Biggs a line . Biggs Biggs: Is this system a STC approved installation as called out in the ALTA GOV email ?
  4. This is from the Alta Gov email: > ON a SIDE NOTE: > During conversations between BCFS and AB-FPD it was pointed out that the > BCFS considering/wants the capability/ability of tracking systems to > transmit the reporting frequency every 120 seconds, and GPS position > intervals of 30 seconds being report. Is anyone aware of the cost to report in this time frame? Sat systems are about $1.50 per minute aprox . If the dial up and hang up times are what I have seen how would the sytem dial up and report every 30 seconds without ever disconecting? If this is the case $5.00 per hour Alt gov will pay sounds low? any input? anybody have any actaul operating costs? This type of system sounds great but at what balance of cost to who? Alt gov offer is to pay $5.00 per hour billed seperate from flight time think about the cost to track this and bill it out? all air time is cost of the operator think about controlling who wanted to call ? The a/c that have them this year will be hired first don't get me wrong I think it is a great Idea and would want one in any machine I'm in,but the cost should not be 100% of the operator with out some upside. Am I missing something here?
  5. Thanks all I found the TC site that lists STC's and LSTC and there are quite a few to choose from. It does seem a little stange that none of them are from Bell ,Don't they want to have their a/c used for this type of work? What about the new 210 will it be L/h seat from Bell?
  6. Vert Ref: What I was getting at was your coment"apply to TC for your approval - it is quite simple. the fms is only one page." It is not quite that easy it takes the STC holder request to change their STC not the operator. What I,m not sure of can a STC be done to another STC? I found where this thought came from ,in the text is say's something about changing the STC:http://www.airweb.faa.gov/Regulatory_and_Guidance_Library/rgSTC.nsf/0/00698B2E22339BAF86256D8A00582245?OpenDocument
  7. Vertical Ref; What approval for the vert ref do you know has been changed by the operator? the ones I know of the are approved are Eagle/dart/Bow Kenting CHC How does one check what other ones are appoved in Canada? I don't think a operator can change a FMS for a approval they do not hold the right to but it has happened before!
  8. While I was in the drawer found this ! KHQ when Klondike was bought out by Kenting. Looks like the shop forman stayed a little late working on the new paint job. Hope he doesn't mine!
  9. Can someone help me with the attachment par at the bottom of the reply page?
  10. Bubba and Cap : You meen this KO? Set of little big man on Morley flats .
  11. Vortex: That is a great photo Don in SL4.It would of been YTP or SIE? I think they had only two.they mainly worked around Steward BC. Do you know where the photo was taken?
  12. Cap : You are close on the first 205 . What I remenber ,Al did fly KHQ s/n 30030 home from the factory with RR amd JL. It sat in the hanger until it was added to the ops cert and the 205A1 TC (due to -13 eng ?)was accepted. The first 205A -11 eng went to DP if I remember correct. The reg I can't recall ? It later rolled down the hill on it's own ( No pilot onboard) Was repaired as C-GWNC with Klondike and later was destroyed. KHQ is back from China and being convered to one super special 205. On the 204B front I thought BWR was the first in Canada? Anybody know for sure? Maybe porky would know? Back to the oldest pilot question As far as first few jetrangers ,Don wetherford Flew KHP s/n 38 in 1969 for Klondike new from the factory direct to a fire in the yukon. I think he would be one of the few still currently flying as a line pilot. Some of the klondike stuff I can remember if any interest.
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