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  1. Can you PM me with your contact info. I have some great pictures of Jan in the early 70's as well as some great stories that would be perfect. I would also be very happy to write a nomination letter. Thanks BDVI
  2. Interesting discussion Gentlemen, ACME This is a template we use to determine displine, I'm not sure if it is useful to you now? (Hopefully i can upload it) If you are still looking for action i might suggest browsing the link below, everyone has the right to refuse unsafe work. If you were in fact removed from employment as a result of what you mentioned the employeer may be liable for more than he/she thinks. SMS is about culture, working in an enviroment where everyone including owners and managers are on the same sheet of music. Bringing people back the same way they arrived i
  3. We use it in our operations and our pilots hone their skiils as risk managers everday. Operations use it slighly differently from a pilot POV. We look at it as a tool to recognize, identify and engineer out potential problems(software & hardware) before the pilot has to excersise his/her skill sets to negotiate a potential threat. It's kinda like a footbal coach writting a play book for his players. Everyone assocatied needs to be able to identify potential problems before your players hit the field and then know what the play is going to be before the kick off. Should another player
  4. Good Evening Gents, Was cuirous if anyone has recieved or is in the process of recieving STC approval for the ALERTS system for the BH 212?
  5. Kudos Gents I think this is a great idea; the amount of traffic on this site could be a very useful tool to safety professionals and ultimately the industry as a whole. JHSAT © is working on these exact issues, this is an active group which meets 4-8 times a yr it includes TC, Airframe and Power plant manufacturers, Operators, Military and the TSB. The goal is to analyze past incidents/accidents in great detail using HFACTS and other tools to try and stem the climbing accident rate not only in Canada but globally. Unfortunately there are no new accidents just the same ones bei
  6. VX, Glad to hear everything is okay. Keep in touch there spit rooster!
  7. You'll have to wait, the boys are down in Sante Fe, NM and Aspen Colorado flying cement for HQ until we are needed back on the Exxon job. Then you'll have to get in line for the 212 HP until the rest of the fleet gets it's upgrades. Just Kidding You available to do some riding? :punk:
  8. :down: Just came off the 205 A1 ++ and i'll gladly take back my 212 HP with the strake!!
  9. Things are very good at green-gold & white. Some of the best guys in the industry. Been to HAI twice and HAC once. Recieved numerous bonus's over the years, fly some of the nicest 212's in the world, and always have steady work. Still have the best job in the world. :punk:
  10. :shock: 4961(11200) I thought that was the alt you're working in the US?
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