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  1. MEOB…… beaten a dead horse cuz…. 33 pages on this liking reading a ladies love novel! haha
  2. RDM

    Bo105 Off Boats

    Send me a PM with all your questions. 5 years with the CG on the Moo Moo Cow! And do not ask Richie, when i left we were still trying to teach him english! LOL HI RICHARD! :up: :up: cheers, Ronnie
  3. RDM

    Employment Ads

    Good on ya Harald! That was a long tine coming! Must be your "shady background" from Norwegian times! :up: All the best! Ronnie
  4. RDM

    Job Ads

    First one is; Classification: AO - HPS - 01 = Aircraft Operation- Helicopter Pilot Shipboard - 01 (Level 1) Yes, Coast Guard. Second one could be any of several different departments of TC in CYOW. Very suprised to see my old base looking for a driver. CYYG was a great go - thought the driver who was there last would be there forever?!
  5. RDM

    Franklin'S Grave Found!

    HV, Brilliant ad!!!!!!
  6. RDM

    Compliments Of The Season

    All the best Phil....have a safe one!!!!! Ronnie
  7. Hey Harald, I finally did get the car shoveled out! No longer holding the reins my friend, handed that over to another fine chap two months ago, I am back on the line now and loving it! Still got some tight connections though with the "hiring dept" when you are ready! PM me your email and I can give you the skinny on your questions. All the best, Ronnie
  8. RDM

    Happy Holidays To All

    All the best Phil! Ronnie
  9. RDM

    Over Water Operations

    Pup, Check your PM's. regards, Ronnie
  10. RDM

    Adios Amigos!

    You did what???????? :cop: :cop: :cop: :cop: :cop: Best of luck Rob....please insure that your supervisor budgets a "course" for you at HAI this year. Regards, Ronnie
  11. ahhh....but yet you never backed away from a good confrontation with TC. Why may I ask.... I will ask that question that everyone is quietly asking.... Why are you here now bearing you sole and speaking openly....are you looking for some form of forgiveness from the "worker bees" so that we may all venture into our owners offices and say that Brian is really not such a bad guy hoping that some form of pressure can be exterted on the board for your reientstatement. Just a honest question.
  12. Since the creation of this forum many years ago there have been countless threads on the industry and the issues that affect the people that work in it. Input from the HAC and the president was non existant.....your remark that you could not speak is preposterous. You where supposdly the "voice" and representive....but as many know.....well..... Brian joined VM - 14th march 2006 and made 3 post until two days ago. How many times since then would have it been nice to get HAC side of the story or at least soem input!
  13. Hello Brian, Not trying to play attorney here but just need a little clarification. Did you ask to leave the camp once you saw there was illegal activity? You say that you were found technically quilty of possesion of contraband moose meat....prior to or after leavig the camp did you accept moose meat from the violators? Did you have the meat in your possession? I undersatnd from your statement that there were undercover officers at the lodge and you obviously where not aware of this but did you at anytime over the three day period try or attempt to contact or report the illegal activities to the proper authorities? regards
  14. LMAO! Need more popcorn...be right back!
  15. RDM

    Vih Job Ad's

    Stop it your killin me! :up: