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  1. I have discovered after long days bucketing in the medium my ears are suffering. CEP custom molds are as expensive as a decent pair of in ear noise cancelling buds. Is anyone wearing something under their headset or helmet with success? I am looking at bose, sony, Jabra ($200 range). Thanks
  2. Norm

    Equipment for training

    A helmet is the smartest thing you can buy in this industry. Get it and always wear it! It is a major expense. You'll see 90% of pilots wear MSA Gallet the other 10% wear Gentex SPH-4/5. That is only because for a long time they were the easiest to get here in Canada. Personally I like the HGU-84. It is a very light but strong low profile helmet. The few guys I've seen wearing them love them for long line work. Check out Gibson and Barnes for the HGU-84. Another nice product (seems based off Gallet) are the EVO helmets. I know of a crash which occurred during initial training where the student now has permanent brain damage from flipping a machine. A helmet may have saved his grape, food for thought. On an unrelated note pick yourself up an ASA CX-3 digital flight computer if you can afford it. It isn't required and you can get along without it. But it will make your life exponentially easier in ground school, flight planning and during the examinations.
  3. I'll check it out. thanks
  4. I've been dragging my old MEC sleeping bag around for years. It's pretty tired out and with space in my duffel being at a premium it's very bulky. I'd like to replace it with something that packs up as small as possible and is warm. I'm sure 99.9% of us in this industry know the value of a good sleeping bag. I'd be interested to hear what others are using? Thanks
  5. Norm

    Rotten Gallet Liner

    Talked to Rob yesterday. Guy seems to know his stuff. Soother liner ordered from Merit. Thanks
  6. Norm

    Rotten Gallet Liner

    Might have three options Zeta, Boxell & maybe Pro Flight Gear. I'm just not sure which thickness to get. On my factory liner I've got extra thick top and side pads with thinnest front pad. I think I will make a call to some suppliers. thanks
  7. After a few thousand sweaty hrs my Gallet LH250 liner is really skunky. What are guys typical replacing them with? Thanks
  8. Completed, found a great outfit out west. thanks
  9. Looking for a PDF flight manual for the AS350 D. Would appreciate some help. Thanks
  10. I only know of a few in Quebec and my french is limited. PM me some company names willing to do the training and I will happily call them. Thanks
  11. Any suggestions who might have an Anstar available to train on at a reasonable rate next week? I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks
  12. Norm

    FAA conversion

    Excellent thank you, the company I work for has a global presence. Just thinking it might be nice to do some flying outside of Canada. Great information.
  13. Norm

    FAA conversion

    What is the entire process or completing the conversion if you don't mind me asking? I'm not familiar with the dauntless software. Thanks
  14. I will inquire with the CRA and post my findings. As you state Blackmac it would be a matter of convenience for me to approach a few commercial operators I have personal connections with vs traveling to an out of the way geographic location to find a school with the appropriate type. Thanks for the informed responses.
  15. It has been a long time since I have considered paying for an endorsement. But this winter I find myself interested in doing some training on a new type out of pocket. My question, can I go to any commercial operator willing to do the training and have them fill out my T11B tax form? Or does it specifically have to be a certified helicopter school to claim the education amount? Thanks