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  1. I have to wonder, of all the names I've come to know in this industry who the main character is based on, my imagination is enjoying the mystery. Fun read, Thanks
  2. I am realizing I don't have a firm understanding of the CADORS system. I had assumed it was a way of recording potentially dangerous actions or acidents for transport investigators to review. However after perusing through some daily occurrences it seems the majority of the incident reports I've read are extremely minor and seemingly insignificant events. Yet I've witnessed some very dangerous things occurring at controlled airfields on occasion and no CADORS reports were filed. Example, "A Skycare Air Ambulance Fairchild SA227-TT (C-FRPX) on a MEDEVAC flight from Attawapiskat, ON (CYAT)
  3. I had a customer on a production job say I was OK but then proceeded to tell me about the fastest most talented pilot he ever had doing the job. I asked the customer why isn't that guy flying you now, his response... "well he crashed and killed himself flying". 🙄 It's a difficult thing the pressures associated with this job. I had the unfortunate experience of going IMC once in a 212. Only by the grace of god did I make it out of that situation without bending any gear. I wasn't long doing my IFR rating following that! After loosing one of my closet friends in the industry this year to
  4. I'm always up for a good aviation read, thanks for making it available.
  5. For you Ag spray guys is there a kit that can be easily added to the Gallet LH250 including filtration mask and microphone? I've seen some other helmet designs with such options in the past. Thanks
  6. I think I'm going to order the 2 piece, with the points provided it just seems practical for bush aviation. Thanks
  7. Long time oneise wearer here, wondering if a 2 piece (nomex shirt and pants) is a nice upgrade from the old jumpsuit style flight suit? Funny side note, on my first 100hr job a visitor to the hangar mistook me for the janitor in my old drab surplus flying suit, I had a laugh, not because my feelings were hurt but because the full time janitor made a lot more money than my 100hr wonder wage.
  8. I got very frustrated with the company while on a job up north one time. I was pleading with them to send a battery and constantly fighting with the machine to start. No battery arrived so I made my own GPU. Little unit worked some wicked, loved it!! Hope the pics help.
  9. Does anyone have a digital copy of EC-130 B4 flight manual they would be willing to e-mail, thanks.
  10. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/trans-north-helicopters-environment-yukon-caribou-net-gun-1.5137836 I used to watch the wildlife guys drive 500's on net jobs thinking it was cool sh!t, until they took a pin in a main blade one day. Just looking at a net gun gives me the willies now.
  11. I called every operator I could find when I wanted to pay for an AS350 endorsement. 99% of them wanted no part in private training, but I had a bunch of job offers. The only company willing to do the training gave me a fair rate on an AS350D and the training pilot was exceptional (I was very happy with my choice). PM me if you would like the info. Thanks
  12. I was referring to the initial cockpit warning indications (T handle illumination). I believe the detection sensors are independent in each engine bay, therefore if #1 side goes on fire the #2 handle is not designed to auto display a fire as well unless both engines are actually on fire. Yes, the bottles are plumbed to deliver the charges to either side depending on the selection of the fire bottle switch.
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