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  1. Quick field update on the leatherman skeletool. I keep it clipped to my radio bib. Super light, it has already seen plenty of use on dash screws, engine cowling, drum caps, cutting ropes and everything else. I'm plenty happy with it so far. I'll be checking out the bottle opener feature Fri evening after my tour ends.
  2. "get the Jet Ranger back in the air" pricless! An engineer and I were together up north. He saw me coming along with a little tool role. He stopped, stared and said,"Oh my god it's my worst nightmare...a pilot with his own tools".
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions. I ended up purchasing the Leatherman Skeletool. Seems nice and light. Clips to your belt. I think it will be fine for pulling off plastic drum caps, cutting lock wire, fastening cowl screws etc. It even has a bottle opener for frosty off duty beverages.
  4. Which is the best multi tool for the things we may encounter in the field? Thanks
  5. Handheld Fm

    Baofeng UV-82, they are great! I bought two off e-bay after witnessing our engineers using them around the camp. Best of all they are cheap! Excellent strength and clarity of transmission, easy to program, small size, great battery life, lots of accessories... There maybe some newer models available now. You'll have to do a little googling.
  6. Wheel Chair Seat

    I'm a tall guy but I felt awkward out the door on the 212. I didn't like the position I was getting with the standard seat. I'll definitely try and pick something up now that I have a starting point of where to look. Thanks
  7. Personal Flight Kit

    The 2017 season is upon us and this thread contains some very useful info. So I thought I would bump this topic back up. My personal bag now includes: -Sawyer mini straw -Spork eating utensil -Small folding saw -MEC mini inflatable seat cushion -Black Tape, Flagging tape -Nuts, jerky, power bars -Foam hearing protection -Safety glasses -Flu Meds, Tylenol, Pepto bismal tabs -Bug jacket, bug head net, bug spray -Sunscreen & hat -Winter hat & light cotton gloves -Black sharpie marker -Quality foil blanket from MEC -Gerber Multi tool -Lighter -Rubber fueling gloves -One clean pair socks and undies -Handheld hiking GPS -SPOT find me, extra batteries -Flashlight All pack up nicely in a small MEC duffle. Any items requiring to be kept dry are stored in zip lock bags.
  8. I have heard some guys refer to using a "wheel chair seat" or "wheel chair cushion" in the Bell mediums to help long line in a more comfortable position. But I am unclear as to what specifically it is they are referring to. Can someone post a link or picture if you know the item? Or if there is something different you prefer to use please pass along the tip. Thanks
  9. Thanks Darren, you've brought up some good points. I forgot about the temperature sensitivity of the iPad. Mine would not work the other day while trying to take some pics in the cold.
  10. Recently I discovered why it is important to take your own GPS on a job. I am very comfortable using Garmin 296. I started looking on eBay and other locations for a good used. But to cut down on the amount of gear I am dragging around. I was wondering if anyone uses an iPad mini over a traditional GPS for bush flying? If so which apps are recommended for ease of use and waypoint sharing?
  11. Personal Flight Kit

    This is a great topic. My never leave base without items are as follows. Life Vest (summertime) - Small signal mirror & Gerber multi tool. My vest has MOLLE loops which I attached a http://www.mec.ca/product/5023-232/nrs-co-pilot-knife/ . In case a quick seatbelt cut maybe required. The knife has a blunt tip to reduce the chances of pricking an inflated vest. Mag lite pro + led flashlight. Very small size and can function as a lantern with the tip removed. MEC Small Duffle bag (Go Bag) - A few cans of tuna, bug spray, change of clothes, warm hat, bug net, pilot license, 2 spare AA batteries & etrex GPS. I also made up my own personal tool kit. http://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/kunys-socket-holder-roll-pouch-0581013p.html It includes duck bills, side cuts, snap on stubby & standard length screwdrivers, stubby wrenches, 1/4" sockets and extensions. It rolls up very tidy and compact. Insulated rubber fueling gloves! I hope this gives others a few positive ideas for their own kits.
  12. I decided to keep it simple. I picked up a roughneck tub at Walmart. Everything fit nicely inside with the lid on. As for the stand pipe. I like the idea of making a pvc sleeve. Keeping the "stink" to a minimum. Thanks for the suggestions.
  13. We rarely pump out of drums. We're looking for something tidy and space concious. That can be tossed quickly into the baggage compartment when required. Thanks
  14. I am looking for ideas and photos. Regarding a neat and tidy approach to the onboard storage of my GPI pump, stand pipe and hoses. I’m looking for something that will tuck away in the baggage compartment of longranger & 407. The 407 has an aux tank installed in the rear baggage compartment. So I don't have a big lot of extra space. I was thinking a pelican case or something similar would do the trick. What would be the correct size pelican? Or if you've found something else to work well for you. I am open to all helpful suggestions. Thanks
  15. Does anyone have a long ranger LR checklist they would be willing to e-mail me? Or know of a spot on the web where I maybe able to find one? Thanks