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  1. OK... how about now. Any info folks? These contracts should be awarded now, or at least pretty close.
  2. I was just curious if anyone has any good information on who won... or even who bid on the upcoming BCFS (or what ever they call themselves these days) medium contracts? Rap and Bucket Ship? Are Alpine's contracts also up in Alberta with their Rap program? Thanks folks... Play safe R P C
  3. I could use one as well pls....anyone?
  4. Skiing in GP..... WHAAAA ? Are you sure? ;-)
  5. Hey guys... did a quick search, but didn't find anything... Looking for a AS350 B2 Flight Manual. Thanx DR
  6. Anyone know where to get flight suits on the west coast... preferably in the lower mainland. Thanx DR
  7. Just want some opinions here. Which one do you use? Pros/Cons. I'm look'n for a simple plug and play FTD program. I don't know if its possible but i want to keep track of as many things as possible. Total time, 30-60-90 (obviously), Mnt time, sling time. Different A/C. ect... Thanks guys DR
  8. It can be done....everyone there is do'n it. Some get a second job at a resturant or driv'n a van...but it can be done. And by worse places...i've heard some horror stories about low timers and get'n screwed. They atleast treat ya well.
  9. Between 10 - 13 bucks an hour...experience and training dependant. They usually keep around 1 or 2 groundcrew over the winter...but its pretty slow there then...all of the machines, engineers, and pilots are off doing the heli-skiing thing and not a whole lot in the way of tours either. I can can think of worse places to be tho
  10. Thanks Don. Acctually, you were on that fire. At least i think it was that fire. That was 2004 just outside the WhiteSwan provicial park. I don't think that is you flying, crew change early in the fire. oh...and an exageration on my last post....its not the whole east side of the park...but a few spots along the way happy flying
  11. Couple days of fire work in Morley. (40 min west of Calgary). And a whole lot of prescribed burning planned for basically the whole east side of Banff National park. Looks like it could be a good season here...not much snow pack. Fly safe peps.
  12. Theres a company outa Richmond, BC called Maxcraft who sells them as well. www.Maxcraft.ca - Alex Khavin He can email/fax/send all the info. The more of us that want them...the better the price yeah, like that will happen. Price for the dual visor with all avionics was just over $2000. If you order outa the states, it was about $1700 can. No duty cause its a saftey item, but it may get held up in customs...my first helmet did for about a month.
  13. I was able to get a tonne of my tuition writen off as well. Last three years i've been able to get over $4000 back. And still have a bunch of school credits left. Just under a half i think. Keep in mind that school credits are only valid for 5 years after school is completed.
  14. I've been told that if you can fly the R22 smoothly (or as smooth as its humanly possible with that thing) you can fly anything smooth. If your a big guy though...maybe think 47. And Blackmac.....Since when? (retired) congrats i guess.
  15. Its called A.I.D.S. Aviation Induced Divorce Syndrome
  16. I've just heard that alot of schools don't do as many full on Auto's and thats all we did. To grass most of the time....lots of operational stuff....log pad landings. snow landings..hover exits, toe ins, slinging, including awquard loads, water bucketing, 500ft hovering auto's (in an R22) ect.... some of this was in the 206. I know that there are schools out there that do these sort of things....i just think that many are there just to take your money...give you the very basics...and send you out there.
  17. To keep certain names in the clear here i wanted to say something on the behalf of the school and the instructors that are there. I trained at that school...and maybe disturbingly enough i also trained with the pilot that was caught. I am totaly surpised that the pilot could have done this....he was a good guy and tried his damnedest to get into the industry, unfortunatly without any real luck...getting screwed over by some employers exploiting the low timers deal. I'm not making excuses for him....what he did was stupid and i'm sure what consiqueses he faces will be deserved. As for he school (Coast Helicopter College) that he and I attended....bar none....one of the best around. I was taught things at that school that most schools do not. After talking to many other low timers and high timers alike i was glad to realize that that school not only taught me the basic skills required by TC, but also focused on making an operationaly successful student. The instructors i had were top notch and had more than 20,000 hours of safe flying and did nothing but encouge the safe opperation of the A/C and professional conduct of the pilot. so with that said....i highly recomend the school...and its instructors. and your right...helicopters don't smuggle drugs....people do.
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